Novelty: passive income

passive income

If your motivation to creation of passive income consists in flight, you, most likely, fail. Passive income is a fuel to do even more what you already do. To try to add fuel to what you do not want, is a recipe how to prevent itself. You will give up business before you promote far.

But if you hate the current work and you try to avoid it by means of passive income, work will constantly hang at you a stone on a neck and to pull down. The real problem is your low standards and a lack of self-esteem. Why you want to be engaged for the sake of money now in work which you do not love? Unless you do not deserve bigger? Such thinking is thinking of the bankrupt. It means that you will never provide the best value of what are capable and therefore also your income will suffer.

For example if you work as the consultant for health issues and to you such work generally is pleasant, you can expand the activity, having created something like an online course, the e-book or the website that will allow you to provide passively to people value even then when you cannot help them personally. In turn it will allow you to earn passive income. Passive income is a side effect of granting passive value.

I would advise to pass to sources of active income where you will do work which is pleasant to you at first. Then you will be able to create sources of passive income on this basis to serve a bigger number of people and to increase the value which you are capable to provide.

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I do not know as, updating

I do not know as

When you tell phrases, type:

you the adult, and only you are responsible for own education. If you consider that in some area of your skills it is not enough, go and study. Increase the skill in this area.

My school education was limited to English, mathematics, natural sciences and also the American and European history. Besides, I was well trained in mutual aid, self-discipline and education of own character. I was lucky, and from 12 years I attended private school where standards of teaching were much higher, than at the next public schools. I am not ready to discuss all that religious nonsense which was hammered into my head, but secular objects were taught at very good level.

Many adults complain about a lack of the education got in youth. Really, nobody knows what skills and knowledge will be useful to us in the subsequent life. We can only try to guess and usually we are mistaken.

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New on the website: the Indonesian noodles in style a hand

the Indonesian noodles in style a hand

In Indonesia noodles take in the country the second place in popularity, after rice. And not always it is made on modern lines.

Today we will visit family factory of Yasser Feri on production of the noodles based by his grandfather. Here did not hear about robots and automatic packing machines, and do flour by means of the monophonic stone cylinder which is set in motion by means of cows. Behind this surprising show we go to the remote place, to 30 kilometers to the southwest from Yogyakarta. (Only 19 photos)

You will seldom see such technology of traditional preparation of noodles today. 40 employees work at factory. 1 kg of noodles sell for 80 cents (about 25 rubles). Shooting on May 22, 2013. (Ulet Ifansasti photo | Getty Images)

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Discussion: 11 products which will help to cope with alarm and a stress

11 products which will help to cope with alarm and a stress

We lead active life which under an hour forces us to feel fully a stress, alarm, overfatigue which can become the reason of serious problems with health. Therefore we want to talk a little about how it is correct to cope with stressful situations, to be in harmony and to support also a healthy lifestyle.

Fish is ideal for

for regulation of arterial blood pressure. It is rich with fat Omega-3 amino acids which reduce risk of development of cardiovascular diseases and control sugar level in blood. It is important to use fish at least once a week as she is a natural source of magnesium which influences relaxation and neutralizes a stress and alarm.

As well as fish, almonds it is rich with the high content of magnesium and also proteins and vitamins which are useful to the correct work of an organism. If at the responsible moment you are nervous or is hungry, eat a little almonds, it will help.

Seaweed contain a large amount of magnesium and tryptophane, thereby filling on feeling of tranquility and harmony.

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Popular : how to be harmonious, but also not to remain hungry

how to be harmonious, but also not to remain hungry

In case withdrawal for sleeping after 22:00, then it is possible to arrange the third having a snack, let it will be a glass of kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt.

The second having a snack follows at dinner, it is about 15-16 hours, at this time it is necessary to eat something proteinaceous. Very well yogurt, kefir or cottage cheese will approach, it will betray sense of fulness to an organism. At 18-19 o'clock it is necessary to have supper, is desirable a little, but is nourishing, meat/fish with vegetables very good option.

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Popular : natural cleaners for the bathroom

ecocleaning: natural cleaners for the bathroom

As all of us know, purity in the bathroom is very important. This room is a source of bacteria and dirt, for the sake of our health and its hygiene it is necessary to remove correctly. How many cleaners do you usually buy for cleaning of the bathroom?

First that we will make, it we will cover with soda a toilet bowl from within, then we will leave for half an hour that means began to work. Thus, we not only will perfectly clean and we will disinfect a toilet bowl, but also we will get rid of this unpleasant raid which often appears over time.

