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Published: 27.5.2019

The lion is a true fiery sign. He is madly quick-tempered. If to send this energy to the necessary course, then he with ease will achieve success where will only want. His enthusiasm very much motivates other people, they want to follow its example. But, unfortunately, as Lev quickly lights up, so quickly he also fades away. As soon as the inspiration is gone, he can give up work with ease even if he almost completed it, at the same time not to test any remorse.

Male Lev wants to operate everything, than it is only possible, of course, he will not deprive of attention and the darling. First of all he wants humility. Who as not Zhenshchina-Strelets can give it to it. On the nature she tends to that someone cared for it. The relations everyone will find in these what long ago looked for. It - reliable protection and an obereganiye, it - care and prosaicness.

Male Lev - it in a true way are strong the head. He often holds a senior position and its business in work goes far up. He is able to organize and operate people well. When he sets a task for the subordinate, it does it so that all understand around that this task should be made. It does not keep all in awe, not at all. Just all really respect him and listen to him.

To children very comfortably grow in it to family, here everyone carries out the role and all really feel on the place. Mother can tasty feed and always give clean clothes, she knows many fairy tales and games, she can wish when the child fell from the bicycle and will not depart all night long from a bed of the kid when that is unwell.

In friendship it is considered the most devoted and cheerful. For the friends it validly the mountain. All know that in offense it will never give anybody. It has always many interesting stories, it has good sense of humour.

It is probably some of the most rested signs. The woman who likes to direct, and Muzhchina which also not to tell how has to be. Hardly it is necessary to them in the relations if they do not learn to concede each other.

It is impossible to call this marriage the easiest, but, nevertheless, all in it receive that they want. The man receives the careful wife and the hostess who after the unlucky working day will listen to everything it indignation and experience, will be able to calm and feed. She is a man who will solve its problems, near whom she will feel in fact absolutely safe. In this family all as is accepted: the woman - mother and the keeper of the center, the man - the head of family and the chief getter.

In the relations it after all occupies a role of the chief leader, he wants that everything was as he will tell. Nevertheless, he is really sincere and compassionate person if it opened the soul for someone, then this person is very important for it. He will be devoted to it and will never go for treason if it is really sincere feelings.

Also, the problem can arise because Lions very much love themselves and to them it is important that surrounding it constantly with it reminded. He very much wants to hear from the half what he is a good fellow and as she with it was lucky. Tauruses are very avaricious on such flatter comments. They consider that in it there is no need to tell such words daily. Here he can already consider it cold and think that at it feelings to it were gone, and it will decide that it is a narcissus and the only thing that it is necessary for it in life - it is that it was praised.

Actually, the praise for it is the best motivation about which often all forget. On it do not forget to praise the Lev!

Also he seldom is engaged in all organization, rather he will tell everything that will need to be made and will check process, but will not be engaged in it. It is not surprising that all with pleasure will help it, he really knows what task to whom to give that everyone was satisfied.

He loves relaxed women to whom it is interesting to talk, who in some sphere professionals also can state and prove the opinion. They want that in their life there was no housewife closed in herself who knows nothing in life except the recipe of pies. It wants to see near itself(himself) the real personality and the interesting satellite in life. (Even if she does not know the recipe of pies, it is always possible to make them together at the weekend)

Such friendship will never develop into something bigger because Lions are very faithful to the principles and if it already chose for the person the status "friend", then nothing will be able to change it to the decision. Especially, as we already know, at its Lviv in the head a template of the ideal soulmate, on it if he wanted to see Zhenshchinu-Streltsa the darling, he would make everything that it really happened.

The lion, if to lean on fauna, is of course a king of beasts. The same character at the person born under this zodiac sign. He feels like the owner it the world, he does not see before himself barriers and will never begin to be humiliated before anybody. He is mistaken extremely seldom, all because of the same intuition.

What cannot be told about Zhenshchine-Streltsu, it just what it is good as the head. These women are very obedient and precisely someone will be above them. Otherwise everything will depart to depths of hell and it will not be able to control all process.

