the Most readable: a hairstyle a cascade on average hair

Published: 1.4.2017
hairstyle a cascade on average hair

The hairstyle a cascade found the popularity still in far the 70th and was at the peak of popularity long enough. During this time it found a great number of fans, but time went, the fashion changed, also tastes in a hairstyle changed. Some of girls and remained fans of a cascade, others forgot it at all. And here in 2013 it returned the glory again. In what a secret of popularity of this hairstyle? It is ideal option for the girls who are wishing to have long hair, but also wanting changes in the image. In addition the hairstyle a cascade gives ease and playfulness to your image. It is very simple performed by, and also you with ease will be able to look after her. The best option the hairstyle a cascade on average hair is considered.


or you should not do a bang in this hairstyle, depends naturally on your personal desire, but it is necessary not to forget appearance about the type not to spoil the image.

Such hairstyle will perfectly emphasize both large, and easy curls. But it is necessary to be careful when choosing the first level of a hairstyle. If you shear it excessively highly, then turn the hair into disobedient, sticking out in different directions I will dig. Begin to shear hair closer to tips better.

Laying of a hairstyle a cascade on average of length hair is very simple performed by because she does not demand special efforts, you can just dry up a head of hear and to look on everything 100. But if you decided to give to your shape even more charm, then for you there are several variations of laying.

By means of a cascade hairstyle you with ease will hide all shortcomings of the appearance or on the contrary will place emphasis on advantages.

There are several versions the technician of performance of a cascade, but it is better to begin acquaintance to the least easy option. The technology of a hairstyle a cascade consists in the following:

The choice of a bang for such hairstyle is broad: dense, fragmentary, slanting, long, direct.


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