That good there are at home-office and 5 useful tips for those who on an udalenka, a novelty

Published: 27.3.2017
that good at home-office and 5 useful tips for those who on an udalenka

When you get rid of office, productivity grows extremely, nobody can disturb you personally. However someone from newly made remote workers, to the surprise, will find out that it is much more difficult to enter a work stream in full isolation, than at office. If this is so, is an easy way: take the laptop and go to the nearest cafe with Wi-Fi. There you will be able to work alone - colleagues will not be able to distract you - and at the same time to enjoy "white noise", a crowd rumble.

If the person spends 8-9 hours at office, it does not mean at all that all this time it productively worked. The populous office is similar to the food processor - stay cuts day for a set of small pieces here. Intelligent, creative, complex and important work demands the long periods of concentration when nothing distracts and it is possible to plunge into that, what are you doing.

Chose 5 councils from the book "by Remote. The office is not obligatory" which will be useful to those who only try home-office, and to skilled "udalenshchik".

On it there are good reasons. For example, economy of money and time for the road, it is not necessary to ask for leave every time at the chief that for half an hour to run on affairs, it is not even obligatory to wake up strictly at the same time. Many are afraid that the lack of control will kill all efficiency. But, as a rule, it does not occur.

Much more realistic, human strategy - to use different devices: just allocate one computer for work, and the second - for rest. Or at least block social networks and the entertaining websites special programs not to distract.

Company 37signals is known around the world. They created Basecamp and Ruby on Rails. The head office of the company is in Chicago, but more than a half of team lives in other cities, states and even the countries - Idaho, Canada, Spain and in five places. From time to time they meet to estimate whether there is a progress in work, to discuss what goes correctly/incorrectly, to make plans and once again to communicate with each other already at the personal level.

- to work with the second exclusively well. Fortunately for remote workers, it measured in their case as "work", is of great importance. Give excellent result, and you will be known.

"The world without office" is not the future, this present. Yes, to change old habits not easy. And to change them - a touchy business. But Earth was flat exactly till that day when it was round. Here and all secret.

It is difficult to divide work and rest, especially if you have one computer and for this purpose, and for another. Of course, it is possible to close working programs, e-mail and a chat with colleagues during the rest periods, only you understand that you will not do it. Still the mere mortal with such internal discipline was not born.

Now everything "settled down", and many large companies pass to home-office. Just recently Beeline announced readiness to transfer 50-70% of employees for "udalenka" and started the project of BEFREE. In the MYTH work remotely too: we wrote about it more than once - for example, here the story about how there passes day of the copywriter to Bali or the producer of book projects. Why many look towards home-office?

The person who is going to work far off can have fear that it will be ignored: "If I am not visible whether will listen to me?", "If we do not face in corridors whether people will know who I am such?". There are two elegant solutions of this problem. The first - to publish noise. And in other words to communicate with colleagues by mail, to Skype, in messengers.

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Yandex pleased with one more search query which can safely be referred to category of pearls: "Distant work - it not only is pleasant, but also round the clock". It is one of the biggest reefs about which thousands of people stumble. When you work at home, there is always a temptation to sit longer or to glance in mail during the week-end. If to live in such rhythm it is regular, several months will be enough to feel chronic fatigue and apathy.

Surprisingly presence of other people, let and unfamiliar, adjusts a brain for effective work.

Most of people want to work as it tones up them and brings satisfaction. And if you are engaged in unpromising business, it is necessary to think not of how to work on it far off, and about new work.

The term "distant work" is often confused with "outsourcing". But it is half the problem. People consider it the next trick of the enterprising businessmen seeking to lower costs. Glance in Yandex: there will be inquiries it seems "distant work - it is real or deception". Most likely, it is echoes of the beginning of an era of freelance when the exchanges dazzled with doubtful offers.

Listen to the biorhythms, find optimum time for different types of activity and work in such schedule.

On a cover - a post a cat the Nitwit who worked at Bali together with our copywriter Yulya Skripnik 

Distant work - an exit from this trap. And, it is necessary to tell, a dream of many. Here several councils for those who work from the house.

- to segment one more useful reception day it seems "Routine", "Work with colleagues" and "Serious work". Some prefer to sort in the morning e-mail, to look through news of the industry and to carry out other tasks which are not demanding big tension, and after a lunch, having internally gathered, to be engaged in important issues. Think how it is more convenient to you to organize the work.

Though some people are capable to balance in the conditions of "floating" lifestyle, the majority needs the mode. Think up rules: not to work after 19:00, to switch off notices of new letters on phone, not to open the laptop during the week-end.


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