From our users: rest with children a samostoyatelnozerkalny labyrinth in Prague on the petrshinsky hill

rest with children a samostoyatelnozerkalny labyrinth in Prague on the petrshinsky hill

Further you get to the last room which appeared in the Mirror labyrinth in 1911. In it there are a lot of concave and convex mirrors which create the distorted images. Having seen itself in such unusual and ridiculous look, and you, and children enjoy to the full much.

The cost of visit of the Mirror labyrinth in Prague: Adult - 70 krondet up to 6 years, disabled people and journalists - 20 krondet from 6 to 15 years, students from 15 to 26 years, pensioners are more senior than 65 years - the 50th kronsemeyny ticket (2 adults and to 4 children) - 200 kroner

It is possible to get to "the kingdom of curve mirrors" and in the heart of the Czech Republic if to visit the Mirror labyrinth in Prague (Bludi? t? na Pet?? n?). There is it on the Petrshinsky hill, absolutely near a viewing tower which was constructed on inspiration from the Eiffel Tower seen by clubmen of the Czech tourists in Paris. And though the tower Petrshin a little than reminds D'Eiffel, and is not so popular among tourists, nevertheless it deserves attention as those great views which open to Prague from the observation deck are capable to take the breath away.

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From our users: what to do and why occurs

a severe headache when the plane decreases: what to do and why occurs

Distinguish 3 main reasons influencing emergence of a sharp pain syndrome. The detailed analysis of factors will help to study them and to pick up a necessary preventive course of treatment.

Most often the maximum effect is gained after acupressure of a temporal part of a skull, a nape at the level of an ear or small pillows of middle fingers on hands.

At the time of plane landing it is recommended to use chewing gum and to open a mouth. Let it will look indecently, but the health is more expensive. It is possible to thrust earplugs into ears.

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Discussion: as it is correct to put on on an interview - councils

as it is correct to put on on an interview - councils

should not put on too revealing dresses if you plan to work as the housemaid. As the servants are & #171; лицо» their houses, and the hostess can think that you want to compete with her and further to tempt her husband.

The main thing governed, when interviewing - the appearance has to conform to requirements of the employer. For this purpose it is necessary to learn in advance how the staff of the enterprise puts on.

The interview is a responsible step in your life. What everything would pass perfectly, and you were employed, good knowledge and faultless experience will be not enough. It is very important to look good at this moment.

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Cold and sneezing without temperature at the adult, is updated

cold and sneezing without temperature at the adult

Any cold begins with appearance of cold and other symptoms without initial temperature increase. It is caused by protective properties of an organism which begins to emit plentifully liquid exudate to get rid of the virus nose which got into a cavity. Sneezing at cold is followed by an itch and irritation in a throat. The earlier to begin treatment in a similar case, the it is more than chances to recover quickly.

Recipe. For preparation of structure it is necessary to take:

Than to treat cold:

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Useful properties and contraindications to the use, is curious

honey taiga: useful properties and contraindications to the use

In what the advantage consists:

Upon purchase it is necessary to consider the following criteria:

It is really unique taiga product. Many, for example, in ancient times added it to drinks. During wars when bandages came to an end, it was applied to healing of wounds. During this period believed that children who eat a large number of honey will grow up strong in the physical and intellectual plan.

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Spring manicure, novelty

spring manicure

The fashion changes. Last year all the most natural took down a roof from long nails and a bright covering, in this season in a trend all and if to choose color, then reserved. But there are in manicure varnishes which never get out of fashion - it is dark deep shades. And even blossoming in the spring they are relevant, have the mass of advantages in comparison with zephyrous shades and various drawings in the form of florets and butterflies.

Also do not forget

about what got already out of fashion in nail design always to remain in a trend. Tell us in comments the relation to dark manicure, and the same about what colors on nails you prefer.

Green - color of all live. For spring it is simply ideal, besides such deep emerald color looks very nobly.

Black manicure demands careful selection of clothes and an image in general, and here graphite - another matter. Deep color which looks very elegantly.

But also black varnish will emphasize femininity and will add to an image of playfulness if to use it as a basis in the equipment of beaten glass or painting. Very effectively!

One more option of green. As you see, the combination of different textures in one color very beautifully looks. For example, a glossy basis and the opaque drawing or the shining vtirka.

Blue - one more noble color which is easy for combining with others.

Dark violet - very relevant color in 2018.

Of course, we could not avoid brown color. It is great!

Beauty and only!

Interpretation of natural stones on a dark basis - it is smart and unusual.

Of course, from light shades nobody dissuades you. Simply it is not necessary to tie color to a season, and to do what is pleasant to you. Besides, dark varnishes on nails will be great to be allocated against the background of light clothes. And it will only give to an image a highlight.

Spring manicure - 2018

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Popular : Finland rest in the winter of the price and options

Finland rest in the winter of the price and options

When on the earth white flies, all only fly and repeat that about mountains yes about skis. It is possible to think that to use the coldest season in the pleasure differently and it is impossible. Any country is not capable to offer such variety of options of active holiday as Finland where the first snow is met in October.


not to freeze and save itself from injuries, it is necessary to be equipped quite seriously from legs to the head, well just like the astronaut: warm drawers, boots, mittens, special overalls and protective helmet. The snowmobile - the irreplaceable type of transport on sites of snow-covered off road terrain, and walk on them can be made practically on any area on snow and ice, beginning from half-hour fact-finding driving to a multi-day "safari on survival". But consider that not only you have to survive, but also the snowmobile, otherwise - a penalty: about 500 euros.

We continue a driving subject not by the so Finnish national entertainments. For slow walks on rural areas of the country suggest to saddle the Icelandic ponies. They though not such quick in the conditions of so severe climate as likes or reindeers, but on the trampled-down paths go quite surely. And in terms of safety these ponies are not less reliable, than horses who roll children on streets of Moscow.

March, 2019 & #8212; Netherlands (Amsterdam)

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Popular : weather and temperature in Israel in November a season of 2019

weather and temperature in Israel in November a season of 2019

Israel & #8212; it is the country where many aspire. And to bow to numerous shrines and to have a rest on unique beaches of the Red and Dead seas just to do a bit of traveling on small Jewish towns, enjoying their unique color.

Many plants are brought by

from Sudan here. The animals living here are not afraid of people at all. Here it is possible to see a nubian capricorn, the Afghan fox, a striped hyena. It is a lot of birds and various rare reptiles.

Do you know how to book the plane ticket on the Internet? This article will be useful also to skilled travelers, and those who only masters elements of an independent travel.

Papy. The comfortable well-planned beach among the exotic nature near Eilat on the bank of the Red Sea.

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From our users: sometimes important to do nothing

sometimes important to do nothing

Otsmeyavshis, I only could also tell: "Yes, Stewart, do nothing". Then I thanked him for the fact that it gave the name to one of the most important principles of a pozny method of run - "do nothing".

On materials of the book "Pozny Method of Run"

When I worked with group of young triatlet, Stewart Nyyubi-Freyzer (the brother of the seven-time champion of Ironman Hawaii Paula Nyyubi-Freyzer) watched us. Upon termination of occupation Stewart approached me, having become interested in a pozny method and having decided to get acquainted with it closer.

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New heading: Kirill Tereshin, it hands

kirill tereshin, it hands

Kirill Tereshin, he "Hands bazookas", after parting with the bride - Olesya Malibu - not long indulged in sufferings. It already had a new passion.

Malibu managed to stand out in wedding dresses too, but further fitting rooms business did not go.

Victoria Yakunina, the new darling Tereshina, already tries on wedding dresses and to share photos with the subscribers.

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