the Most important and compulsory procedures in the mornings and to evenings, new heading

face care: the most important and compulsory procedures in the mornings and to evenings

The correct face care begins with clarification. This important procedure needs to be done in the morning and in the evening. Under no circumstances it is impossible to miss it.

So, home care means use of srubs and masks for skin which need to be done at least 2 times a week.

The correct care of face skin will protect from adverse external effects: the scorching sun, a frost, strong wind, a cold rain. Basic care behind the person includes 4 main stages about which we told above. Besides, it is possible to refer massage, a peeling, skin cleaning to procedures for care of face skin.

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the Most readable: simply and tasty

a breakfast in the crock-pot: simply and tasty

Morning practically of each person begins with a cup of coffee, tea or juice with some tasty dish for breakfast. If at the weekend it is possible to relax and dare to conjure over a plate, on weekdays there is no such opportunity often. Nevertheless, there is a wish to receive something tasty and nourishing for a short time. In that case it is possible to make a fast breakfast in the crock-pot.

When the cake layer will a little grab, lay out on it apples with sugar and from above strew with the test remains. After readiness it is possible to make a cap of meringue from the remained proteins and granulated sugar. It it is also necessary a few pro-furnace. For taste it is possible to add a little cinnamon to pie or vanilla.

And what can specifically be prepared for breakfast for itself and families in the crock-pot? First of all this list includes such dishes:

For a start shake up egg and dairy weight before formation of foam and season it. Then on a heated bowl pour out a half and you pritrusit grated cheese and other ingredients. From above pour out the remains of egg and close the crock-pot. Expose the corresponding mode or put on roasting. In 5 minutes it is possible to serve omelet.

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the Most interesting: heavy fight for success

silvestr Stallone: heavy fight for success

Hard life could not break Sylvester Stallone, he continued to fight for the success!

Childbirth of mother of Sylvester Stallone was very heavy, it was not without intervention of doctors!

At the early age Sylvester Stallone managed to visit 300 studios, and everyone at least on 4-5 times!

Yes therefore it constantly at school was teased for the strange and muffled speech, beaten for its small growth, he tried to protect himself somehow!

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Interesting : how to become a lark if you are an owl and to change biorhythms

how to become a lark if you are an owl and to change biorhythms

Do not forget that during a stress the person needs more dream, than in usual time. Fatigue from work, nervous breakdowns, problems in the relations - all this strongly affects a dream.

Do not forget that each person has biorhythms. We are not cars and not robots, and live organisms. And both the tree slows down the processes in the winter, and the person stays in different physical, emotional and intellectual states.

Forces to you and patience!

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New heading: what is it a simple language and as to treat it

vsd: what is it a simple language and as to treat it

The main direction in treatment of VSD is the protection from a stress and also, the analysis and reconsideration of a problem. The bad moments will give way good sooner or later and if to give in on provocation and constantly to bring itself to the heat of passion, nothing good will leave. Any emotional pressure and the subsequent splash do not disappear completely, leaving the mark on physics. Change the attitude to life and it will go uphill.

Leads Zapuskany problems to sad consequences. Symptoms which can be far-fetched quite quietly can become real. Health is not iron, it should be protected.

The word "dystonia" in itself designates violation of a tone, functioning. In this case, nervous vegetative and vascular system of an organism. Together they are responsible for maintenance of a homeostasis: temperature, arterial blood pressure, breath frequency, sweating, metabolism, adaptation of an organism to stressful conditions.

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the Most readable: a hairstyle a cascade on average hair

hairstyle a cascade on average hair

The hairstyle a cascade found the popularity still in far the 70th and was at the peak of popularity long enough. During this time it found a great number of fans, but time went, the fashion changed, also tastes in a hairstyle changed. Some of girls and remained fans of a cascade, others forgot it at all. And here in 2013 it returned the glory again. In what a secret of popularity of this hairstyle? It is ideal option for the girls who are wishing to have long hair, but also wanting changes in the image. In addition the hairstyle a cascade gives ease and playfulness to your image. It is very simple performed by, and also you with ease will be able to look after her. The best option the hairstyle a cascade on average hair is considered.


or you should not do a bang in this hairstyle, depends naturally on your personal desire, but it is necessary not to forget appearance about the type not to spoil the image.

