Is updated: how independently to organize quest for children and adults

how independently to organize quest for children and adults

Children very bright and mobile, but if in your quest the hike on long distance is conceived, they can quickly be tired. Therefore it is better to avoid such tasks, or to divide long routes into parts, and between them to arrange a halt with an entertainment.

Cheerfully to spend time with friends and relatives, it is possible to organize quest independently. It is easy to choose the program of an action for the adult company, for children or to choose suitable for family holiday.

You can organize both bicycles races, and long jumps, throwings of any shell, can play game of volleyball. Choose tasks proceeding from opportunities and preferences of your company.

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Mamayev and kokorin against employees of Butyrka, updating

a star match: mamayev and kokorin against employees of Butyrka

In Butyrka it is planned to play a football match which can become the most noticeable event in domestic soccer - a friendly match of employees of the pre-trial detention center and prisoners-football players.

According to FSIN matches between employees and prisoners happen not seldom, among both those, and others there are a lot of football fans. FSIN also approvingly treated the idea to involve in a game of star football players, chances at ordinary citizens to meet them were practically not free, and here such opportunity.

And users of social networks already in an anticipation:

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How to cook rice that it was friable and did not stick together, popular

how to cook rice that it was friable and did not stick together

Except appearance it is important to select a product taking into account its usefulness for an organism. Brown due to lack of grinding of grains stimulates work of digestive tract better. The steamed species of a cereal long is acquired by an organism. It is useful to diabetics since long process of transfer of nutrients of such product allows to control sugar level better. Dlinnozernisty has smaller caloric content because of decrease in a share of starch in it. It perfectly replaces round grades in the menu of those who combat excess weight.

The excellent result can be received if to cook a product in a pan with a skintight cover. To enhance effect, it is possible to use covers with steam automatic release. Useful will be to add freight on it. It will not allow to rise to a cover, and then all steam will work for friable rice. Addition at the end of olive oil also creates effect of separate grains. It no more tablespoon on the volume of two glasses of grain is necessary.

That a friable garnish turned out, it is necessary to wash out previously cereal product in flowing water before it becomes transparent. After that for a minute to fill in it with boiled water. It is possible to do it in any ware.

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What to look in the city, secrets at

of a sight of Engels: what to look in at the city

However in the 40th establishment it was closed, and again began the activity as museum of local lore only in the 60th. Today the area of its exposition is more than three thousand square meters. Constant history exhibitions, to the modern art function, there pass literary soirees and the dramatized holidays. The museum leads rich creative life in which also residents of Engels actively participate.

Near the picturesque park and the embankment the new spacious building of Museum of local lore is located. In huge halls its unique expositions conveniently were placed. And it began the activity as the museum of Germans of the Volga region in the 20th years under the leadership of the famous scientist-ethnographer G.G. Dinges. In it there were three departments, each of which contained an interesting collection on ethnography, the history of the region and archeology. Gradually its departments extended, active research was conducted.

The art gallery of A.A. Mylnikov occupies the ancient mansion ornated by pilasters and modelled patterns. The building is a part of the estate built by the artist's grandfather and is recognized as an architectural monument of the 19th century. The collection of works of the master and his pupils is stored in gallery, and in the territory of the estate tours and meetings with the creative intellectuals are held.

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the Most interesting: a cheerful funeral on Taiwan

cheerful funeral on Taiwan

The son of the died official from the city of Tszyai on the island of Taiwan, at will of deceased, ordered a striptease under loud music during a funeral procession. 50 strippers fierily executed erotic dances on roofs of the jeeps equipped with poles (poles for dances so are called). The last years 30 local Chinese like to celebrate a funeral on Taiwan cheerfully. This rather new custom is explained by Taiwanese simply: erotic dancings, loud music and general fun during the ritual will help the dead man easier to adapt to a next world. Here for what I love Asia: here it is full of exotic, fun and the most various balls. There is no time to miss.

of P.S. Taiwan is still known that it can become the first country in Asia which legalized same-sex marriages at the nation-wide level. The new president of Taiwan Cai Yingwen repeatedly supported legalization of the same-sex unions in the country. Discussion, in many districts of the country at the local level of any prepon for gays is conducted, lesbians and transvestites do not exist any more. The Taiwan society, in general, tolerant also supports legalization of same-sex marriages. So, an annual LGBT parades in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, collects up to 80 thousand participants. But there are also those who act categorically against.

