the Most readable: active and passive investments

active and passive investments

The concept "investment" as a way of investment of capital for the purpose of further receiving profit, enters our life more and more deeply. The possibility of receiving additional, and even main income from favorable passive investments does this sphere of the financial market more and more attractive to the consumer. Before making the investments in any asset it is necessary to understand a little types and types of investments to choose for itself more acceptable strategy.

the Convention of this type of classification is explained by the fact that it is possible to call the same type of investment both active and passive. For example, investing the means in PAMM-accounts, the investor analyzes their profitability, moving assets from one account on another - such type of operation it is possible to call active investment unambiguously. However, when the operating trader begins to dispose of the means located on the PAMM-account - the way of such investment becomes more similar to passive.

It is considered that risks on passive investments are slightly lower, than on active. However it is quite logical that any financial risks are directly proportional to profitability. Therefore, the risks are lower, the profitability is higher. If making the choice between profitability and reliability, you prefer the last - passive investments - your option. Many investors do not puzzle over the similar choice, and invest a part of assets with a passive way, and a part active that allows to counterbalance risks and profitability.

There is no definite answer to this question to this day. Between supporters of active and passive investment an undying debate which essence comes down to one are conducted: everyone chooses for himself the most convenient way. Passive income from investments is chosen by the people who do not have free time for the independent analysis of the financial markets, or not possessing information fully and preferring to entrust the finance to professionals.

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Influence of a sound, secrets

influence of a sound

As I already wrote & #8212; the human health is affected by many factors. It and air which we breathe, and water which we drink, and food which we eat.

Carrying out this exercise & #8212; inhale and exhale air a nose, having closed a mouth, and then try to inhale a nose, and to exhale through a half-open mouth.

Exercise: proguzhivaniye of fingers.

The sound which we perceive our organ of hearing - ears is very important for us. The most important for us the sound is a sound of our voice.

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Secrets: six reasons for which we work or we do not work

six reasons for which we work or we do not work

Five most valuable articles - on your mail. Every two weeks. With gifts. In the first letter - the free e-book "Loaded on Result".

We will tell, you serve as the legal assistant or his secretary because this position will help to come to legal college. Possibly, you do not like daily routine filling of forms and papers. Or you not delighted with clients which interests are represented by your firm, but continue to work in it as you want to become a lawyer once.

2. Purpose

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New on the website: 10 most favourite books by boys and little girls and also their parents

10 most favourite books by boys and little girls and also their parents

A rainbow in a package, toy ice cream, a color rain, wax and mirror pictures, geometrical hedgehogs, recipes of house clay and paints.

By means of this book you will be able to explain to the child of a fundamentals of genetics in color of eyes and the second law of Newton through the movement of a soccerball and boots, to tell about why the human bone is 5 times stronger than concrete.

But there is more to come. Kids are waited by a surprise - it is possible to play with the cut-out pictures. For example, to collect drawings from parts or to move with pads of animals. Any child will not resist such entertainment!

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Amusing : six possible reasons

thorax pain: six possible reasons

Thorax pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, beginning from fractures of edges and finishing with lung cancer.

of the Injury of breast as a result of falling, accidents on transport and during sports activities are the most frequent reasons of pain in a thorax.

Treat the most frequent reasons of pain in a thorax:

Often thorax pain is not connected with any serious reasons and can pass in itself or at the minimum treatment. However, in some cases, it signals about the emergency situation demanding immediate intervention.

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How to store dried fruits in house conditions is correct, at the request of chitaty

how to store dried fruits in house conditions it is correct

Many prefer to do dried fruit independently or to buy from the checked suppliers during the trips. Prunes, apples, dried apricots are especially loved. Therefore it is important to know how to store dried fruits in house conditions. They have to remain same useful, as well as during purchase even if the period of storage will be big.

Having estimated how to store dried fruits of the house it is simple, many begin to create large supplies. Natural products save money and strengthen a human body. Besides, it is always possible to indulge relatives with tasty and interesting dishes.

It is necessary to place a package or capacity of dried fruits far away from grain. Probability is high that wreckers who are quickly brought in cereals will move.

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Joy of the solution of tasks Steve of a peacock, secrets

joy of the solution of tasks Steve of a peacock

Vital problems exist not to do you harm. They arise to help you to grow.

