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Published: 19.7.2019
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The research of the Canadian scientists from McMaster University in Ontario which results are published in the Cognitive Neuroscience magazine (Cognitive neuroscience) confirmed that short-term, but intensive trainings improve so-called noiseproof * memory.

Hayes and his team attracted with

95 young people to participation in their research. Participants of a research were distributed in a random way on three groups: 1) group of physical exercises and training of memory; 2) group only of physical exercises; 3) the group exempted from physical exercises and a training of memory (control group).

The head of a research associate professor of kinesiology of McMaster University Jennifer Hayes and his colleague made an experiment which showed that daily sports activities within 20 minutes considerably improve performance of tasks for noiseproof memory.

Participants of group only of physical exercises showed much more the best results when performing tasks for noiseproof memory and higher level of a neurotrophic factor of a brain in comparison with participants of control group.

At participants the level of a neurotrophic factor of a brain (the protein keeping and stimulating development of neurons of a brain) and an insulinopodobny factor of growth (the protein which is an indirect indicator of amount of hormone of growth) was measured.

Participants of group of physical exercise and a training of memory showed the results similar to those which were shown by participants of group only of physical exercises.

Physical exercises represented a daily intensive 20-minute training.

The training of memory consisted in recognition of pairs of identical faces from a number of very similar images 20 minutes a day.

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