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Published: 27.11.2017
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Personal liberty & #8212; very important thing in life of any person, however not everyone is capable to reach it.

We already mentioned it above. Priorities & #8212; these are things from which we cannot and we do not want to refuse. It is important to mean several important circumstances:

You know that your children & #8212; most important, you know that you have professional and family duties. Nevertheless, these aspects should not build walls to your personal growth. If you are able to find balance, nobody will be able to stop you. Do everything that you will wish, with passion and pleasure, knowing that your efforts are worth it. How to realize the personal liberty?

To do & #171; that хочетс¤» without remorse and to lead full-fledged life & #8212; for this purpose it is necessary to possess a step, mind and bravery.

We advise you to think of it.

We also advise you to read: "Good people give us happiness, and bad - experience!"

Your family can be surprised with sudden changes. Why you signed up for this course? You what, you travel? Why you left the husband after so many years?

We know that it is difficult. Often our duties also we enslave us not only we do not feel satisfaction from their performance at all, but also we hardly cope with them.

Duties which hang at us on a neck heavy freight and hold down us on hands and legs, also interfere with our personal growth and only inflict on us suffering.

Therefore, it is necessary to set some restrictions. We should not care for people who do us harm or encroach on our personal liberty.

You trust or not, it is the most difficult to realize this point: & #171; How can I think of myself if other people need me? & #187;

In our life we often should limit ourselves.

Sooner or later time when we begin to speak & #171 comes; I do that I want, and about anything not жалею». It is a maturity stage and personal liberty when we begin to treat with respect not only other people, but also ourselves.

It is possible to tell that we are more concentrated on the world surrounding us, but not on ourselves. We urge several minutes to think to you of whether it is correct.

If these three aspects are in a dissonance, we can have problems with a self-assessment.

Pay attention: "Simplicity ennobles the person and teaches much"

He can do that will wish if he is respectful to other people and observes balance.

If we do that we want and we are able to stop in time, nothing has to stop us.

Also do not forget that "Friends are useful to health!"

Priorities should not be too much: as a rule, it is necessary to concentrate on three: family, work and personal growth.

Freedom & #8212; these are needs of nature and aspiration of any person. From time to time we have to reach it.

The person is not an egoist only because he considers the requirements and freely acts according to the personality.

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