Animated film & 187; at лукоморь¤&8230; & 187; in the Khanty language, from our readers

the animated film & 187; at лукоморь¤&8230; & 187; in the Khanty language

Studio & #171; Curved seashore of Pikcherz» from Yekaterinburg completed the work on creation short animated the movie on a prolog to the poem And. Pushkin's leksandra & #171; Ruslan and Lyudmila» & #171; At a curved seashore Е & #187;.

Work on the animated film & #171; At a curved seashore Е & #187; began in 2009.

As reports to Ministry of culture of Komi, mulfilm sounds in 25 languages now: Chukchi, Eskimo, Nenets, Tatar, English, Khanty, Mansi, Kalmyk, Chinese, Chuvash, Yakut, Finnish, Komi, gornomariysky, Dutch, Udmurt, Buryat, Belarusian, Khakass, Korean, Japanese, Bashkir, Karelian, Russian and Esperanto.

The help in scoring of the animated film language was rendered on the Komi: VGTRK of State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company & #171; Komi гор» Syktyvkar state university. The project is noncommercial.

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Weather and water temperature in Croatia Dubrovnik in August a season 2019, updating

weather and water temperature in Croatia Dubrovnik in August a season of 2019

Rest in the Balkans always attracted tourists - beautiful landscapes, coniferous forests, clean mountain air, picturesque bays, spacious sandy beaches and transparent as a tear, waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Apogee of a holiday. Weather in Dubrovnik in August has a kind feeling to romanticism at night.

The town of Privlaka (near Zadar) pleases Croats and guests of the country with the gastronomic festival "Privlaka Night", in the city the Shade it is possible to take part in the Summer carnival, and Motovani holds an annual film festival.

The Dalmatian bullfight - the fascinating and tickling nerves show organized in the village of Radoshich located near Split. Here bullfights are organized.

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the Most interesting: whether it is necessary for change in a fur-coat

a transit visa to Qatar for Russians in 2019: whether it is necessary for change in a fur-coat

In 2019 the visa to Qatar to Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians is also not necessary. Citizens of these countries and also Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan can be in the country without visa of 30 days.

Also, perhaps, you will be interested in information on emigration and work in Qatar.

Qatar Airways - the Qatar company of air flights suggests the passengers to use service of free granting hotel. But people only under such circumstances can count on it:

Citizens of all CIS countries can open the long-term entry visa to Qatar in diplomatic mission of this republic in the place of the actual stay of the applicant.

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the Opera of Kiev began with a grave, popular

the opera of Kiev began with a grave

The investment of city means to the decent theatrical room in olden days was not only prestigious business, but also quite good income item for municipal cash desk. And in the 1856th on Theatre Square of Kiev constructed the City theater on 900 places called & laquo; Russian оперой». But the building was so ordinary-looking that said as if to Kiev mistakenly sent the project of theater approved for Zhytomyr.

What to esteem on Liferead? Do not miss the Artist Ivan Marchuk & mdash; the official genius of Ukraine and his kind pictures

In the fishing village on the Dnieper coast, near Kiev, the girl Nadezhda mutually loves Vseslav. Somebody the Unknown (he was sung somehow by Shalyapin) starts a plot. He says to Vseslav that that & mdash; the great-grandson Askolda also has to occupy a princely table, but that honestly serves the prince and does not want to oppose it. Then on instigation of the Unknown combatants in & laquo; подарок» to the prince want to bring Nadezhda. Vseslav, protecting darling, kills one of them, and they disappear on the Askoldovy grave.

The popularity of the opera was unprecedented. Fragments were executed even by organ-grinders of London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, strumming also laquo; Gy you, Dnepr» & laquo; Ah, friends, as грустно» & laquo; In old times chewed деды» & laquo; As blows ветерок» & laquo; Near the city of Slavyanska» & laquo; Charochka on столику» Came;. Fragments from & laquo; Askoldova могилы» sound and today.

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Popular : gray-haired girl

gray-haired girl

The gray-haired girl 

A went to work in the morning. It was just the carpenter. Then the girl understood that "carpenter" is like "dermovoz", excuse for roughness. The roughness is a destiny of carpenters. So the grandmother, mother's mother spoke. And mother assented. Both of them were distressed that educated mother made a mistake and married this little fool. For the ninny. For the boor. Though the father never was rude to nobody. But smiled too often; purely little fool. Also put on badly; in a rvanye. It worked all the time: dug a kitchen garden, built a bath, the kitchen garden put. The main thing, helped someone all the time and too dug, put, planed. The ninny in a rvanye. The girl began to hesitate the father.

