of NASA wants to continue to use the Russian unions after 2019, at requests of readers

Published: 23.7.2019
NASA wants to continue to use the Russian unions after 2019

The NASA aerospace agency would like to continue to use the Russian spacecrafts "Union" for delivery of the astronauts to the International Space Station even after to work there are ready private American spaceships which the agency will use for the same purposes. Besides, it is noted that the agency would like to send the Russian astronauts to the ISS on the piloted devices when those become operational. With reference to the representative of the American department Stephanie Shirkholts the Space.com portal reports about it.

the NASA aerospace agency had

After closing of the program of flights of shuttles in 2011 only one option of delivery to the ISS and returns back of the astronauts. For this purpose the agency rents places in the Russian Union spaceships. In the near future NASA wants to redistribute this loading. For this purpose she signed the agreement with the private American companies Boeing and SpaceX which conduct development the of the piloted spacecrafts. The first pilotless start of the piloted version of the Dragon spaceship of the SpaceX company is planned to be carried out in 2019. Further, within several months the Boeing company will have to carry out pilotless test launch of the CST-100 Starliner ship. As soon as both devices undergo all necessary testing, astronauts will use them for flights on Earth orbit and returns home.

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"The essence is in continuing sending to the ISS of the mixed crews", & #8212; the representative of the American agency told.

"The Head of Department of the piloted flights of NASA William Gerstenmaier and the top management of the American aerospace agency designated the intention to continue to send the American crew members of the ISS on "Unions" after 2019, and Russians & #8212; by the American piloted ships", & #8212; told Shirkholts.

At the same time it was also noted that simultaneous starts of the American and Russian ships (that is, Americans by the American ships, and Russians on "Unions") will be absolutely inexpedient at least because can become superfluous. At the same time as on the International Space Station there are two main segments - Russian and American & #8212; both demand delivery of modules both from one, and from other country. Therefore continuation of implementation of the international crews consisting both from Russians, and from Americans will be the best option, according to the representative of NASA. In other words, serially.

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