Interesting : how to become a lark if you are an owl and to change biorhythms

Published: 5.4.2017
how to become a lark if you are an owl and to change biorhythms

Do not forget that during a stress the person needs more dream, than in usual time. Fatigue from work, nervous breakdowns, problems in the relations - all this strongly affects a dream.

Do not forget that each person has biorhythms. We are not cars and not robots, and live organisms. And both the tree slows down the processes in the winter, and the person stays in different physical, emotional and intellectual states.

Forces to you and patience!

Me in due time technology of breath very much helped to fall asleep. When I felt excited, could not fall asleep quickly, in the head various thoughts pottered about, I just began to breathe. A certain analog to count elephants before going to bed.

One my acquaintance always considered herself an owl. She never got up before twelve. Went to evening school, then studied at evening faculty. And itself found work under the schedule of day. But at once her darling asked to get up together with him in half of the sixth morning. For it it was accident.

Very great the evening and morning shower helps. Since morning it has to be more invigorating and contrast. And here since evening you can take a warm bath to calm down and relax, thereby having prepared yourself for sleeping.

They say that the most healthy sleep occurs during the period from ten in the evening and till six in the morning. In general on a dream about eight hours have to leave. Of course, with age this number decreases. My grandmother on average sleeps no more than four hours in a night. And at the same time feels fresh also well-rested. There is such interesting phenomenon.

Good afternoon, dear readers! Recently I thought and whether really there are so-called owls and larks and how to become a lark if you are an owl? All rest of day depends on in what mood you wake up in many respects. If you get up on the wrong side of the bed and mood bad, the fingers are all thumbs, to do nothing a reluctance. Let's understand how to change a daily routine, to learn to sleep the necessary amount of time and not to feel broken all day.

Whether it is possible to begin to wake up earlier? Easily! There is one simple and effective council - put the alarm clock and get up. Yes, first it will be heavy, eyes will stick together, all body will oppose to such early rise. But as soon as you will enter the mode, you will begin to feel much easier.

The dream is divided into several phases. There is a slow and REM sleep. Under favorable conditions for people there pass five cycles of a dream. Noticed how it is sometimes difficult to rouse itself? Means, you woke up not at the most right moment for your organism.

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The code since morning you hear the alarm clock, you need to get it together and to rouse a body. Even with a great effort, through I cannot. To lie down five more minutes does not work. As a result you will fall asleep and will wake up even more broken. Arrange yourself a day dream better. It will be useful to your organism and will fill you with new forces.

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I do not urge all to get up at six in the morning at all. You build the day regimen. If you begin to get up earlier, then you will fall asleep earlier. It needs to be considered.

You do not watch TV, phone or the tablet before going to bed. Do not read books. It will be better simple to talk to somebody or to take a shower. Short walk will be very useful.

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The first week passed incredibly hard. But soon the woman began to feel better and better. They had tasty breakfast with the spouse, she brought together him for work and it had the whole day for the affairs. She found Bol paid work, began to manage to make much more in a day. Today washing she is familiar is surprised how she could wake up so late.

Today you can find a huge number of programs which trace your phases of a dream and offer optimum time for awakening. You can try also such option.

Perhaps, article "How to Start Life Afresh" will be useful to you. You can always change the schedule of day and begin to rise earlier. Remember that the habit is developed not at once. For this purpose there has to pass some time. Therefore in the beginning it is necessary to work.

I want to share with you several useful tips which will help not only to wake up earlier, but also to feel vigorously all day.


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