Do to people pleasant Steve of a peacock, a novelty

do to people pleasant Steve of a peacock

The simplest way to make is happier and richer the social life - to make some efforts and to make surrounding something pleasant.

It studied

what things are pleasant to me and does them regularly.

Whether it will reach the same effect if for two hours a day practices yoga to be in good physical shape? Whether matters what traffic she is able to attract on the website? Whether color of her skin is important to me? All these things mean nothing to me. If it does to me pleasant, it automatically begins to be pleasant to me.

I do it pleasant things too. I know that I am pleasant and try to do it it whenever possible more often.

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Selection: how many to fly to Cambodia from Moscow, sankt

how many to fly to Cambodia from Moscow, sankt

Mysterious Cambodia very thinly combines the most ancient instructions of history and the modern developed infrastructure. Thanks to it tourists can not only enjoy fascinating excursions on the jungle and ancient temples, but also have a rest properly in this heavenly spot.

will need to Change on other air transport on arrival in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Siem Reap, Doha, Hong Kong, Saigon, Guangzhou, Seoul, Abu Dhabi. Also it is possible to reach Cambodia through Bangkok and Dubai.

Moreover, we will help you not only to pick up the most optimal variant of flight, but also to find the cheapest option. About it read in our articles in more detail:

In Cambodia it is possible to combine easily the weakening sea rest and visit of national parks, conquest of mountain chains and rest on the bank of the cleanest lakes. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

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In salon and in house conditions, interesting

bleaching of intimate zones: in salon and in house conditions

Quite often women face a problem of pigmentation (darkening) in delicate zones. It forces to hesitate of own body, sometimes even causes emergence of complexes, selects feeling of faultlessness. This problem is solved. There is a set of the modern ways allowing to carry out bleaching of intimate zones. The national cosmetology offers the methods of disposal of a problem too.

Irrespective of the chosen clarification method, this procedure always assumes removal of the top layer of epidermis thanks to what the necessary result is achieved.

Bleaching of intimate zones is carried out in house conditions and with application of the means of national cosmetology checked for years.

Now it is possible to find cream at which production this component is replaced with other components having similar effect in sale. Nevertheless Akhromin containing hydrochinone in the structure for intimate bleaching is used most often.

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Is curious: musical culture of Siberia

musical culture of Siberia

In Novokuznetsk college of arts for many years with students are engaged in studying of musical culture of indigenous people of Siberia.

Studying of ethnos, traditions, the musical culture of the Shor people, one of the original Siberian Turkic people, attracts great interest of student's youth of college.

In the territory of Southern Siberia and Altaysko & #8212; The Sayansk historical and ethnographic region the big group of the closely related Turkic people lives. Among them & #8212; Altaians, telengita, that ball ares, chalkanets, kumandinuk, Khakas, Tuvinians, Tofalars, Teleuts, Shors. The epos, lyrical and shaman traditions is studied. Musical and musical material is considered, folklore records of melodies of the Turkic people are listened. Also educational student's seminars and performances at conferences are devoted to studying of folklore of the Shor people.

Egorova L. N, teacher of Novokuznetsk college of arts., Honored teacher of Russia, Novokuznetsk

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Selection: how to lay the New Year's table of 5 abrupt ideas

how to lay the New Year's table of 5 abrupt ideas

On a plate of each guest it is possible to put a small souvenir: snowflake, asterisk, Snow Maiden or Father Frost.


in shop several gingerbread fir-trees and deliver to everyone on a plate. This idea precisely will be pleasant to guests.

The table can be decorated with a set of snowflakes. They will well look on a red cloth. Especially as very just to cut out them from usual paper.

In the middle of a table it is possible to put a small fir-tree or a bouquet from fir-tree branches. It can be decorated with toys or a red bow. The same bouquet can be attached on a back of each chair.

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Secrets: January, 2019 where to depart to have a rest abroad & 8902;

January, 2019 where to depart to have a rest abroad & 8902;

A selection of the countries where it is possible to go in January on the vacation - Asian exotic, hot Caribbean Islands, New Year's Europe and another.

Thanks to New Year's and Christmas holidays the European directions become especially attractive in December and January. At this time the unique festive atmosphere reigns in all countries of Europe: houses are decorated with Christmas tree decorations, Christmas markets open, sales are organized.

To look for a tour 

To look for tickets 

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At requests of readers: prospects and advantages

of investment into real estate of Montenegro: prospects and advantages

Montenegro is the country which quite recently became independent and in this regard developing in all spheres. Prospects for foreign investors here excellent: it is possible to buy the real estate and the land at low price, to buy the house or the apartment in the attractive place for the subsequent leasing or to invest in construction. Fluctuation in prices of the real estate during a crisis time poorly affected the real estate market in Montenegro that gives a guarantee for stability and confidence in future profit on investments in Montenegro.

On what way to go, depends on your purposes, plans and, the main thing, financial opportunities.

