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Published: 29.3.2017
by what a bank deposit is dangerous

My recent article about the real estate (that it is much more favorable to rent it, than to buy) caused a lot of controversy and discussions at my subscribers (read HERE).

can learn Art of competent investment. Money has to work and bring us new money. Each of us should understand what are risks of an investment of money and as to minimize them. And how differently to provide to the family financial wellbeing?

Alexander, hello! He agrees with you. Any investment is a risk. And the cucumbers enclosed and which are rolled up in bank can sour. On the other hand & #8212; inflation and setups of the State. In banks though some indexation is guaranteed by the State. And pocket money will burn down just like that. There is of course all the known method & #8212; not to put all eggs in one basket. One tank will be blown off, but there is a reserve in other banks. Of course, the State gives percent on deposits, we will softly tell, small. It is good if I put, say, at least 1000000 rub, and it is better dollars or euro. And if to put kopeks, then kopeks will burn down. I so думаю… Yours faithfully to you, Vadim.

How to be protected from it?

In view of the fact that the bank deposit actually guarantees to you that nothing happens to your money, income in a type of the added percent is extremely small - approximately on the rate of inflation. Thus, the problem of saving money, but not their enhancement is solved.

2) A bank deposit brings low income

How to be protected from it?

It is better to invest in a bank deposit, than not to invest in general!

Yes, he agrees, all this an honest truth. Moreover, any investment of money means the probability (risk) of their loss.

How to be protected from it?


Made a selection of councils for competent use of deposits. Read "What a bank deposit is dangerous by? And as to be protected from it"

3) It is impossible to trust our state - it surely again will deceive us as it did more than once

Often I hear reproaches in the address concerning my councils to hold the most part of the savings on bank deposits. Because:

1) Risk of bankruptcy of bank (or a response of the license at it)

Therefore our task - to learn it is correct to use this or that financial instrument, but not "to hide the head in sand" as if a silly ostrich.

Prepared for you the next mini-instruction "As it is correct to invest the money in bank not to lose the money and to earn to itself on the second pension" - it is HERE

Today we will talk about bank deposits (deposits) with which too not so everything is unambiguous.

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To gain higher income (percent on a contribution), it is necessary to place the money in bank for the long term (1-2-3 years). Consider that if you decide to take away the money before a date of completion of a contribution, then you will lose the added percent.

Placing the money in bank, surely be convinced-check that he logs in compulsory deposit insurance. And then, in case of problems at bank, the state will return you the sum of your contribution (in the amount up to 1,4 million rubles). I.e. you actually risk nothing!


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