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New : why Part 3 optimization of the register stops the computer

why Part 3 optimization of the register stops the computer

Each game, the program or the application, has a number of various files, settings and parameters. Most of them is kept on the hard drive to the installation address. But the rest is in other sections of a system, for example in the register.

to Download

from the website of the developer at the direct reference => Registry Life

I recommend the second option since then we can refuse installation of additional investments. Such as Full Uninstall program and toolbar. In particular it is very heavy to get rid of the mail panel then (if you decide not it to use).

After completion of installation, will suggest to establish you "The convenient Start-up menu". One more applicant in ranks of delay mechanisms of operation of the computer.

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From our readers: as I did not look for, but found the business tale of the tsarevna frog

<"as I did not look for img src="" title=, but found the business tale of the tsarevna frog of" width="500" height="320" alt="as I did not look for, but found the business tale of the tsarevna frog">

First of all, I want to emphasize: most often I find them, but I do not look for. Search assumes certain definiteness, an accurate algorithm of action. When you look for - at least you know THAT you look for and WHERE you look for. In my case it not always so. To be exact to tell, in my cases because all of them are unique and often unpredictable. As it is not possible to tell about all my "finds", and curious a huge set, I will give one example - from the newcomer - "Communications solve everything". Business was so Е

Further quite long and not really interesting story about chinese whispers and slow literary agents follows. Some time me was sent from one agent to another, and from the second - to the third while once (the world is close!) in series of names did not flash well to me familiar - I had to deal with one of agents few years ago when I worked in other publishing house. I wrote it the letter, having reminded of our cooperation, and asked assistance. It appeared, I am remembered! And off it went: the contract, transfer, editing, writing of the preface specially to the Russian edition, the painful choice of the Russian name and long disputes on how Tsarevitches-businessmen put on?

Here so thanks to my curiosity and a couple of coincidence there "was" our 24th book.

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New heading: Great Britain found an unusual gravestone in the forest

in Great Britain found an unusual gravestone in the forest

It returned with tools next day and cleared away it.

Everything was on the place - dates, an inscription. Only the gravestone in the middle of the wood decorated not a so human grave.

During the next walk Cyd noticed an unusual stone which was an overgrown ancient gravestone.

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of the Stuffing for roll from a lavash, new on the website

of a stuffing for roll from a lavash

Roll from a lavash - simple in preparation and tasty snack. Stuffings for this dish can be chosen any as the lavash is well combined with meat, fish, vegetables and even salads. Such roll can be served in quality of both cold appetizer, and a hot dish.


to the friends about stuffing options for rolls from a lavash!

Such snack perfectly will be suitable also for an ordinary picnic, and for a holiday table. Thanks to a set of stuffings, you can always surprise the guests with new variations of roll from a lavash. This dish prepares very quickly and always it turns out very tasty!

And almost vezde-MAYONEZ! The product is not really useful to an organism, not really!! I do, of course. generally for picnics or quick snack. In Pterburg in snackbar on the Nevsky sell saklat in a baguette at 60, 30, and 15 cm there is no mayonnaise. All stuffing is in a baguette and lies on lettuce leaves. Very pleasantly and tasty!

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What period of validity of the international driving license, discussion

what period of validity of the international driving license

Each car owner who plans a foreign travel on own car always has a set of questions of rather documentary maintenance of such trip. Except that it is necessary to know to what country it is impossible to leave only on the basis of the national certificate of the driver, it is necessary to consider also period of validity of the international driving license not to appear in a difficult situation in others country.

Before starting renewal of MVU, it is necessary to check expiry date of the national certificate. If it also comes to an end and you have time for expectation, will be not to hurry and renew more reasonably at first the national rights.

Then with the new certificate you will be able to receive MVU for the greatest possible period of time - for 3 years. The package of documents at the same time too does not change. The certificate of passing of medical examination and examination is not supposed. And here it is possible to make request for execution of such document in the majority of the countries online. In Russia it is possible to order registration of VU on the website of traffic police, since January of the current year such powers are conferred also to the multipurpose centers.

With the certificate of the format approved by the convention its owner has an opportunity to travel not only on the car, but also to lease the car outside the country.

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