New on the website: how to choose the New Year's guest

a fir-tree artificial or live: how to choose the New Year's guest

Traditionally people met New year and Christmas with the living forest beauty, and now many prefer to buy such. Advantages of the real fir-tree:

On the other hand, purchase of a tree turns also into numerous minuses:

To get or not a live tree, everyone solves. And if you intend to buy after all the present, then it is important to learn to choose such fir-tree correctly.

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Discussion: an onions peel for hair

onions peel for hair

Treatment of a head of hear - rather labor-intensive and laborious process which demands from you efforts and knowledge, and sometimes and impressive capital investments. The onions peel for hair was everywhere used still by our great-grandmothers in Russia. They skillfully restored, strengthened and painted the dense locks this, apparently, simple product.

Treatment by an onions peel for your hair - the best way to get rid of loss, thinning and other problems with a head of hear. So, how it is correct to render for curls therapeutic effect by means of so simple, available and cheap means?

We understood as it is correct to dye hair an onions peel to achieve the most different shades. And what to do if the aim of coloring is not pursued, and there is a wish to cure a head of hear such simple and available means very much?

The onions peel is remarkable also the fact that it is capable to paint over a gray hair quickly. How to dye hair an ordinary onions peel? Of course, it will borrow you much more time, than traditional painting. But this way not only will give to your head of hear of a desirable shade, but also will cure it.

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the Set of exercises with hulakhupy, new on the website

as it is correct to twist a hoop: a set of exercises with hulakhupy

One of the simplest, widespread and effective apparatuses for trainings of the house is the gymnastic hoop (abuse-hup). Occupations with it do not require special skills, loading moderate, and result on condition of regular trainings - noticeable. The balanced set of exercises will help to lose weight and tighten muscles of problem area.

the Majority gets a hoop for study of a problem zone - reduction of volume, pulling up of the weakened muscles. Begin with elementary receptions, gradually switch to more difficult. The full-fledged training has to include the following exercises.

Doing these exercises with a hoop daily, literally in several weeks you will notice the first changes - the belt will be tightened, ugly "ears" from hips will disappear, the flabbiness will be gone.

The first stage - warm-up. Before a training of a muscle it is necessary to warm a little. Elementary exercise - the hoop is lifted above the head, legs part on width of shoulders. Make smooth inclinations to the right - to the left, back and forth. The following - commission of turns in different directions with deduction an abuse-hupa before.

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Secrets: starburst gaming machine

starburst gaming machine

In this case we deal with one of the oldest and attractive gaming machines. Such game mechanics characterized one of very first and one of the most popular game slots of all which were created for long time in the USA.

If in the following rotation such asterisk on other drum appears again - to it there will be the same. So, at a great luck all game field can be filled that Russia of casino will lead the player Vulcan to just grandiose jackpot.

Then the emulator of this gaming machine began to be installed in online casino, and it showed that virtual players fell in love with it as well as players of real land institutions.

But even lets to the player know smaller prizes from one full line of "wild" symbols that he not for nothing spent time for a game.

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How to avoid and what to do, from our readers

crisis in the relations at pregnancy: how to avoid also what to do

Usually crisis in the relations at pregnancy arises in waiting time of the first child. Spouses did not face such state yet, they do not know what to do and what to wait further for.

So, you were defined that at you pregnancy and crisis in the relations coincided. Now topical issue: what to do in this situation and how somewhat quicker to recover from crisis?

However sometimes there is a crisis after the child's birth. Read how young mother jumped out of a window because of a postnatal depression. Better about such possible trouble to foreknow that to prevent it, than then to face the tragedy.

Recommendations for the husband:

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New heading: 4 best movies about deafs

