the Principles and the approximate menu for a week, the most readable

fractional food: the principles and the approximate menu for a week

Options of dishes for breakfast:

The serving size of any salad should not exceed 200 grams a day. At gastritis it is not necessary to drink fresh juices though in other cases they are admissible as having a snack. Preference should be given to the products not capable to do harm to a liver.

Fractional food - the certain system meaning that the person can eat everything, but in the small portions. The usual diet assumes a lot of restrictions that causes psychological discomfort in the person. From there are continuous failures. This system gradually adjusts an organism on the necessary harmony through change of volume of a portion.

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Women's happiness is measured in modern society by existence by a number of the loving and careful man with which it would be desirable not only to construct family, to raise children, but also to come to an old age. Female Women’ portal; s Time will tell how to attract the man of a dream and to marry him.

It is representable for a minute that here you met the man of the dream and went with it to an appointment. Now think that you can tell it about yourself? Whether there will be you for it interesting how the woman, how the interlocutor? To be interesting to an opposite sex, you have to become interesting, first of all, for yourself. If you avoid loneliness and to you not comfortably alone with yourself where a guarantee that to the man will comfortably be near you what he will not try to run away? It is not necessary to create artificial interest in himself, find what is pleasant to you and begin to be engaged in it. Maybe you dreamed to test rock-climbing, riding long ago or to be engaged in a learning of foreign language? Now it is a high time to realize conceived. It is impossible to postpone more!

The updated clothes and a hairstyle not only improve mood, forcing the woman to shine, but also make her more attractive in the opinion of an opposite sex. And here clothes with pellets, spots and scrapes, equivalently, as well as the whipped tips of hair, in the sum with black points on a face push away potential boyfriends. If you want to attract the man of a dream, be ready to change. It is optional to spend huge money for transformation. The new clothes can be bought in boutiques at the time of discounts or sales. Concerning cosmetic procedures, that most of them can be led in house conditions.

Maybe you want to add article or to discuss it with other readers of female Women’ portal; s Time? Write us in comments. Also you can offer the ideas for the following publications which will answer the questions interesting you and will help to solve a situation.

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To what dream hair, discussion

<"to what dream img src="" title=hair of" width="500" height="318" alt="to what hair dream">

To what hair dream, the concept of this dream depends on many dream books, at everyone. Such moments as are important: whose they, in what interpretation.

If the gray hair - not the good sign dreams

. If the man sees himself gray-haired, means that in reality he is too generous and it can lead to deplorable consequences. To see gray-haired people promises unpleasant changes, both in affairs, and on the love front. The hair loss, is also considered an omen of misfortune.

A disorder on the head - to family troubles. Black silky, mean that in life you are loved. To do a plait in a dream - to the fast relations. If in a dream you comb to someone hair, means that in life you strongly bother someone.

If dreams the woman that she combs curls - it speaks about her regrets in the missed opportunities.

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Novelty: equipment and recommendations

remedial exercises for a back and a backbone: equipment and recommendations

Always before the main exercises it is necessary to do warm-up. It will promote increase in volumes of oxygen that will give the chance not to feel pain at occupations.

Positive sides of performance of charging:

We will consider some.

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Selection: whether the international passport to Turkey in 2019, validity period is necessary

whether the international passport to Turkey in 2019, validity period is necessary

Having used our reference you receive a discount of $25 for the first booking and remove housing in Turkey without intermediaries with AIRBNB service

Search of housing & #8211; it is one of the most important tasks which face travelers. There are several solutions to this problem. It is possible to remove apartments directly at owners, and it is possible to book the room in comfortable hotel.

If you got used to plan a trip abroad in advance, then we suggest you to use the calendar of low prices.

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Is updated: the Russian student shocked the British with the Mercedes

the Russian student shocked the British with the Mercedes

- I wanted that I had something unique, wanted something special, - with inspiration told Radionov to journalists, - People who made it, arrived from Russia and worked on my car for 12 hours a day within two months. I am really happy, and I already anticipate as I will ride it. Where I appeared, people stop everywhere and consider my car. I always am the focus of attention - both pedestrians, and drivers. Sometimes it seems to me that I can become a cause of accident. Probably, having understood that about accident she said too much, Darya finished a speech on a penetrating note: - When I sell the car, I will give all money for charity!