Such hairstyle will perfectly emphasize both large, and easy curls. But it is necessary to be careful when choosing the first level of a hairstyle. If you shear it excessively highly, then turn the hair into disobedient, sticking out in different directions I will dig. Begin to shear hair closer to tips better.

Laying of a hairstyle a cascade on average of length hair is very simple performed by because she does not demand special efforts, you can just dry up a head of hear and to look on everything 100. But if you decided to give to your shape even more charm, then for you there are several variations of laying.

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At requests of readers: what a bank deposit is dangerous by

by what a bank deposit is dangerous

My recent article about the real estate (that it is much more favorable to rent it, than to buy) caused a lot of controversy and discussions at my subscribers (read HERE).

can learn Art of competent investment. Money has to work and bring us new money. Each of us should understand what are risks of an investment of money and as to minimize them. And how differently to provide to the family financial wellbeing?

Alexander, hello! He agrees with you. Any investment is a risk. And the cucumbers enclosed and which are rolled up in bank can sour. On the other hand & #8212; inflation and setups of the State. In banks though some indexation is guaranteed by the State. And pocket money will burn down just like that. There is of course all the known method & #8212; not to put all eggs in one basket. One tank will be blown off, but there is a reserve in other banks. Of course, the State gives percent on deposits, we will softly tell, small. It is good if I put, say, at least 1000000 rub, and it is better dollars or euro. And if to put kopeks, then kopeks will burn down. I so думаю… Yours faithfully to you, Vadim.

How to be protected from it?

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That good there are at home-office and 5 useful tips for those who on an udalenka, a novelty

that good at home-office and 5 useful tips for those who on an udalenka

When you get rid of office, productivity grows extremely, nobody can disturb you personally. However someone from newly made remote workers, to the surprise, will find out that it is much more difficult to enter a work stream in full isolation, than at office. If this is so, is an easy way: take the laptop and go to the nearest cafe with Wi-Fi. There you will be able to work alone - colleagues will not be able to distract you - and at the same time to enjoy "white noise", a crowd rumble.

If the person spends 8-9 hours at office, it does not mean at all that all this time it productively worked. The populous office is similar to the food processor - stay cuts day for a set of small pieces here. Intelligent, creative, complex and important work demands the long periods of concentration when nothing distracts and it is possible to plunge into that, what are you doing.

Chose 5 councils from the book "by Remote. The office is not obligatory" which will be useful to those who only try home-office, and to skilled "udalenshchik".

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the Most constraining bear Timofey you look at it and a smile to ears, from our users

the most constraining bear Timofey you look at it and a smile to ears

And you love lovely bears? After this video fall in love even more! All got used to consider bears aggressive, cruel animals who can instantly break off sharp claws everything on the way. But this opinion is most often wrong. The bear can behave so if to anger him or to compel for this behavior. You should not forget that a bear by the nature a predator. Despite an interior of a predator, these animals quite friendly and very lovely!

This kind bear Timofey will be able precisely to lighten you the mood! He lives in the reserve in the Hadzhokhsky tesnena (Republic of Adygea). Both a bear surprisingly clever and artistic - only look at this how Timofey "hesitates", earning sausage and as it dances - it is something. This brown handsome man will precisely force you to smile.

Enjoy cool video and share it with friends!

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At requests of readers: yoga of an ayengar with Tatyana Borodayenko video lessons

yoga of an ayengar with Tatyana Borodayenko video lessons

In this article allow to offer you video lessons of yoga of an ayengar for beginners with Tatyana Borodayenko, very experienced instructor.

Tatyana Borodayenko came to yoga because of badly health. Problems of a cardiovascular system, digestive organs, the musculoskeletal device and gynecology led to the fact that Tatyana spent the whole year on a hospital bed.

Classes are given in the system of yoga Ayengar with use of the additional equipment: rollers, wooden bars, supports of different height and form, blankets, rugs, chairs, belts and ropes. This style of yoga is considered one of the softest and is ideal for beginners, elderly and people with the weakened health. Much attention is paid to detailed detuning of poses.

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