Is updated: set of exercises and rules of performance

Published: 29.11.2017
charging: set of exercises and rules of performance

The revitalizing charging will remove irritability in the morning, will improve mood, will remove slackness and drowsiness. The morning exercises will enter an organism into the working condition. Work of nervous system is sped up, muscles and joints become stronger, blood circulation, work of a cardiac muscle - and all thanks to charging which takes not enough time improves!

Charging in the mornings - a great way to wake up. It is easier to get this useful habit, than it seems to you, it can occupy the minimum quantity of time. Gradually, when you will get used to carry out exercises for all body in the mornings, time of morning exercises can be increased.

The morning exercises have to be directed to all main groups of muscles. As well as any training, it consists of warm-up and the main part. We recommend you a set of exercises for morning exercises which "will warm up" muscles of all body.

The morning physical exercises will take away not enough time, but in exchange will give you something much bigger and valuable. First, it is forces and energy. Many people believe that the sport takes away energy, but this opinion is wrong. Easy and effective exercises will encourage you and will adjust for active day.

That charging had positive effect, it is necessary to choose for itself the necessary set of exercises for morning exercises which is directed to all groups of muscles. And problem places need to find more time and attention.

Charging is a good alternative to harmful coffee: useful and invigorating! She adjusts for positive day, warms up muscles and gives good health. With its help it is possible to wake up, and after all day to feel vigorous, unlike often "broken" people who do not do exercises. Daily morning exercises: in what a secret of this useful and pleasant rule for health?

The regular morning exercises invigorate, lighten the mood, include metabolism, train a body and improve mental capacities. The main thing - to remember that charging has to be easy and pleasant, and intensive exercises with a large number of approaches to leave better for muscular trainings.

For warm-up:

The morning exercises assume need to monitor the breath. If actively to carry out exercise without breath control, then such charging will be harmful to an organism, she will hardly present you forces for the whole day. It is possible to set result after charging by means of a contrast shower. Alternation of warm and cool water jets tempers a body and very much invigorates.

These factors depend on your personal physical parameters: from the state of health, fitness of a body, from what time you can spend on performance of physical exercises. On average charging can last from five to twenty minutes every morning. To begin to be engaged follows after you wake up, you will drink waters, you will make regular hygienic procedures. The morning exercises right after a call of the alarm clock can lead some harm. For a sleepy organism it is undesirable at once to begin to carry out active exercises. While you wake up, it is possible to air the room in which you will carry out charging.

Charging since morning is capable to help also in weight loss. It is considered that smooth dropping excess weight which is based on healthy nutrition and moderate physical activities, the most useful and effective. It is noticed that people who rigidly limited themselves in food spoiled to themselves health. After return to the habitual menu gained the kilograms back in that quantity of which got rid, and it is even more. Health and such victims for the sake of it - things incompatible. It is possible to get rid of kilograms easier, more pleasantly and more effectively. The morning exercises are just included into a recommendatory leaf of actions for soft weight loss.

But the most valuable prize you will get which after regular trainings by charging in the mornings it is improvement of health. Physical exercises develop muscles, improve immunity of an organism. It will be easier for person to struggle with viruses and infections, he will better feel.

Charging for morning and an intensive training - different things. The morning exercises are improving action which will encourage an organism and will help to cope with drowsiness, and the training is a regular and purposeful strengthening of muscles. Respectively, they have to have different time and intensity.

The main part of charging (it is necessary to repeat exercises from 10 times above, over time to increase the number of repetitions):

Every day people have dreams, luxuriate in a bed, gain strength on following, full events, day. The modern person needs a large supply of energy to capture all those areas of life on which everyone daily works. At someone it is work on itself, self-improvement, stay in house efforts, occupations as creativity and a hobby, at someone favourite work which lightens the mood, and demands expenses of forces. Often at us it turns out that we are engaged in all these things at the same time and at once nearly an every day. How to keep forces both for work, and for study, and for creativity, self-development? Many people mistakenly believe that consumption of coffee will present them that stock of energy and cheerfulness. Actually this drink only quickly stimulates an organism and causes accustoming. It is much better to get other, more useful habit. Morning physical exercises is what is so necessary for the modern person for full-fledged life.


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