to Whom was succeeded to win the heart of the famous actor and to marry secretly him, a novelty

Published: 17.7.2019
the lady's man Andrey Chernyshov: who managed to win the heart of the famous actor and to marry secretly him

At couple the relations were entered, and they somehow began to live at once together. Nobody knew about it, their love was covered with a secret veil.

Here only on Maria it did not make though any positive impression. Guy as guy. Probably this tranquility and detachment also became key in their love story. "And here he says that he distinguished me from girls in audience at once. Then even learned who is such. I at that time experienced the first big love, Andrey and was told: "Even do not poke, Masha has a serious novel", - Maria told years later.

Unexpectedly, news like a bolt from the blue thundered: in 2016 it turned out that the actor secretly meets 8 years the actress Maria Dobrzhinskaya who is younger than it for the whole 11 years. The public was shocked, even an environment did not suspect about their relations. Or, perhaps, did not want to give their secret. Andrey Chernyshov and Maria Dobrzhinskaya got acquainted in Shchepkinsky school. Then Chernyshov came on occupations of the former teacher. The classmate Dobrzhinskaya, having only seen the high strong stranger, zashushukatsya right there and began to make eyes at him.

Right after "Pike" the actress stepped on the stage to "The commonwealth of actors of Taganka" and played in the performance "Chao". "Perhaps then the husband also made out me", - the darling of the famous actor considers. And it is valid, practically right after the premiere Andrey began to communicate actively with Maria, to joke constantly. By recognition of the actress, she was even hurt by cheeks from all these hokhm. As a result at couple the relations were entered, and they somehow began to live at once together. Nobody knew about it, their love was covered with a secret veil.

The actor Andrey Chernyshov prefers not to advertize the private life, as well as his many colleagues. But inquisitive journalists nevertheless learned about its affairs with actresses Anastasia Tsvetaeva and Anna Snatkina. Though, perhaps, it is rumors. Beautiful and brutal Chernyshov was married nearly to each partner according to the next movie.

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On the screen he with might and main won back an image of the lady's man, and in a conversation with journalists answered very evasively and always equally: he is free, plans to make family and the child, but did not find yet what looked for. He looked for not next, but only. "To find the wife - same not a dog to get", - the actor laughed the matter off.

The actor Andrey Chernyshev became famous thanks to the talent and bright appearance. The strong brunette with a seductive smile became a standard of the real macho, and his brown eyes could burn a hole in heart practically of any woman. Practically. His present spouse during their acquaintance was unshakable and could stand against his destructive charm of the real man. Perhaps, it also became pledge of their future family happiness.

Andrey Chernyshov was born in Kiev in family of teachers. It cultivated in it discipline and thirst for knowledge, but at the same time significantly limited. Here what this period of life is remembered by the actor: "I simply had no childhood, I was under vigilant control all the time. You can imagine: mother was a mathematics teacher and my form-master, and the father - the principal! At work I called them only on a name middle name - Lyudmila Andreevna and Vladimir Leonidovich. To bring home "four" meant to dishonor family honor. Therefore I graduated from school with a silver medal".

Andrey and Maria got married in 2017, and in half a year got married in Greece in the presence of parents on both sides and the bride's brother. They had very silent family celebration about which colleagues learned already much later. According to Dobrzhinska, Andrey very seriously treats marriage and in general with it, absolutely safe: "Andrey is extremely responsible! (Е) With it I know well: whatever it happened, we will not be gone", - Chernyshov's wife told. They are happy still and this is important!

They lived together the whole 8 years, but as if did not hurry in a registry office. Chernyshov liked to win back an image of the free man before fans and even asked Maria during the joint game on the stage of theater not to show strong feelings to it that people around did not guess anything. Here so they also lived, hiding natural "chemistry" of feelings which reigned between them.

The grandmother wanted to send him to medicine, and Andrey literally from the 4th class dreamed to become an actor. But nobody knew about it, the boy was too constraining and clamped for such recognition. At school his mother was an art director "The green carriage". Exactly there Andrey with companions vanished till the dead of night - "rehearsed, composed music, sang". Right after school he went to Moscow and came to Shchepkinsky school on Solntseva's course. After the termination worked as the stuntman a little, and since 1994 began to play on theatrical stages of Moscow. To general public Andrey Chernyshov was remembered in roles in such movies and series as "Mayakovsky. Two days" where he played a leading role, "Are my dog", "Elementary love", "The territorial doctor", "Farmer", "Soul of the spy", etc.


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