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Published: 25.7.2019
gray-haired girl

The gray-haired girl 

A went to work in the morning. It was just the carpenter. Then the girl understood that "carpenter" is like "dermovoz", excuse for roughness. The roughness is a destiny of carpenters. So the grandmother, mother's mother spoke. And mother assented. Both of them were distressed that educated mother made a mistake and married this little fool. For the ninny. For the boor. Though the father never was rude to nobody. But smiled too often; purely little fool. Also put on badly; in a rvanye. It worked all the time: dug a kitchen garden, built a bath, the kitchen garden put. The main thing, helped someone all the time and too dug, put, planed. The ninny in a rvanye. The girl began to hesitate the father.

The girl got acquainted with the young man and was going to get married. And the father died - heart did not sustain. It was the crushing blow, but at heart the girl thought; and kind of she acquainted the carpenter father with the husband's parents? They are educated people! Perhaps so it was necessary for destiny? Е

And more nobody so loved it. It was so died. Everything passed, and there is no bright memoirs left even. Only about the father. Whom she loved; then - hesitated, and then - hated as teenagers sometimes Е hate

Perhaps, those of whom we hesitate or hesitated - they also loved. These ninnies, losers, clumsies, little fools who are a shame for showing to kind people?

Only kind people - not such kind. And those who were kind to us - sometimes they are absent Е any more

And then in general began to hate. For the fact that he is a loser. It does not may support adequately mother. And daughter too. Therefore the girl has no beautiful things, so the grandmother explained. And all laugh at the father and point a finger. Once the father came for the girl on dances; he worried. It years fifteen was. And in recreation center to the sound of music too danced, smiling good-natured. Jumped to the sound of music, in other words. It seemed to the girl that girlfriends look with contempt at her father. It was a shame to her with his ridiculous dance Е

She hated the father. At first loved while was small. He nursed it, fed, played, sat the whole nights near its bed when she was ill, sang songs and told fairy tales. Filled up, it was confused in words, she asked: and is farther what? And the father told further until she falls asleep Е

Then she went to the city and entered the institute. The father sent her money; he got the second job, the watchman. It is difficult to find work in the settlement. Here mother also did not work, she the architect was. Educated and well-mannered.

Е Only many years later and having undergone many ordeals, the gray-haired girl suddenly began to sob so terribly. In the lonely evening in the empty apartment. It suddenly understood that for all life it was loved only by the father. Ridiculous, with a wide defenseless smile, with curly hair and round malchikovy eyes, absolutely children's. In "track bottoms" and in gym shoes barefoot, with the tired-out hands similar to claws. The poor ragamuffin, the carpenter who loved it most on light. And for it did all. And in embarrassment blinked eyes when she was angry and told him cruel words. As little fool.

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