the Most interesting: heavy fight for success

Published: 7.4.2017
silvestr Stallone: heavy fight for success

Hard life could not break Sylvester Stallone, he continued to fight for the success!

Childbirth of mother of Sylvester Stallone was very heavy, it was not without intervention of doctors!

At the early age Sylvester Stallone managed to visit 300 studios, and everyone at least on 4-5 times!

Yes therefore it constantly at school was teased for the strange and muffled speech, beaten for its small growth, he tried to protect himself somehow!

Through Stallone's time because of poverty and lack of money, collected all jewelry of the marry and sold them, without having let her know. After this situation, Stallone's wife leaves him and takes away with herself the small child.

A little later he begins to try to script, but everything is unsuccessful.

Later when Stallone shared the difficult life with journalists, he was asked: "So why then you did not look for normal work, and lived in poverty?", what Sylvester Stallone answered:

"Eh. the guy, look at yourself! You look very silly! Your calling not here, go be engaged in something in another! For you there will never be a place in this profession you will never become a star of cinema. Well think itself, well nobody will listen and look at such idiot who speaks through one side of a mouth!"

P.S. 1 million dollars was spent for the movie Rokiya, and 2,5 million dollars and the huge, stunning success are received!

He dreamed to inspire by this profession people on something big!

About what tells the majority of its movies by means of which Stallone informs all that if we want - we will overcome any difficulties and obstacles, the main thing constantly to go forward and not to stop!!!

Why it had a bad behavior?

In 2 weeks Sylvester Stallone sat in bar and watched fight of boxers which also inspired him on one more scenario. "I in it with the boxer a duel was struck by the white guy who bleeding profusely continued to come, he wished to achieve the objective! And here women Е the mad idea came to my mind. As soon as fight ended, I sat down to script. You will not believe, but I wrote the script for the movie in only 2 days."

He goes to pet-shop and sells the favourite dog for only 50 dollars, for one reason - he could not be fed.

Think of yourself now.

"Ah so, then I take away back the scenario, and I leave! Take away your money - I do not need them!"


Later the rate doubled, and offered it 35 000 dollars, but Sylvester remained is firm in the decision and refused. Soon Sylvester achieved the iron obstinacy, he was given on hands of 35 000 dollars and a leading role according to his scenario.

"So can become me the writer too?".

Sylvester Stallone all known, as talented actor, billionaire and expert!

By 30 years Sylvester Stallone even had no appliances to pay for heating of the apartment, it starved. The wife constantly shouted at it, called the loser, asked it to find normal human work at last.

But Sylvester Stallone did not give up!

To whom he would not address with the request at least to try to take him in actors, all went on one:

Once Stallone went to library though there to be warmed and sit in tranquility with the thoughts. He sat down and saw the book lying on a table.

So he also made because its cherished dream and huge desire was to play in this movie, to play this role!

"At last I became that person whom I am today because I had a plan!

But nobody knows through what heartrending experiences and strong strokes of bad luck it should have passed to achieve the wished success, love and recognition of society!

Later Sylvester Stallone took a divorce of the parents hard.

And here it I. I was helped by my vital motivation and my spirit on good luck!

Sylvester Stallone was not wanted to be listened, he was told that the major role will be played by very famous actor. Sylvester objected, but said him money for the scenario directly and asked to leave.

A true example, for motivations of aspiration, hopes, a dream etc.

But Е I knew what I want from life, I managed to concentrate all the efforts on implementation of the put plan! I worked on myself for the sake of the purpose much!

And suddenly to it come inspiration:

There is a huge number of actors more talented me!

Sylvester Stallone still being a little boy for itself long ago decided that there will be the real actor and on it a point!

Stallone in 13 years managed to replace 10 schools, he was constantly excluded for bad behavior.

In several days Stallone redeems the favourite dog for 15 000 dollars.

Sylvester was extended from a womb of his mother tweezers, doctors damaged to him the nervous terminations of the person.

In a week Sylvester was called and offered instead of 125 000 dollars - 250 000 dollars provided that Sylvester will refuse to play in this movie. Sylvester Stallone refused their offer.

Everything was ineffectual, nobody took it even for drugoryadny roles.

"My mother always believed in me and considered me talented. When I was 16 years old, she brought me to the known institute Dreksela in Philadelphia that there looked at me, tested. On the end of 3-day certification, my mother was told: "Your son can quietly go on the driver or on the electrician on elevators."

After a while he nevertheless manages to write the quite good scenario which was called "Paradise Aley", and he managed to sell it for 100 dollars.

Stalonne was sure of the scenario for all 101%.

When Sylvester was 11 years old:

"You know when I was still a little boy, I in my opinion was only 11 years old, I jumped off from a roof of the three-storeyed house and broke to myself a clavicle. I was just too small, and revised many different movies, there was a wish to become the hero! I just took an umbrella, opened it and decided to jump off from a skyscraper then to fly up. Probably each child thought of it. And at me left as a result of nothing. I fell in a concrete hole with water - my father built an arbor near the house. The father saw me lying in this hole, called my mother and told: "Look at this unfortunate child, he will never be a president! You gave birth to the idiot!" I raised the head and answered: "Fathers, most spoke also about Edison."

I many times through myself crossed, crossed through the pride, if only to receive desired!

Sylvester Stallone became interested in this book and began to read it, it was called: "Edgar Poe's history".

He said to all firmly and surely that he very much wants to act in at film, and he was not going to be engaged in something in another!

I have no words! he is a Person from capital letter!

"It probably there was the worst day in my life! When I left pet-shop - on my cheeks the stream shed tears, I sold the true friend, I betrayed it."

"When I wanted to sell the scenario to some agents, they read it and said: "Oh, all this is silly, and everything can be predicted here." Е I wrote down those words which they told me about my scenario on a piece of paper, and read them in that day when I received the Oscar for the scenario Е But as for my attempt to sell the scenario - I managed to find children who read and believed in it. I nearly fell when offered me for my scenario 125 000 dollars, but at the same time I told them that I want to play in a leading role of this movie. They with surprise asked me: "Well you are a writer?!". what I answered: "Is not present! I am an actor! You do not understand, it is my history, I wrote it. I Rocca, the main character, I and only I have to play this role!"


You know, there is a huge number of guys with such sports muscles which did not even dream me which I will never have!

"Because I knew that if I find to myself normal work, I will lower hands, I will calm down and I will lose this brutal hunger to twist to a cherished dream". Then Sylvester Stallone's wife of all this did not understand, she never supported his desires, they constantly because of it quarreled Е "I remember when we often froze in own house, we had no kopek Е"

Then Sylvester Stallone's affairs worsened even more & #8212; him nobody bought scenarios, money was not, and there was a wish to eat.

When Sylvester Stallone was 24 years old - he worked as the cleaner in a zoo, cleaned cages of animals. Later it worked as the bouncer in night clubs. Sylvester Stallone always lived the intimate dream: "I want to become an actor!". but, because of the strange appearance and defect of the speech - him nobody took in actors, all laughed behind his back.

And you are happy with yourself? Do you achieve the objective? What do you for this purpose do?

Language, lips and cheeks remained paralyzed for the rest of life! Here therefore Sylvester Stallone so strange and unusually speaks!

P.S. later the movie "Rayskaya Avenue" on Stallone's scenario was created, and he acted in it several years later.

I can tell about myself now, the fact that I am happy with myself!"

At that time at Sylvester Stallone was not kopeks, he was poor, but nevertheless he told them:

But at the same time he was warned that if something goes not so, then Sylvester will incur material expenses together with them.


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