After infusion from rosemary cools down, add 5 drops of essential oil of a tea tree. Pour this mix in a bottle with the spray, and clean a tile, as with usual means, by means of a sponge or fabric. You will be convinced what pleasant smell has this means!

This way is useful to cleaning of the most stubborn pollution, after it the tile will begin to shine as new. For this purpose heat 4 liters of water (it is not necessary to bring to boiling). Then add other ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, nashatyrny спирт… Take a small mop and moisten it with this ecological mix, wipe a surface of all tile in the bathroom. Then dry wipe pure fabric. Gloss will appear instantly.

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New on the website: how to be an attractive guy for any girl

how to be an attractive guy for any girl

Your leather jacket will not help it to cope with internal experiences, and ripped jeans you will not be able to wipe it a tear when she is upset. Remember, that is important what you are a person, but not that in what you to clothes.

Hello, dear ladies! For certain you at least once in life became the witness of a similar situation: two girls, having almost identical external data, cause absolutely different reaction of the stronger sex. Around one always вьютс¤…

If someone estimates you on firms of belongings, you should not spend the time for these people.

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Parents from Utah starved the daughter and filmed with the camera as they tease it with food, popular

parents from Utah starved the daughter and filmed with the camera as they tease it with food

Parй from Utah threatens the death penalty because they starved the three-year-old daughter and filmed with the camera as tease it with food. On video mother stretches to the girl boiled egg, and then, laughing, takes away it with words: & #171; For you food нет».

According to the investigators, Angelina's life consisted of some tortures. On videos found by police officers, parents scoffed at the girl and teased her with food. In the following roller Angelina feeds the brothers and sisters while she itself suffers from hunger, and mother suggests it to eat egg, and then takes away it with words: & #171; Ha-ha, for you food нет». During hearings the detective described appearance of the girl as if she endured a Holocaust.

The head, hands and legs of the child were covered with bruises, lacerations and open ulcers. Costello and 23-year-old Brenda Emil brought to 25-year-old Miller charge of murder under the aggravating circumstances.

In court Emil told that used cosmetics to hide traces from a beating on a body of the dead daughter and that & #171; it looked not so плохо». However, none of couple pled guilty on a charge of murder.

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did not find dark matter In two galaxies that occurs, new on the website at all

in two galaxies at all did not find dark matter that occurs

Just as the ripples in a pond indicate that someone threw a stone, ran a hydrometer or the frog jumped, existence of mysterious substance - dark matter - is determined by its extensive influence on space. Astronomers cannot observe it directly, however gravitation of dark matter defines the birth, a form and the movement of galaxies. It makes a discovery of last year absolutely unexpected: in the strange, diffusion galaxy did not find dark matter at all. Do you think, on it all? Kind of not so.

Results of work of Danielle were presented to

at a conference on dark matter in Princeton University and will be published in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Today nobody definitely found dark matter, despite decades of active search. The lack of proofs induced some astrophysicists to look for alternative ways of a molding of galaxies and management of their movement for the account of emergence of hypotheses like "emerdzhentny gravitation" and "the modified Newtonian dynamics". Supporters of these hypotheses claim that most of astronomers believes that dark matter can be the phenomenon which arises from physics which we do not understand fully. But in that case these strange galaxies will speak well for the fact that alternatives are incorrect and that dark matter can really be the cause.

"It became possible thanks to new devices which arrived to the biggest telescopes on the planet. And, frankly speaking, a year ago it was not obvious to me that it will be feasible. A year ago I was not ready to tell that I this system will be direct surely strange because it seemed to me that measurements are not supported by data fully. But now, when there are two different teams which measured the range of speeds of stars, I think, it became obvious that the strangeness is".

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the Most readable: for entrance to Cyprus rules of issue of visas changed

for entrance to Cyprus rules of issue of visas changed

Since December 1, 2017 the Republic of Cyprus stopped issue of visas on entrance to citizens of Russia, persons interested to visit the territory of so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC). On it Russians were informed by Federal Tourism Agency, referring to the MFA of Russia.

However the mass flow of the Russian citizens on the North of Cyprus, according to the statistics of tour operators, is not observed by

and it is not expected in the future. However, tourists quite often plan short day trips to a northern part of the island to get acquainted with numerous local historical attractions and to enjoy the nature, considerably country, different from the southern part.

Having driven through the Erdzhan airport located in the territory of TRSK, it will be impossible to visit the rest of Cyprus. Besides in this case it is necessary not only to pay a penalty, but also not to count on obtaining the Cyprian visa further any more. By the way, direct air transportation in Erdzhan are carried out only by the Turkish companies from the territory of Turkey.

To issue the single visa to Cyprus for a period of 90 days, it is necessary to address on the website of embassy of the country.

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