the Part 1 Land of the Lost is near the osveysky cycle travel new on the website

part 1 Land of the Lost is near an osveysky cycle travel

Part 2. Land of the Lost is near. The cycle travel to Osveyu

Super, everything very much was pleasant to me. Interesting travel. Thanks for the story.

Good fellows, have cool a rest: good:

Very interesting travel, beautiful photos and places surprising. Dmitry, and is the operating church?

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to Download free of charge a sample of the contract of sale of the apartment in 2018, from our users

download free of charge a sample of the contract of sale of the apartment in 2018

Practically everyone in the life at least once, but dealt with purchase or sale of inhabited property. Where to download a sample of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment in 2019 and how it is competent to fill it? Let's tell everything one after another.

If for any reasons the representative of one of the parties cannot be present at the transaction, then within his interests the authorized representative can be involved. In that case it is necessary to use a sample of the contract of purchase and sale of the apartment by proxy.

In any of the offered options after detailed reading and coordination on all questions of the party document the consent and fasten the contract with the signatures.

After that the transaction is considered carried out.

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Is thorny a way of the investor, a novelty

the way of the investor is thorny

The person who became on the way of creation of the family capital is resisted by a lot of things Е The question consists only in one - whether inevitable difficulties will stop you?

the Name (obligatory)

In this course I for 1 hour tell about features of relationship with representatives of the investment industry, about low qualification of staff of the financial organizations and so-called "independent financial consultants". That I can tell Elena:

And the investor will be left "high and dry" again.

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Popular : summer residence Dalai

summer residence Dalai

Kailash the mountain in Tibet & #8212; secrets and riddles of the planet

Vietnam: the most beautiful cities and resorts

The best resorts of Vietnam where it is worth going independently

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Beaches of a samua, popular

Thailand: beaches of a samua

The snow-white sand and palm trees hanging over the beach & mdash; not Samui is absent umbrellas, they are not necessary here. And at night the quiet quiet beach can turn easily into a grandiose disco under the open sky. On Samui there are no direct flights, however it is quite simple to reach here. Samui's beaches, hotels on which it is worth paying attention, features of rest to Samui & mdash; in this article

Main that unites regions of Chaweng and Lamai (and the fact that to the south) is a lack of declines. Night comes instantly and irrevocably. Instead of romantic sozertsaniye of declines dirty, dissolute meetings of risings are hosted here. So, we come by the moped on the South or the southwest of the island - and we see absolutely other Samui. With declines. Quiet and peaceful. But with not less tasty volume-yamom. In this remarkable Kamalaya Hotel it is possible to roll infinitely in the hammock tied to the palm tree growing strictly parallel to the beach to drink "sinkha" and not to think of anything. Or to think of remarkable religion the Buddhism in which for each made good deed points are charged. Fed a homeless cat - got 100 points. Still Buddhist monks are able to die according to the schedule as it was made in due time by the monk Luang Pkho Dayeng. Actually, to falls in mountains (it nearby) and also a statue "Big Buddha" is also exhausted by an excursion to his mummy the excursion program on Samui. Behind the back of Big Buddha stunning views on To Panggang and To Tao open. And in general for an ekskursionka there are Bangkok (to arrive all the same here), the central and northern Thailand and also Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. To Samui or the ambassador Samui - as it will want to you.

Someone says that Samui & mdash; one continuous night party, and besides debauchery foul place. Others say that Samui & mdash; the small quiet quiet island where the full privacy, can even be better, than on Maldives. Both that and others are right. The island small, it it is real for an hour to go round on the moped. At the same time if solitary life bothered or autism suddenly passed, it is possible to jerk to the area of the Lake (it is called there by The Lake) and to hang in infinite bars, enjoying attention of Asians. Sea of attention & mdash; free of charge, all the rest & mdash; for symbolical money. Or on the contrary: to recover after parting from darling, having lived week around Chaweng (it just absolutely near the lake, in the east of the island), in Samui Paradise Chaweng Beach Resort where it is not a shame to bring the girl, and then to go to practice yoga and to clean an organism on other part of the island, in Absolute Sanctuary Hotel. Samu is suitable both for lonely, and for newlyweds. As for young people, and mature travelers. I will repeat, the island small, but it is necessary to know, where to stop. Now about everything one after another.

