Life hack: development of strong-willed actions

Published: 21.7.2019
development of strong-willed actions

Strong-willed actions in the finished look always rely on clear consciousness of the purpose and means of action and assume perfect possession of operations in the course of which they are implemented. Such high level of strong-willed actions is reached only in the course of long development, and the leading factors of this development are vital practice and purposeful education.

Genetically any actions arose from awareness of his requirements by the person; they were the conscious activity directed to satisfaction of requirements. From what requirements are peculiar to this person, also qualities of its will in many respects depend.

Needs of the person are diverse, for example the needs for food, clothes, the dwelling, for pleasure art, in work, in communication with other people it. Animals satisfy the needs of nature by means of congenital instinctive actions and conditioned reflexes; at the person this satisfaction is connected with a conscious activity.

The main incentive reason in emergence and development of strong-willed actions are tested by the person p about t-rebnosti without which satisfaction his life is impossible.

In development of strong-willed actions the extreme importance is gained: a) the substantial party of the purposes by which the person in the strong-willed actions is guided and b) ways of achievement of these is more whole. Kind of there were strong-willed actions, it is important for us that the person in the actions was guided by the high, socially significant purposes that the empty, empty, low, egoistical purposes were excluded from his strong-willed activity (for example, an empty pursuit of fashion, alcoholism, money-making, etc.). At the same time it is important that in strong-willed actions of the person his independence that, making this or that decision, the person could realize it in action was shown, without shifting execution to others shoulders.

The need is felt by the person doubly: on the one hand, as experience of the valid needs which are urgently demanding the satisfaction, and with another - as awareness of needs for a form of these or those representations and concepts. The moment of awareness of requirement is the most important party of the will, the most essential to its emergence and development. Is initial for this understanding or existence of any difficulty preventing the person to satisfy internally experienced requirement by means of unconscious activity just as it does an animal, or experience of feeling of more or less strong pleasure connected with satisfaction this requirement. As the requirements of difficulty met on the way to satisfaction, and pleasures felt in connection with their satisfaction are a push to awareness of requirement, and further - to conscious selection of means for its satisfaction.

Formation of the positive and socially significant purposes of strong-willed actions is connected, on the one hand, with education at children from the earliest age of appropriate vital needs, and on the other hand - with correctly put ideological and political education.

Requirements have huge value in ontogenesis of strong-willed actions. Development of requirements in children plays a large role in education of their will. Education of the will begins at the earliest children's age with instilling in pupils of appropriate requirements and appropriate ways of their satisfaction. Without the permission of this task about any correct education of the will out of the question.

Unfortunately, our pedagogical thought for the present pays attention to importance of this question a little, and in practice of education formation of requirements at children not only preschool, but also school age takes place in most cases spontaneously, under the influence of accidental vital circumstances, incentives which are delivered much to the child by surrounding life (for example, colourful advertizing of tobacco and vodka products of the industry), an example of people around of the child of companions and adults, etc. Thanks to such spontaneous, not directed by the teacher, to influence at children the resistant negative requirements dictating them the purposes of their strong-willed actions are quite often formed. Such requirements have the weakening impact on will of the child, interfere with the correct formation and development of focus of its strong-willed actions.

The research of process of emergence and development of requirements in children in relation to various age and development of the most effective methods of pedagogical impact on the correct course of this process is made by the most important problems of pedagogical psychology.


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