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Published: 13.4.2017
of an action Google

I continue to publish the answer to Valery who wants to take shares Google, Yandex and so forth. Read the beginning of my answer and a question HERE

the Most widespread answer - to Earn from a difference of quotations (bought is cheap-sold expensively)

I answered for myself these questions for a long time - and very multipage answer turned out. In more detail HERE

Whether so there is a game of candles?

Though, usual calculations show that if the person bought actions for 10 thousand rubles, and their cost grew, we will allow for 30 percent, then his income will be only 3 thousand rubles.

Why? Yes because all people have a different financial position (level of income, savings and the credits) and the different purposes at purchase of shares (or any other financial instruments).

The most widespread answer - is a lot of.

1) WHY I do it?

On this question different people will receive absolutely different answers.

For the sake of such small income to risk the money, to be nervous and worry, and suddenly the market will go NOT to that party, and I will lose a part of the money!

A name (obligatory)

2) Whether I am ready to lose a part of the money? (it will occur in case stock value suddenly goes down, but will not grow as I counted)

3) How many money I in principle can earn on this transaction?

The most widespread answer - NO, is not ready, I came to share (currency, commodity) to earn the market, but not to lose the money.

First of all questioning has to answer distinctly and honestly (he only will deceive himself) three questions:


Everyone responds to this idle time and, at the same time, difficult question on the!

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