The moped in general the main thing and the most correct vehicle across Samui. It is not more difficult to operate it, than bicycle: it is enough to lease the unit (200-300 baht a day, the passport as a deposit), and minutes 15 to be trained on the platform near rolling office. Further departure on the road is necessary. With left-hand traffic. The same rule works that in Russia: & laquo; rub De». Let Pass to the Fool. And as there are practically no fools to Samui, will accustom without questions. Having seen late at night as policemen stopped the biker, I coward nestled on a roadside and parked at bar. Ordered "sinkha" and asked the morkva which is hanging out behind a rack that with bukhniny driving what governed. Answered literally: & laquo; Two-three beers are possible. But if you are "вжопито", can arise serious проблемы». By the way, the English downshifters living to Samui for months so masterly steer the moped that carry on it a beer box from supermarket in hotel, and at the same time if it is drizzling, in one hand manage to hold an umbrella. Region of Lamai & mdash; it is a compromise between vigorous and lonely rest. And there are two wonderful compromise hotels. Objectively yet not boutiques, but already and not 5 *, slightly higher. It is Silavadee Pool Spa Resort and Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort. Their cost & mdash; within $150 a day (depends on a season). It, perhaps, the best ratio price quality of hotels of Samui.

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Do to people pleasant Steve of a peacock, a novelty

do to people pleasant Steve of a peacock

The simplest way to make is happier and richer the social life - to make some efforts and to make surrounding something pleasant.

It studied

what things are pleasant to me and does them regularly.

Whether it will reach the same effect if for two hours a day practices yoga to be in good physical shape? Whether matters what traffic she is able to attract on the website? Whether color of her skin is important to me? All these things mean nothing to me. If it does to me pleasant, it automatically begins to be pleasant to me.

I do it pleasant things too. I know that I am pleasant and try to do it it whenever possible more often.

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Selection: how many to fly to Cambodia from Moscow, sankt

how many to fly to Cambodia from Moscow, sankt

Mysterious Cambodia very thinly combines the most ancient instructions of history and the modern developed infrastructure. Thanks to it tourists can not only enjoy fascinating excursions on the jungle and ancient temples, but also have a rest properly in this heavenly spot.

will need to Change on other air transport on arrival in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Siem Reap, Doha, Hong Kong, Saigon, Guangzhou, Seoul, Abu Dhabi. Also it is possible to reach Cambodia through Bangkok and Dubai.

Moreover, we will help you not only to pick up the most optimal variant of flight, but also to find the cheapest option. About it read in our articles in more detail:

In Cambodia it is possible to combine easily the weakening sea rest and visit of national parks, conquest of mountain chains and rest on the bank of the cleanest lakes. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

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In salon and in house conditions, interesting

bleaching of intimate zones: in salon and in house conditions

Quite often women face a problem of pigmentation (darkening) in delicate zones. It forces to hesitate of own body, sometimes even causes emergence of complexes, selects feeling of faultlessness. This problem is solved. There is a set of the modern ways allowing to carry out bleaching of intimate zones. The national cosmetology offers the methods of disposal of a problem too.

Irrespective of the chosen clarification method, this procedure always assumes removal of the top layer of epidermis thanks to what the necessary result is achieved.

Bleaching of intimate zones is carried out in house conditions and with application of the means of national cosmetology checked for years.

Now it is possible to find cream at which production this component is replaced with other components having similar effect in sale. Nevertheless Akhromin containing hydrochinone in the structure for intimate bleaching is used most often.

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Is curious: musical culture of Siberia

musical culture of Siberia

In Novokuznetsk college of arts for many years with students are engaged in studying of musical culture of indigenous people of Siberia.

Studying of ethnos, traditions, the musical culture of the Shor people, one of the original Siberian Turkic people, attracts great interest of student's youth of college.

In the territory of Southern Siberia and Altaysko & #8212; The Sayansk historical and ethnographic region the big group of the closely related Turkic people lives. Among them & #8212; Altaians, telengita, that ball ares, chalkanets, kumandinuk, Khakas, Tuvinians, Tofalars, Teleuts, Shors. The epos, lyrical and shaman traditions is studied. Musical and musical material is considered, folklore records of melodies of the Turkic people are listened. Also educational student's seminars and performances at conferences are devoted to studying of folklore of the Shor people.

Egorova L. N, teacher of Novokuznetsk college of arts., Honored teacher of Russia, Novokuznetsk

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Selection: how to lay the New Year's table of 5 abrupt ideas

how to lay the New Year's table of 5 abrupt ideas

On a plate of each guest it is possible to put a small souvenir: snowflake, asterisk, Snow Maiden or Father Frost.


in shop several gingerbread fir-trees and deliver to everyone on a plate. This idea precisely will be pleasant to guests.

The table can be decorated with a set of snowflakes. They will well look on a red cloth. Especially as very just to cut out them from usual paper.

In the middle of a table it is possible to put a small fir-tree or a bouquet from fir-tree branches. It can be decorated with toys or a red bow. The same bouquet can be attached on a back of each chair.

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