"Devil take it! Well why I cannot find the girlfriend (friend)? I am a good person, the truth? I was tired to say that to me full idiots meet! Perhaps, I just should live alone. Well why it has to be so heavy? I was so tired to be one!"

Whether it happened to you to come sometime to the gym, to look at all these dumbbells at a wall and to exclaim: "Devil take it! Well why there are so much weights? I will never be able to lift all this! Look how all this is heavy! Well why don't they put several easy dumbbells? It would be perfect enough!"

"Devil take it! Why I cannot find work which would be pleasant to me? Why I should be engaged in stupid work which I hate, only to earn money? What life is? How to me in general to be engaged in what is pleasant to me if I do not even know what is it? I was so bothered by my work!"

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Inhabitants of Alaska will buy one thousand reindeers on Chukotka and in Yakutia, a novelty

inhabitants of Alaska will buy one thousand reindeers on Chukotka and in Yakutia

The corporation of indigenous people of the settlement of Barrow in the State of Alaska will buy up to 1 thousand reindeers from regions of Russia that will allow to remove the industry which is in decline in the American Polar region and to increase a livestock of pets, YakutiaMedia news Agency with reference to TASS reports on February 10th.

according to Pogodayev, the representatives of indigenous people living in Barrow are concerned by decrease in number of wild reindeers who because of active industrial development in the region changed ways of migration. & #171; Meanwhile deer meat traditionally enters a diet of local population. Indigenous people conducted trade hunting on the Carib, but now it not so просто» - he explained, having added that experts & #171; Northern форума» left in Barrow for studying of conditions for cultivation of deer.

By 1950 on Alaska there were only 25 thousand deer. From 1970th years there is a gradual reduction of a livestock. Despite reduction of a livestock of deer, reindeer breeding of Alaska has great potential opportunities, for this purpose it is necessary to provide the industry with the corresponding infrastructure, Pogodayev summarized.

As Pogodayev noted, the local population is ready to work in the industry, there is a good food supply. & #171; It is important that the youth is interested and is ready to study. The Lappish reindeer breeders from Norway and also reindeer breeders from Russian регионов» are ready to teach reindeer breeding bases; - he noted.

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the Most readable: a nation wrong side in Eric Bulatov's pictures

nation wrong side in Eric Bulatov's pictures

Bulatov's look & #8212; it is a look of the realist. Clear language he skillfully tells about duality of surrounding reality without translucent hints. Color plays an important role: with its help it is possible to understand mood of the author, his thought of the good and evil, to see nostalgia on leaving and desire of changes. In two last a picture ("Glory of the CPSU", "A view of Moscow from Madrid") the artist compares the ideologized reality and reality natural. Both resist each other, and from it our consciousness is in confusion in this space. Opening a views wrong side, he becomes reflection of national type of consciousness. Therefore his pictures in the same way need the viewer as the viewer in them. In the unsteady and changeable world a picture & #8212; it is hope and a support. Interacting, it is possible to understand not only it, but also life which you live here and now.

His works synthesize poster inscriptions with is realistic the executed world around fragments. Phrases in pictures are snatched out from a context of modern reality, thereby they give to the observer a scope for creative imagination. Time of a picture cause diametrically different emotional response. Some awaken the internal child whose look is filled with curiosity and desire to understand what is represented. Others return in the past and force to peer into themselves. "As there are affairs" and "Clouds grow" are externally very similar, but absolutely various on sense. In the first picture of a cloud against the background of the blue sky over the city give rise to feeling of spring, hope and joy. The human world is insignificant in comparison with Universe space, the huge blue sky obviously hints us at it. Waits that we will peer into it and we will see how melochna our cares in comparison with its stately infinity. "Clouds grow", on the contrary, conceals in itself alarm and sense of danger. Thunderstorm approach as punishments if to consider a picture in a bible context. People do not live in harmony with themselves and the world. The imposed ideological dogmas and cults of leaders can create only artificial paradise.

Avant-gardist Eric Vladimirovich Bulatov & #8212; the only Russian artist, whose works were exposed in Louvre and in the National center of art and culture of Pompidou. In 1988 he was recognized by UNESCO the best artist of year. Bulatov treats such situation from irony shares, meanwhile his pictures have invariable success at the leading auctions of the world.

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