At the first stage of the relations perhaps they will even be interested in such hot spirit of two signs. She really loves this fire in the relations and she looked for already long ago the man who will be able to give it it.

She will be sometimes frightened by its such emotional reaction to some things, but, nevertheless, it will be able to get the hang and subdue this fire. He also will notice as it does it, but will be not against because very few people managed to make it to it.

The second problem completely overturns previous. The softness and passivity of the Sagittarius sometimes just brings Lev. During the quarrel she often likes to switch off the mode of constructive dialogue and to pass into a full condition of the listener, to thereby give the chance to Lev to be uttered. Sometimes begins to seem to it that she does not consider the quarrel reason a problem and that it simply all the same on all situation. Of course, he will express and will calm down, but at the time of misunderstanding, it will enrage him even stronger.

It always in the head has an ideal picture of the woman. In free time he thinks over everything to the smallest details, even hair color. Unfortunately, if It does not approach under all parameters, then it will need to surprise with something him that it became to the place of that ideal.

Family in which Lev is at the head it is rare when breaks up. As well as the king of beasts, and the man, will always do so that his family was in prosperity, both material, and spiritual. Male Lev is the real family man. He is ready to devote himself to children and the wife, but nevertheless, without forgetting about work.

There will be ideal a model when Muzhchina holds a senior position. Lions really open most well as heads. They competently approach distribution of duties and performance of tasks. Even if Muzhchina begins "with the bottoms", soon it reaches big jumps on a career ladder.

Between Male Lev and Zhenshchinoy-Streltsom there can be in a true way a trembling and right friendship for many years. He will be able always to rely, tell on it to it the experiences and that disturbs him, and it, in turn, will receive the person who will not leave it in private with the problems.

Will be most harmonious when Male Lev directs Zhenshchinoy-Streltsom. Even if they begin as partners, then all the same He will speak to Her what to do and as it is better to arrive. Formally they are at one level, but nevertheless He is engaged in process.

For it the woman has to be the keeper of the center first of all. Such people as Lions, there is a lot of and work hard to provide the families, on it he wants to come back to the house where there will be his family that there it was always removed and smelled delicious.

Perhaps, their friendship began very unusually, they could acquaint somewhere that unites some their general hobby. Thereby for the first time at them appeared a heap of new subjects for discussion and over time they could call their friendship by the best.

Nevertheless, Lev is rather difficult and jealous partner. As he true to bones, and looks for the partner with the same return. Girls who appreciate freedom and lack of control will not be able quietly to live with such man. He can trust completely the soulmate, but provoke him late arrivals and ignoring of calls with questions: where she and with whom, is not necessary.

It is struck with its character, to full determination and commitment. It well-read and interesting. Really, is what was not enough so long ago for it. It practical and ordinary, really that person who can sometimes turn down Fiery Lev's heat.

The first problem is, of course, an emotionality of Lev. Time of Zhenshchine-Streltsu it is very difficult to celebrate with it, especially if business concerns any quarrel. In such situations of Muzhchin hears only himself and completely ignores the words of his soulmate even if she is right. Over time she will get the hang to it and will understand that its aggression and emotions cease over time and he needs to exhaust. She patient and it will soon not seem such and a problem any more. Can even on the contrary, will begin with it the fact that it such bright and emotional is pleasant.

The father really will be a father who will manage to protect from a vicious neighbour's dog, to teach the child to be not constraining and to respect himself and the opinion. He will be able to resolve any issues of the child and to enclose everything in his development and education. He notices the child's potential to any kind of activity at once and will make everything that the kid achieved everything in this sphere. For Male Lev important that none of his family felt unnecessary and it is deprived.

It very much well developed an intuition, he with ease makes always the correct decision therefore often it achieves excellent results both in work, and in life. Lions do not stand loneliness, around them always the big company of people, in it respect it and really consider for the leader. He always offers many cool ideas for interesting pastime.

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