The girl got acquainted with the young man and was going to get married. And the father died - heart did not sustain. It was the crushing blow, but at heart the girl thought; and kind of she acquainted the carpenter father with the husband's parents? They are educated people! Perhaps so it was necessary for destiny? Е

And more nobody so loved it. It was so died. Everything passed, and there is no bright memoirs left even. Only about the father. Whom she loved; then - hesitated, and then - hated as teenagers sometimes Е hate

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of NASA wants to continue to use the Russian unions after 2019, at requests of readers

NASA wants to continue to use the Russian unions after 2019

The NASA aerospace agency would like to continue to use the Russian spacecrafts "Union" for delivery of the astronauts to the International Space Station even after to work there are ready private American spaceships which the agency will use for the same purposes. Besides, it is noted that the agency would like to send the Russian astronauts to the ISS on the piloted devices when those become operational. With reference to the representative of the American department Stephanie Shirkholts the portal reports about it.

the NASA aerospace agency had

After closing of the program of flights of shuttles in 2011 only one option of delivery to the ISS and returns back of the astronauts. For this purpose the agency rents places in the Russian Union spaceships. In the near future NASA wants to redistribute this loading. For this purpose she signed the agreement with the private American companies Boeing and SpaceX which conduct development the of the piloted spacecrafts. The first pilotless start of the piloted version of the Dragon spaceship of the SpaceX company is planned to be carried out in 2019. Further, within several months the Boeing company will have to carry out pilotless test launch of the CST-100 Starliner ship. As soon as both devices undergo all necessary testing, astronauts will use them for flights on Earth orbit and returns home.

To monitor progress of development of these spacecrafts and also behind other news from the world of space it is possible also via our Telegram channel.

"The essence is in continuing sending to the ISS of the mixed crews", & #8212; the representative of the American agency told.

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Life hack: development of strong-willed actions

development of strong-willed actions

Strong-willed actions in the finished look always rely on clear consciousness of the purpose and means of action and assume perfect possession of operations in the course of which they are implemented. Such high level of strong-willed actions is reached only in the course of long development, and the leading factors of this development are vital practice and purposeful education.

Genetically any actions arose from awareness of his requirements by the person; they were the conscious activity directed to satisfaction of requirements. From what requirements are peculiar to this person, also qualities of its will in many respects depend.

Needs of the person are diverse, for example the needs for food, clothes, the dwelling, for pleasure art, in work, in communication with other people it. Animals satisfy the needs of nature by means of congenital instinctive actions and conditioned reflexes; at the person this satisfaction is connected with a conscious activity.

The main incentive reason in emergence and development of strong-willed actions are tested by the person p about t-rebnosti without which satisfaction his life is impossible.

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Popular : daily 20

daily 20

The research of the Canadian scientists from McMaster University in Ontario which results are published in the Cognitive Neuroscience magazine (Cognitive neuroscience) confirmed that short-term, but intensive trainings improve so-called noiseproof * memory.

Hayes and his team attracted with

95 young people to participation in their research. Participants of a research were distributed in a random way on three groups: 1) group of physical exercises and training of memory; 2) group only of physical exercises; 3) the group exempted from physical exercises and a training of memory (control group).

The head of a research associate professor of kinesiology of McMaster University Jennifer Hayes and his colleague made an experiment which showed that daily sports activities within 20 minutes considerably improve performance of tasks for noiseproof memory.

Participants of group only of physical exercises showed much more the best results when performing tasks for noiseproof memory and higher level of a neurotrophic factor of a brain in comparison with participants of control group.

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to Whom was succeeded to win the heart of the famous actor and to marry secretly him, a novelty

the lady's man Andrey Chernyshov: who managed to win the heart of the famous actor and to marry secretly him

At couple the relations were entered, and they somehow began to live at once together. Nobody knew about it, their love was covered with a secret veil.

Here only on Maria it did not make though any positive impression. Guy as guy. Probably this tranquility and detachment also became key in their love story. "And here he says that he distinguished me from girls in audience at once. Then even learned who is such. I at that time experienced the first big love, Andrey and was told: "Even do not poke, Masha has a serious novel", - Maria told years later.

Unexpectedly, news like a bolt from the blue thundered: in 2016 it turned out that the actor secretly meets 8 years the actress Maria Dobrzhinskaya who is younger than it for the whole 11 years. The public was shocked, even an environment did not suspect about their relations. Or, perhaps, did not want to give their secret. Andrey Chernyshov and Maria Dobrzhinskaya got acquainted in Shchepkinsky school. Then Chernyshov came on occupations of the former teacher. The classmate Dobrzhinskaya, having only seen the high strong stranger, zashushukatsya right there and began to make eyes at him.

Right after "Pike" the actress stepped on the stage to "The commonwealth of actors of Taganka" and played in the performance "Chao". "Perhaps then the husband also made out me", - the darling of the famous actor considers. And it is valid, practically right after the premiere Andrey began to communicate actively with Maria, to joke constantly. By recognition of the actress, she was even hurt by cheeks from all these hokhm. As a result at couple the relations were entered, and they somehow began to live at once together. Nobody knew about it, their love was covered with a secret veil.

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From our users: z games which will teach the child of financial literacy

z games which will teach the child of financial literacy

This game teaches the child to the basic principle of the commodity-money relations: to get some thing, it is necessary to pay for it. The seller will receive this money and uses them for development of the business - will buy new goods or will improve what sells now.

The previous games taught the child to distinguish money face value and to pay for purchases. It is time to check knowledge in practice.

At you a lot of trifle for certain collected. Pour out it on a table and tell the child what coins happen. Let's them consider, to compare the size, weight, color, thickness.

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