4 best movies about deafs

on September 29. About the world, unclear and unfamiliar for many, without sounds the set of films is shot, and today we selected four best pictures which narrate about the fate of people with a hearing disorder. 1. The movie "Deaf Flight" or as it still call, "All because of Tonga Pita", tells about the fate of the DJ who gradually becomes deaf. The main character by the name of Frank (Paul Kay) loses all that considered the main thing in life: wife and favourite work. The stormy and dissolute life full of entertainments and drugs comes to an end with arrival of deafness. But the full despair is replaced by hope after acquaintance to Penelope (Beatrice Batarda) & #8212; the teacher for deafs who opens to it secrets of the world of silence. Frank finds a way out and, having even completely lost hearing, continues the life together with music. The film shot in pseudo-documentary style is followed by comments of real DJs. The difficult drama won 11 film prizes, including a prize of the international Film Festival in Toronto.2. "The country of deafs" - one more movie about interaction of the world of deafs and harsh reality in which even the hearing people cannot understand each other. The film shot by the famous director Valery Todorovsky based on the story by Renata Litvinova is awarded 16 prizes of different film festivals, and the featured actress Dina Korzun (the deaf dancer of Yaya) repeatedly became the best actress for a role in this movie. The remarkable movie narrating about the difficult fate of the deaf girl dreaming of the country of deafs where all understand each other but getting to terrible realities of the modern deaf world of the hearing people.3. "Read lips" - the movie about the mad feelings which forced the ordinary secretary Carla (Emmanuel Devo), tired of a routine and monotony to get involved in mad swindle. The ability to read lips developed at it because of deafness. But Paul (Vincent Cassel) who suddenly appeared in her life finds for this feature of the girl special application. The fascinating plot and ingenious acting helped this movie to get in 2002 three awards "Cйsar" at once: for the best scenario, a female role and a sound.4. The last film about which it would be desirable to tell "Children of silence", narrates about the teacher teaching the Great secret for deafs - a sign language, views and pauses. Children whom it trains with its help try to understand the world and each other. The hero of William Hert, the teacher James Leeds, always finds the road to heart of the wards. Emergence at school for not hearing the new schoolgirl - the beauty Sara (Marlee Metlin) - will force James to begin to doubt in the abilities of the teacher and psychologist, but will allow to remember that he is a man. "Children of silence" - the drama awarded many nominations and film prizes. The performer of a role of Sara, for example, for actor's work in this film received "Oscar" and the Golden Globe. Darya Russ

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Amusing : as how many will lose those who will not go with us to Dombai

as how many will lose those who will not go with us to Dombai

Sometimes the inaction is much worse than wrong action.

3) Rest is not less important, than work

2) Our compatriots like to invest in "bricks", i.e. in square meters, buying the real estate (including at a ditch stage).

With age understanding of this simple everyday truth comes.

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Novelty: a generous gift of the North - venison

generous gift of the North-venison

The nature of the Russian North was always famous for unique wealth. The most tasty fish, juicy wild berries, fragrant mushrooms and herbs, useful pine nuts and, of course, meat of a game. Including reindeer meat.

In case gammon is acquired, then it is better to prepare a stewed dish. As addition it is possible to use any vegetables and forest mushrooms. Sauce can be made on the basis of sour cream, cream or tomatoes.

This product habitual for aboriginals of the North, for inhabitants of the European part of the country for the present is exotic. However every year venison gets more and more "admirers". Decision: I will buy venison, people accept for various reasons. Some decide to reconsider the diet, having filled it with the most useful products, others just like taste of this meat.

In case on hand there is a cutlet meat, then from it it is worth making forcemeat. That the ready dish turned out softer, it is recommended to add the third part of pork to forcemeat. From ready forcemeat it is possible to prepare any traditional dishes from cutlets to pelmeni.

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How many to fly to Simferopol from Moscow, SPb, Yekaterinburg a season 2019, the most interesting

how many to fly to Simferopol from Moscow, SPb, Yekaterinburg a season of 2019

Now the Crimea is very popular among the Russian tourists. For 2014 and 2015 there was a huge influx of visitors.

is not present

of Time difference. Moscow Time.

The companies which make flights in the direction:

Then, in due time to approach in the airport, to undergo registration procedure and will go to a way.

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Popular : whether the bearing, correct at you, as is proveritsamorazvitiye and personal growth

the bearing, correct at you, as it is proveritsamorazvitiye and personal growth

How it is possible to check the bearing?

3. Hands have to hang freely, at the same time palms have to support hips a little.

Whether to check correct you have a bearing, you need to get up in all growth in front of the mirror and to look narrowly attentively at itself in front of and from sides. Then you can get up a back to a wall, in 5 cm from it and place legs on width of hips. Deviate back to be driven into the corner. Note for yourself with what parts of a body you touched a wall first of all. If first of all you touched a wall with buttocks and shoulders, your bearing means, most likely, it is put correctly. If one part of a body concerned a wall before another, most likely, your central balance is broken. So, the touch by buttocks first of all says that at you the basin acts. And the touch by shoulders means that your back is excessively strained, and the basin is taken too out forward. Having touched a wall first of all with a back, know that, perhaps, you will stoop and you hunch shoulders.

4. The back bent, and the breast which fell as opposed to the normal state when the breast is straightened and directed forward, and the back stands up straight.

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