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Published: 9.4.2017
a breakfast in the crock-pot: simply and tasty

Morning practically of each person begins with a cup of coffee, tea or juice with some tasty dish for breakfast. If at the weekend it is possible to relax and dare to conjure over a plate, on weekdays there is no such opportunity often. Nevertheless, there is a wish to receive something tasty and nourishing for a short time. In that case it is possible to make a fast breakfast in the crock-pot.

When the cake layer will a little grab, lay out on it apples with sugar and from above strew with the test remains. After readiness it is possible to make a cap of meringue from the remained proteins and granulated sugar. It it is also necessary a few pro-furnace. For taste it is possible to add a little cinnamon to pie or vanilla.

And what can specifically be prepared for breakfast for itself and families in the crock-pot? First of all this list includes such dishes:

For a start shake up egg and dairy weight before formation of foam and season it. Then on a heated bowl pour out a half and you pritrusit grated cheese and other ingredients. From above pour out the remains of egg and close the crock-pot. Expose the corresponding mode or put on roasting. In 5 minutes it is possible to serve omelet.

For bilberry pie such stuffing is used. Grind bilberry berries with sugar and let's flow down a little to them. Then mix weight with starch and lay out on the cake layer which was pro-concerned half.

Also there is a set of variations of recipes of breakfasts in the crock-pot with eggs as the main ingredient. It is possible to prepare them in the different modes: on couple, pastries, frying.

Also put in a bowl onions half rings and tomatoes with sweet pepper. When slices a little are waterlogged", but will not blush yet, it is possible to break eggs. Literally in a few minutes the breakfast can be given on a table.

The first simple course - egg sandwich. For a start take thick slices of tosterny bread and cut out from them a part of a crumb. On oil in a bowl fry bread and hammer accurately into the middle egg. Season all this, strew with cheese and greens.

And here it is better to cook semolina porridges in the special mode "Milk Porridge". A great option - chocolate semolina. It is cooked as usual, but add a little sugar and cocoa. Such breakfast will be pleasant to both children, and adults. The more you put cocoa, the nasyshchenny there will be a chocolate taste.

For a start make dough: shake up 3 yolks with 3-4 spoons of sugar, enter a little vanilla, a glass of milk or serum and 21 spoons of flour. Then pour in a little oil and enter the whites beaten with a pineapple for splendor. Bring weight to liquid consistence and bake thin pancakes which can be eaten with any stuffing or just like that.

From above make "grid" of the test. Put the household appliance in the pastries mode to readiness of the test. Juice, by the way, can also be used for kissel or fruit drink.

If to consider the crock-pot in comparison with a usual plate, it is possible to mark out its such advantages unambiguously:

Also try to make fritters. For them it is necessary to make more dense dough. For taste and advantage add also small cut apples. For the test mix on 1 glass of sugar and kefir, 1 egg and is a little salt. Shake up everything before emergence of bubbles and enter a glass of flour. For splendor add soda with vinegar.

In general in the crock-pot it is possible to prepare practically any dish, not only from the menu for a breakfast. It is possible even to experiment and think up the own recipe.

Other option - omelet in the crock-pot with cheese on couple. For it 2-3 eggs, milk, hard cheese and various additives at will are used. It is possible to add omelet with vegetables or greens, sausage or even tofu.

It is also possible to make a pizza analog in a miniature. Such breakfast made in the crock-pot will be pleasant to all family for certain. Bread is roasted on the one hand. Then slices turn over, greased with tomato sauce and put by a stuffing. For it it is possible to use anything: meat remains, sausage, cheese, vegetables, especially tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.

Also other recipes for a breakfast in the crock-pot, for example, cheesecakes are popular. For them it is necessary to take cottage cheese, several spoons of sugar, flour and egg. Add soda and knead a peculiar dough. To create cheesecake moisten hands and roll in flat cake in flour. It is possible to fry on butter.

Incredibly tasty dishes can be prepared, using bread and the remains of products from the refrigerator. Of course, it is about hot sandwiches. Toasts are suitable for the use much better, than fresh bread, besides they are more tasty, and the stuffing from above is, in general, a separate conversation.

Very tasty option of a morning dish - fried eggs with bacon and vegetables. For a start it is necessary to warm a bowl with oil. Then fry on it bacon which will add a little more fat.

It is the best of all to make it a little viscous. Porridge with addition of dried apricots, nuts and apples is very useful. Dried fruits can be put in a bowl together with flakes and water at once. It is necessary to salt a little. After preparation add apple, butter and it is a little honey.

The most useful dish for breakfast is a porridge in the crock-pot. To prepare it tasty and nutritious, it is the best of all to use oat flakes. It is desirable to prepare such dish in the special mode. The consistence of porridge can be different, depending on your personal preferences.

What recipes best of all are suitable for cooking in the crock-pot? In general, there are no restrictions in this plan, modern models guarantee performance of any functions necessary for you.

The modern kitchen equipment allows to work practically culinary wonders, is absolute at the same time without straining.

You should not forget also about such tasty breakfasts as fritters and pancakes which can also be made in the crock-pot. To bake pancakes it is the best of all to use the mode of frying and a special bowl frying pan.

In the crock-pot it is possible to fry, bake, cook and even to steam. It is especially relevant for adherents of healthy food.

Put them on roasting and after cheese melts, give on a table. As you can see, except porridge and fried eggs for the morning it is possible to make here such yum-yum.

A great option - pastries for a breakfast. A simple dish - apple pie. For it it is possible to make shortcake dough. For this purpose mix margarine, sugar and 3 yolks, it is a little soda, 1 protein. Add flour for achievement of consistence of the dense test crumb. Lay out a part of weight in a bowl and put in the pastries mode.

Very just to make all these dishes in the crock-pot. They will become a great idea for your family breakfast.

Also great option - milk porridges for breakfast. They are very much loved by children therefore it is very simple to pick up recipes. Simple option - buckwheat with milk. It is possible to cook it directly on milk or to mix already ready ingredients. Add a little honey or sugar for taste.

Recipes of sandwiches for the crock-pot differ in nothing from standard. For cooking use two modes - frying and roasting. The first option is suitable for creation of a crisp crust at soft core, and the second - for dehumidification of bread.


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