21-year-old Darya Radionova wrote out handymen who pasted over two months its car with one million crystals from Russia. London became the second house for nouveau riches of all planet and their careless offsprings long ago. It seemed, to shock the prudish British there is nothing. They saw enough of the successors of the Russian oligarchs squandering petrodollars of children of the Arab sheikhs who are spending money like water and burning family states krovinochek the Indian millionaires much. But is not present - to 21-year-old Darya Rodionova, several years living in London and mastering here business elements in elite educational institution, it was succeeded to become a local sensation and to get on pages of today's English editions. "The Russian student surpassed the Arab playboys with their cars", - the British edition is surprised. Also is why: the girl inlaid "Mercedes" with one million Swarovski crystals!


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Secrets: the artificial intelligence for the first time created special effects for musical video

the artificial intelligence for the first time created special effects for musical video

Already not for the first time we publish news how the artificial intelligence helps people of creative professions. It is already capable to script independently movies, to create sequels of popular literary works and even to create music rather pleasant aurally. On the same time of AI created by forces of Intel allowed to creation of special effects for musical video by the pop performer, popular in China, Chris Li.

the Intel Company especially is proud of the fact that artificial intelligence of its production for the first time created something similar for the entertaining industry. Art directors thought up the concept of musical video, made its storyboard and presented to engineers of Intel. The artificial intelligence carefully studied the face of the Chinese performer, created its detailed three-dimensional model and learned to trace it in real time without any markers and other devices applied to skin for tracking.

As a result of AI Chris Li absolutely independently put various effects on the finished shooting face. For example, projected on it various images, drew the soap bubbles arising directly from the performer's skin, created the thin streams of water repeating a relief of the person and so on. Certainly, authors of the clip did not set before themselves the purpose to achieve 100% realism of the image. After all this first of all entertaining video for admirers of the pop star. And still the result of work of artificial intelligence cannot but admire. Look.

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of 35 books and the websites for increase in energy, the most readable

35 books and the websites for increase in energy

It is difficult to recharge the internal accumulator when us everything destabilizes around. Personal failures, world tragedies, a negative information background and desire to be fenced off from people destroy. That energy did not leave our life, we have to find a reason for joy in every moment. Two wisest and joyful persons of the planet - Dalai Lama and the archbishop Tuta - are ready to teach us to it.

The book will be ideal for all who want to equip a never-ending power source at themselves in kitchen. It is no secret that for maintenance of a tone the healthy nutrition and the pleasant atmosphere in the house are necessary. The book will teach not only to cook tasty and healthy food, but also to equip the apartment for improvement of quality of life.

You are ready to feel full of strength and energy again? It is not so difficult! to you "intensive therapy" is necessary for you for overcoming an energy crisis. The book "Eternally Tired" is the practical and clear plan of fight against chronic fatigue from the chief western expert in this subject. Results of the published researches demonstrate that the receptions offered in the book help to increase energy level by 91%.

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From our users: what men dream of

of what men dream

Of what men

the Author dream: Komarov Kirill. Photo: /

Right there is also a car-rental - actually, it is the only opportunity for the majority to take the wheel of Ferrari. The prices, of course, bite, but there is no release from persons interested.

Between the museums in Modena and Maranello special the bus shuttle so to visit both museums Ferrari for time - not a problem during the day goes.

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of 8 ways to enjoy life, without spending a lot of money, updating

8 ways to enjoy life, without spending a lot of money

If you feel that you need a lot of money really to enjoy life, you are mistaken.

the Greatest things in life & #8211; it is what should be worried, and various events which sometimes most of people simply take for granted.

If you have a need for adventures, then time spent for studying of that, where do you live & #8211; it is always cheerful. You never know that you will find.

Walk on the beach not only cleans the head, but also is a great way to relax in your intense life. Feeling of sand under legs when you move on the coast & #8211; these are improbable feelings!

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