New heading: what is it a simple language and as to treat it

Published: 3.4.2017
vsd: what is it a simple language and as to treat it

The main direction in treatment of VSD is the protection from a stress and also, the analysis and reconsideration of a problem. The bad moments will give way good sooner or later and if to give in on provocation and constantly to bring itself to the heat of passion, nothing good will leave. Any emotional pressure and the subsequent splash do not disappear completely, leaving the mark on physics. Change the attitude to life and it will go uphill.

Leads Zapuskany problems to sad consequences. Symptoms which can be far-fetched quite quietly can become real. Health is not iron, it should be protected.

The word "dystonia" in itself designates violation of a tone, functioning. In this case, nervous vegetative and vascular system of an organism. Together they are responsible for maintenance of a homeostasis: temperature, arterial blood pressure, breath frequency, sweating, metabolism, adaptation of an organism to stressful conditions.

If someone from you faced this diagnosis and wants to share experience or to ask questions - comments are always open. I wish emotional stability and ability to think critically. Prior to fast meetings!

A mental disorder, namely VSD rank as this category, it is shown in the moments, significant for the person. We are not inclined to pay attention to trifles, truly? And even if and yes, that these trifles have subjective weight for us. By the way, if you are still not sure of that, you have any frustration or not, my article will help you.

Everyone at least once in life faced tachycardia, sharp increase in pressure, a shiver in knees and alarm. And what if all this occurs in one stage? And not as a single stress for an organism, and it is constant. Sensibly arguing person to see a doctor or will look for information on that: what it at it it? The name for the whole complex of similar symptoms - vegetososudisty dystonia (VSD).

Association of a complex of these signs in vegetososudisty dystonia is quite widespread. Around there are a lot of neurotics, according to statistical data, about 80% of people met or have constantly a number of symptoms.

If the reason is in the person and a way of its response to the world - it is necessary to work with it.

That is at diagnosis the person can have absolutely healthy heart though pains torment. If diagnostics confirms any disease, it is not a symptom of vegeto-vascular dystonia. Therefore it is necessary to be examined for an exception of other options.

Sounds frighteningly, but upon, there is nothing unusual here. VSD: what is it, simple language? In fact, it is a disease myth which does not exist. But there is the whole complex of symptoms. Therefore transfer of the available problems becomes its definition.

Thus, the vegetososudisty device anyway controls all changes in an organism. Any external irritant speeds up work of nervous fibers, giving rise to impulses which nervous system instantly begins to process and give the corresponding reaction.

Hello, dear readers! All of us meet any difficulties and the conflicts, and each of us transfers them differently. For some people, it is possible to recover quickly и…

Some doctors whom see with this or that symptom appoint medicines. Because the medicine is much more often inclined to treat symptoms, than to eradicate the reason. Yes, you for some time will feel better, but will become healthier not.

As I already wrote, different symptoms meet. They can be shown on the single or all together. For example:

Good afternoon, readers and readers of my blog! Today I want to talk about myths. No, not Ancient Greece, but about the medical and psychological phenomena. Phantom pain - one of the most known examples, but not the last.

And so, in the conditions of a chronic stress there is a deviation of parasympathetic type. There is a failure in work of mentality in an intense situation, and as manifestation - the whole list of symptoms. Symptoms in itself meet at various diseases. But separates them from real the fact that they are not connected with health.

Any emotion finds the display to health. Having a positive or negative stress, there is a change of work of internals. And if stress long and extramental? Study data on how to strengthen nervous system and to get rid of a stress. It is sure, with it you will be helped by the book "Resistance to stress. How to keep calm and high efficiency in any situations" Sharon Melnik.

When our own life does not depend on us, it is very simple to begin to indulge himself and to be nervous. It is possible to draw an analogy to a roller coaster. If you sat down on them - that will not be able to descend, the set will not end yet. Rapid rises and falling, revolutions and speed. In this situation to enjoy if similar to liking, or to collect the forces in a fist and to wait for the termination. Experience of a condition of lack of control over a situation generates alarm. It - the trigger mechanism of physiological manifestations. With factors of its emergence and classification, it is possible to examine here.

At adults mythical diseases seldom appears suddenly. Most often it accompanies the person all life, since teenage age. It as specific reaction to a stress because of the increased emotionality. If not to work on it, it will not leave.

I want to tell that VSD - a fine illustration of a saying "all diseases from nerves". So, it is only worth understanding: from what.

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Good afternoon, dear women! To be near the man - the present fairy tale, especially if the partner loves and cares for you. But what to do with internal feeling that something occurs not so? & hellip;

It is possible to work on itself most if there is a sufficient will power and understanding of with what problem it is necessary to deal. But as a rule, independently, it is almost impossible to understand the events and a campaign to the psychotherapist & #8212; the most successful decision. The good expert so will make a series of sessions that will bring you to understanding of the reasons of VSD and you are surprised, how fast there will pass its symptoms.


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