the Opera of Kiev began with a grave, popular

Published: 27.7.2019
the opera of Kiev began with a grave

The investment of city means to the decent theatrical room in olden days was not only prestigious business, but also quite good income item for municipal cash desk. And in the 1856th on Theatre Square of Kiev constructed the City theater on 900 places called & laquo; Russian оперой». But the building was so ordinary-looking that said as if to Kiev mistakenly sent the project of theater approved for Zhytomyr.

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In the fishing village on the Dnieper coast, near Kiev, the girl Nadezhda mutually loves Vseslav. Somebody the Unknown (he was sung somehow by Shalyapin) starts a plot. He says to Vseslav that that & mdash; the great-grandson Askolda also has to occupy a princely table, but that honestly serves the prince and does not want to oppose it. Then on instigation of the Unknown combatants in & laquo; подарок» to the prince want to bring Nadezhda. Vseslav, protecting darling, kills one of them, and they disappear on the Askoldovy grave.

The popularity of the opera was unprecedented. Fragments were executed even by organ-grinders of London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, strumming also laquo; Gy you, Dnepr» & laquo; Ah, friends, as грустно» & laquo; In old times chewed деды» & laquo; As blows ветерок» & laquo; Near the city of Slavyanska» & laquo; Charochka on столику» Came;. Fragments from & laquo; Askoldova могилы» sound and today.

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All four actions & laquo; Askoldova могилы» are followed by smart music in popular rhythms of a march, the mazourka, polonaise, the arias and a set of chorus parts which became national.

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But Kiev could not exist without opera theater any more. And the City Duma, according to persistent requirements of the public, announced a competition on the project of new theater. The academician of architecture Victor Schrцter got monasteries, and the famous Kiev architect Vladimir Nikolaev supervised construction. It possesses authorship of such sign constructions as the building of the Merchant meeting (now National philharmonic hall of Ukraine), the Monument to Bogdan Khmelnytsky, the museum of the Russian art (it is recently renamed into the Kiev art gallery), Refectory church of Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Bergonye theater (Theatre of Lesya Ukrainka now). The magnificent building in style the neorenaissance, convenient to both actors, and the audience, with the refined interiors which connected classical style and & laquo; Vienna модерн» entering then architecture of the large European cities, constructed on the place of old. And in the 1901st the Kiev opera opened the doors for the audience again. By the way, the bricks of old theater sorted after the fire accurately counted and used at construction of the base of the present Opera. So the Kiev theater strong costs on the & laquo; корн¤х».

However impresarios, holders of troupes, paid considerable money for its rent. Began to think of creation of constant opera troupe after the successful tours in 1865— 1866 of the Italian actors. And in the 1867th ambassador of long petitions before the government in Kiev created permanent opera troupe which was headed by the former singer and the impresario Ferdinand Berger & mdash; master of organization of theatrical business.

But the prince forgave Vseslav for murder of the combatant and even allowed to marry the Christian. The unknown rushes to the shuttle to departure, but the storm amplifies, and it perishes in the Dnieper waves.

He invited many talented actors. The City Council allocated to collective City theater. And exactly 150 years ago the Kiev opera for the first time lifted a curtain! The first opera of Kiev: instead of the tragedy & mdash; a happy end

the opera & laquo became the Debut of troupe; Askoldova могила» Alexey Verstovsky which went over with unprecedented success. The libretto was written by Mikhail Zagoskin, the author of the novel of the same name. The leading role (Nadezhda) was played by Aleksandra Santagano-Gorchakova. According to acceptable requirements, the people canonized were forbidden to be performed then on stage. And action of the opera was postponed from Christian times of the prince of Vladimir on the novel at the time of reigning his father Svyatoslav Igorevich & mdash; era of paganism and feudal intestine wars. The tragic history of the main characters, Varangians Askold and Deere which is rather authentically described in the novel was replaced with a love story with the happy end which key events were developed on the place where the killed Askold was buried.

After the premiere many interesting performances were put. The Kiev opera was loved and popular. But in the 1896th ambassador of morning display & laquo; Evgenia Onegina» in make-up rooms there was a fire. Fire spread immediately, and in several watch from theater there were charred walls. The musical library, best in the country, suits and scenery burned down. Fortunately, nobody died.

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