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Published: 11.4.2017
face care: the most important and compulsory procedures in the mornings and to evenings

The correct face care begins with clarification. This important procedure needs to be done in the morning and in the evening. Under no circumstances it is impossible to miss it.

So, home care means use of srubs and masks for skin which need to be done at least 2 times a week.

The correct care of face skin will protect from adverse external effects: the scorching sun, a frost, strong wind, a cold rain. Basic care behind the person includes 4 main stages about which we told above. Besides, it is possible to refer massage, a peeling, skin cleaning to procedures for care of face skin.

It is necessary to remember that daily face care has to be competent and correct. The good cosmetologist will teach you as it is correct to look after. The person needs to be examined regularly to make sure of lack of problems.

Rules of face care can be divided into 4 main categories: clarification, toning, moistening and nutrition, protection. Let's consider each stage in more detail.

Do not forget to monitor protection of area of a neck and a decollete as this zone gives true age.

After completion of clarification it is necessary to pass to the following stage - toning. It helps to remove the remains of the cleaning means and decorative cosmetics from a face and to restore acid-base balance of skin.

It is quite possible to prepare useful nutritious face packs and areas around eyes in house conditions. Look for these recipes in other articles on our website.

Dust, dirt, exhaust gases, microbes, - all this settles on a face during the day. If in due time not to clean a face or to do it insufficiently carefully, then black points and rashes quickly will appear.

Srubs clean off the died-off parts of skin, do the surface of epidermis smooth and clean that allows skin to breathe and absorb more nutrients fully. Masks from natural ingredients can be nutritious, moistening and cleaning. All means, the prepared houses, have the excellent looking after effect.

Daily care of face skin is inconceivable without healthy nutrition. The balanced and useful menu will help to solve many problems. Sometimes pimples, eels, hypostases develop because of consumption of salty, greasy, fried food. The integument can react with rash to chocolate or to smoked semi-finished products. As soon as you it becomes useful to eat and it is correct, noticeable improvement of a condition of skin will occur very soon.

Each woman wants to look well-groomed and to remain young as long as possible, especially now when beauty cult literally pursues us. Active and persuasive advertizing offers everything new cosmetics, but does not teach how it is correct to look after face skin. We will also try to understand this question.

A basis of the correct face care is the healthy lifestyle. Face skin reflects the general condition of an organism. If you do not get enough sleep, then from shadows under the eyes even the most expensive cream will not help. In the presence of problems with intestines and digestive tract pimples and eels will not keep themselves waiting.

Stages of care of face skin surely include moistening. In the absence of enough moisture epidermis becomes dry, loses brightness and color, wrinkles develop.

At night the person has a rest, but by the morning parts of dust and the remains of means which you used the day before gather on it. Therefore since morning the face needs to be cleaned carefully too. The cleaning process needs to be carried out step by step. Here is how it is necessary to do it correctly:

Very important factor in competent face care is protection. External factors have negative effect on a condition of skin. Regularly we subject it to impact of wind and cold, dry air and the scorching sun. It is necessary to consider that protection is an obligatory stage. What needs to be done?

Because of the shortage of physical activity and fresh air epidermis becomes dim and shelled.

How to look after skin in house conditions? With it you will be helped by various national recipes. Means which are used in preparation of house tonics, masks, srubs are available, cheap and absolutely safe for health.

Scientists proved that excessive hobby for suntan leads to presenilation and can cause skin cancer. That to secure itself, use sunblock cream. If you plan to be under direct sunshine more than 3 hours, then, perhaps, repeated drawing means will be required.

Remember that the main thing in face care is a regularity and the accurate sequence of actions. Try not to forget about yourself, find not enough time and attention to the beauty and health.

At oily skin it is better to use face gel. It both will humidify, and will not leave a greasy luster which on such skin appears very quickly. It is necessary to moisturize oily skin too. If not to do it, then sebaceous glands begin to produce actively skin fat because of what pimples and comedones are formed.

High-quality face care is not possible without nutritious means. They saturate cages with necessary substances, helping them to remain humidified. Nutritious face cream it is better to put for the night. So they will be able to be absorbed completely, and it will be necessary only to blot a face with a napkin in the morning.

For protection during the summer period it is necessary to look after the person not only by means of cosmetics, but also to use clothes elements. Wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps will not allow ultraviolet rays to contact to skin and hair. Good sunglasses will protect eyes and gentle skin a century. They will save from need to squint at bright light that will slow down appearance of mimic wrinkles.

Without face cleansing of cream, a mask and other means will not be absorbed, and will remain on a surface, thereby provoking an acne.


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