How to eliminate an unpleasant smell in pipes by means of natural means, is updated

how to eliminate an unpleasant smell in pipes by means of natural means

One of the most widespread problems in our house is the unpleasant smell proceeding from pipes in the bathroom or in kitchen.

In spite of the fact that it is almost impossible to avoid it, you can regularly try to clean them that microorganisms did not breed.

Stagnant water together with waste forms a jam which can even hammer pipes completely.

The problem consists that they are very aggressive to the environment, and sometimes are even very harmful to our health.

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At requests of readers: mentality of the person

mentality of the person

The mentality of the person is the phenomenon which does a piece of flesh - the person. Animating our physical body, the mentality fills lifeless matter with conscious processes, one of which is our mind. In this article it will be a question of lameness of our human mind, of the reasons of our inferiority complexes and diffidence, of what forces us to go to the mats and to prove own case and also about what holds us in a comfort zone in fear of changes. All this will be considered through a prism of some sides of our mentality. In this sense - it is one more article about structure of consciousness and exposure of illusions.

© Igor Satorin

When writing this article some ideas of the writer, Luke Reynkhard were used.

Continuation: Self-assessment, correctness, self-affirmation, authority

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the Most interesting: salad with peas tinned

salad with peas tinned

Peas - the low-calorie proteinaceous product irreplaceable in healthy food. At preservation practically does not lose useful properties. Winter green tinned peas salads - a great way to diversify a diet with tasty and useful dishes.

Festive Heartbreaker salad Ingredients

Recipes of simple salads with tinned peas were pleasant? Then surely share with friends!

Boil carrots, cool, cut straws. Also cut sausage and a cucumber. Mix with greens, peas and dress with mayonnaise.

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Amusing : what means to forgive and understand and what is offense

that means to forgive and understand and what is offense

Also the offense is caused by any attacks concerning your interests. Researchers proved that there are enough ten discrepancies, and at the person the offense is unconsciously formed. Unjustified expectation - one more serious occasion to take offense. For example, it is difficult for the girl assuming to receive a ringlet as a gift to restrain if instead she was invited in restaurant.

Constantly to cope with a heavy burden of offense, the person spends too much own energy. Personal vital forces cease to be enough for it to reach the wished good luck. Therefore the sensitivity belongs to the human qualities capable, first of all, to harm you.

Sometimes such treachery brings to a suicide. Whether forgiveness in that case is so necessary? The Bible in this question unambiguously treats the answer. In any of situations it is very important to save itself from anger. It is necessary to understand that the person who is not accepting forgiveness himself feels mental anguish. Besides, close people who do not deserve such address at all suffer from his bad behavior and offense.

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Ways of emigration and obtaining the residence permit in 2019, from our readers

how to move to Dominican Republic to a permanent residence from Russia: ways of emigration and obtaining the residence permit in 2019

Dominican Republic is located on east and central part of the well-known island of Haiti. Unlike the state of the same name located in the neighbourhood, Dominican Republic differs in the quite good level of development that does this direction extremely popular with citizens which leave the different countries of the world including at emigrants from Russia.

Loyal migration policy of Dominican Republic is explained by desire of local authorities to attract wealthy investors and other categories of the persons capable to invest in economy.

For receiving ID it will be required to be in special department - sedulasyon in which from the immigrant 2000 rubles for registration of a sedula will demand payment. After its receiving it is necessary to go to migration police for obtaining the residence permit again. It will cost 2700 rubles and it is possible only in the presence of a sedula - Dominican ID.

The traveler wishing to move will need to submit the full package of documents then to expect the end of its consideration. The following will be required:

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the Bottle with a note was found 131 year later, new on the website inside

the bottle with a note was found 131 year inside later

That is this note floated 131 years and now is the oldest in the world and is stored in the Museum of Western Australia. The previous record equaled to 108 years in the sea.

Tonya Illman from Australia went to walk on the beach on the island Vedzh in the January afternoon. At a surf the interesting bottle with an inscription which the woman decided to take away home as decoration of an interior got to it. cleaning a bottle, she noticed inside a note which was accurately got and studied. The note appeared in German which Tonya and her friends did not know, but in the same place there was also a date "1886", and therefore was decided to show a note in the nearest museum.

The text of a note said that the bottle was a part of an experiment on tracking of oceanic currents and it is thrown out on June 12, 1886 from the research vessel "Paula" (Germany). Also there was a request to found a note to address with information on it to the German sea observatory in Hamburg. Germany confirmed authenticity of the found note. It appears, at that time in the Indian Ocean hundreds of similar bottles were thrown out, and all as a result of an experiment of Sea observatory in waters of oceans there were thousands of bottles in 69 years. But only 662 notes returned to Hamburg. The note found in Denmark in 1934 became the latest.

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People who decided destinies of our world, popular

of a retrophoto 1978: people who decided destinies of our world

5. On April 25, 1978 residents of Afghanistan became witnesses of the organized revolution. Thus, the power was received by radical groups which supported the USSR.U of an entrance to the presidential palace located in Kabul.

9. 1978 - fading of political truce, and the continuing "sexual revolution". It began in the late sixties and ended twenty years later. In 1978 the image of Rex Features found courageous lines, having become mega-sexual.


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of the Sight of the city of the western Ukraine new on the website

Chernivtsi: sights of the city of the western Ukraine

The exposition includes the interiors characteristic of southwest Ukraine and its inhabitants. The situation of Ruska Besida association and editorial office of the periodical "Bukovina" transfers the visitor on more than hundred years ago to the original atmosphere of the house of the Ukrainian intellectual.

Also the building built by the architect Hebrt Gesser and representing a sample of the Vienna modernist style, and the collections collected in it is remarkable. Here the icons written in original Bukovina style, pictures of local artists, applied art are presented.

Some time it was the residence of local metropolitans. For construction in suburbs pits were dug, it is constructed several plants making ceramics and a brick. The most strict control and the thorough relation to construction of the building it was guarantee of excellent condition in which there is it to this day.

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New heading: moving on a permanent residence in vityazevo in 2018

moving on a permanent residence in vityazevo in 2018

Among available means of transport mentions deserve:

Compare to salaries in Krasnodar Krai in general.

If to consider transport availability, then Vityazevo is represented to some of the most favorable options in the territory of the Anapa district. The transport system is presented by several of its types at once that allows to simplify movement between the settlement and the regional center.

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the Excise tax in Ukraine in 2019, popular

the excise tax in Ukraine in 2019

2016 caused a stir for Ukraine in innovations in the Tax Code. The government considered necessary to increase an excise duty by some types of products. New rules came into force on January 1, 2016 and continue to work in 2019.

As well as the customs duties, the excise taxes are also classified on three views:

In other words, this payment is paid at realization and import of goods to Ukraine. The main payers at product sales are businessmen who are obliged to be registered in tax administration for payment of this tax. Businessmen should remember new rules of entrance of Russians to Ukraine. Planning the return trip, it is necessary to study relevant customs rules of Russia.

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