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Published: 29.7.2019
a transit visa to Qatar for Russians in 2019: whether it is necessary for change in a fur-coat

In 2019 the visa to Qatar to Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians is also not necessary. Citizens of these countries and also Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan can be in the country without visa of 30 days.

Also, perhaps, you will be interested in information on emigration and work in Qatar.

Qatar Airways - the Qatar company of air flights suggests the passengers to use service of free granting hotel. But people only under such circumstances can count on it:

Citizens of all CIS countries can open the long-term entry visa to Qatar in diplomatic mission of this republic in the place of the actual stay of the applicant.

For visit of an excursion it is necessary to go to hall "B" for a rack under the name Doha City Tour desk. It is worth remembering that the free excursion is group, but not individual. The maximum for holding an excursion is gathered 22 persons.

The Qatar Airways company registers baggage "through". It means that the traveler should not take away baggage at change and anew to fix it.

Registration for flight begins in 48 hours prior to a plane departure.

Qatar & #8212; Muslim traditional country. Whether the woman can leave to the city if the men accompanying her & #8212; not her relatives?

At transit in Doha Visa free is given free of charge for 96 hours.

Good afternoon, Margarita! Yes, the woman can leave to the city, even without the men accompanying her.

It is worth remembering that the reservation of hotel via the website of airline does not guarantee entry into this state.

The application on receiving a transit visa is required to give not less than one week prior to day of a departure to Qatar.

At registration the landing ticket is issued in envelopes of different flowers:

It should be noted initially that the air terminal in Doha is very modern and well equipped. For change the transit visa to Qatar is not necessary in the following cases:

The airport was open in 2014. In the territory of air terminal only one terminal which consists of such sectors as:

Whether the transit visa or additional documents is necessary if change only 3 hours?

As it was noted already earlier, the free hotel is provided to travelers only if they use services of Qatar Airways airline. The hotel is not provided to all others.

You need to have at yourself: the international passport, which period of validity more than 6 months and the plane ticket for a departure from Qatar.

After supply of papers it is worth expecting approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Qatar. On the website of airline it is also possible to keep track of readiness of the visa. After supply of papers and their sending provide to the applicant the request number. This number is entered into the column "tracking of the visa".

Through the whole country. Visas to Qatar cancelled for tourists.

Thanks for such developed article! Practically answered all my questions the account of a transit visa. At me one more quite silly, probably, question. I will fly transit through Qatar, respectively, my suitcase will be taken away in Russia on landing and at change in Doha its automatic machine transferred to the following flight. Since new year entered the strict law on transportation into Qatar of tobacco products. Such question: whether I will have problems because of the block of cigarettes in a suitcase when joining in Qatar, or it will be considered that the suitcase does not cross border?

If joining in Doha long (it is not less than 5-6 hours), then the person can use service of free excursions in this city.

It can also be prolonged then once for 30 days. Thus citizens of these states cannot make out a transit visa.

Every day 4 tours are conducted:

Such visa is valid within 90 days. It means that with it it is possible to cross Qatar border for 3 months from the date of its delivery. It is impossible to prolong similar permission. In case of need the person should rediscover the visa.

For opening of the visa it is required:

Good afternoon, Alina! Yes, citizens of Russia have the right for visit of Qatar (for up to 30 days) without visa. Therefore you can leave the airport and take a walk in the city.

How to receive free hotel if change more than 18 hours?

That is 30 days are free to move only on the airport?

Qatar is the country in the Middle East. This state is known not only cultural sights, but also the international airport "Hamad" in Doha to Hamad International Airport DOH where many travelers carry out change on connection flight for a departure to other country.

Very useful article. But you could not explain laconically to the poorly educated woman whether it is possible just to go out for a walk to the city if there are several hours between flights? Something is necessary, except tickets for the following flight?

For obtaining the coupon it is worth addressing a rack with the inscription Transfer. For exchange of the coupon for food it is worth addressing in Food Court. It is impossible to tell that at the airport it is possible to call free food too smart. Many note that they for lunch serve the Arab dish which cornerstone rice, a piece of meat or a product from it and roll is. And also the water bottle enters food set.

It is possible to issue this service in two ways:

The issue of entrance of the foreign citizen on the territory of Qatar is resolved only by the staff of the migration power.

For acceptance of a shower and more comfortable stay exists rooms of Oryx Lounge and Al Maha Transit Lounge. Visit of these rooms paid, but if the person has a Priopity Pass card, then he pays nothing. The cost of visit of Oryx Lounge is equal 200 Qatari riyals (54.40 US dollars).

Such foreigners at long joining of flights can have a rest in one of the hotels located near air terminal:

The Hamad International Airport DOH airport cooperates with many airlines, but the largest is the airline of Qatar Airways which is recognized by the best airline in the world.

If the traveler wants to have a rest, then he has the right to use the restroom which is called Quiet Rooms.

The visa to Qatar is not necessary to Russians since August, 2017, for up to 30 days of You can without it is in the country therefore there is no country in the list. On an arrival you receive just a stamp in the international passport and can is in the country and to move freely on the airport.

Whether the transit visa for the citizen of Philippines is necessary if night change in Qatar 8 hours?

If delivery of transit is approved, then to the person the notice will come to the e-mail address. He will need to print out this visa. The document is shown at a stage of passing of customs and passport control. This permission needs to be kept for the entire period of stay in Qatar.

It should be noted that this visa is not transit. She allows to be in the territory of Qatar that number of days on which the hotel room is reserved. Execution of such visa will suit those Russians who want is in the country more than 2 months.

Very good article, thanks! Only one moment & #8212 is not clear; where and how to address for a transit visa for an exit to the city? On the website of Qatar in the field of registration it defines my flight and a full name, but there is no nationality of Russian!

If citizens of other states need to be in the territory of Qatar from 5 to 96 hours, then it has the right to address with the petition for receiving a transit visa for 96 hours absolutely free of charge.

To Qatar in 2019 in the online mode will be necessary for registration of a transit visa:


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