Do not make hasty decisions, approach seriously the choice of the direction of investment Montenegro, carefully weigh all pros and cons, study features and specifics of the real estate market of the country, your income depends on it. So, for what it is possible to allocate the funds:

The popularity of Montenegro grows every year. It develops, first of all, as the country attractive to tourists. The most beautiful landscapes, the clean sea, a temperate climate, the affordable prices - attract to the country of guests from around the world. Therefore investments in Montenegro become the most competent and correct capital investment. You will not lose the means and do not "burn through" thanks to continuous increase in demand and real estate prices.

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Popular : travel to Norway

travel to Norway

Behind a polar circle there was usual June weather. Mornings are clean, transparent, in the afternoon stem of thermometer rose even up to +25. Towards evening clouds came, but by midnight the sky cleared up again and the sun filled in all around. Sitting on steps small forest & laquo; хьютте» sipping strong 40-degree aquavit, it is possible to be heated in beams of this midnight sun. To listen to silence and to bring slowly in the netbook of an impression of day travel on the North of Norway.

Constantly there live 3300 people & mdash; in the town of Honningsvog (near it traces of the most ancient settlement in the territory of Norway just were also found) and in several fishing small villages. With the continent Mageryoya connects the tunnel 6,8 km long dug at a depth of two hundred with superfluous meters below sea-level. Fare to pony is 145 Norwegian kroner from the ordinary car and 775 kroner from the bus & mdash; an utter nonsense for thousands of travelers who are annually going to "the poor island" to look at the place where Europe comes to an end. It comes to an end suddenly: the flat land surface suddenly breaks a steep, three hundred-meter abyss. Below silently lap steel color of a wave. Afar the boundless World Ocean stretches for hundreds and thousands of kilometers Е Even the most unemotional person at this boundary is involuntarily covered by some strange feeling and visit thoughts of limits of all real. Actually, for the sake of this beauty people also renounced the truth. The extremity of any island by the rules adopted in geography cannot be considered as an extreme point of the continent. But, anyway, Norwegians consider the cape Nordkap the northernmost tip of Europe. As a tourist object it is for the first time mentioned in the guide of 1867. From the 1875th Cook's agency will organize regular groups for Nordkap's visit. In the 1890th the seven-day cruise in a cabin of the first class from Trondheim to Nordkap cost 300 kroner, the sum astronomical for those times. The ships usually moored and landed passengers in the gulf Hornvika, in 2,5 km to the east from the well-known cape. There to this day the remains of the old mooring and the leader on the top of a ladder in 1008 steps remained. The normal overland way to Nordkap, by the way, was paved only in 1956, and till that time the sea way remained the main thing. At the end of the 19th century on the cape there was only a small hexagonal wooden pavilion. Today there is a big tourist Nordkapphallen complex. It is necessary to pay tribute to his architects: over the Earth's surface two floors tower at most. Inside panoramic movie theater at which the beautiful specific roller is shown. Restaurant, gift shop. The most northern in the world post office from where cards with the corresponding stamp go. Having paid symbolical 30 kroner, it is possible to acquire the personalized certificate confirming your stay on the edge of the Old World. The administration urges not to designate the visit by inscriptions like "There was Vasya (Fritz, John, Akiro Е)" and also not to build a pyramid of stones which separately look very lovely, but in mass quantity do not decorate a surrounding landscape at all. From the main building of Nordkapphallen to the region of the cape conducts a hundred-meter tunnel; placed in it is mute an exposition tells about the history of opening Nordkapa. There is a Thai pavilion devoted to a visit here in 1907 of the king Chulalongkorn. Row & mdash; an ecumenical chapel in which wedding ceremonies are made. And at the end of a tunnel Grotten Bar where to guests suggest to note achievement of the cape a glass of ice champagne & mdash is located; such is 150-year tradition. A certain theatrical action is at the same time developed: solemn music sounds, over steklyannoysteny the curtain slowly rises, opening a view of the ocean and the midnight sun hanging over the horizon. You will be able to observe all this if you in one of summer months decide to meet on Nordkap new day.

The most amazing that ancestors of the modern person lived on the wild island Mageryoya, nearly in one thousand kilometers to the north of the Polar circle, in the Stone Age & mdash yet; 10 000 years ago. What did they forget here? Really did not find for yourself other, more comfortable place?. Mageryoya Square about nine hundred square kilometers. Several spacious gulfs and fjords. Mountains 300-400 meters high above sea level & mdash; once, on a legend, they were huge trolls. Dozens of small lakes & mdash; in the summer they feed the streams running from the melting snezhnik; in the winter all is held down by cold and ice around. Uniform tree & mdash; not without reason Mageryoya received a pro-rank "poor island".

Beginning in Kirkenes, at the Russian-Norwegian border, strategic Highway E6 extends along everything the western coast of Norway which is cut up by fjords, to Trondheim, and then goes to depth of the continent, through Lillehammer to Oslo. In 175 km from Alta on Highway E6, in the depth of Flight fjord, the town of Storslett, the administrative center of Northern Troms lies. He on the southeast is left by rather narrow beautiful valley of the river Flights. On both of its sides & mdash; mountain chains height about kilometer or it is slightly more. One of the met small villages for some reason is called Moscodalen, "The Moscow valley" Е On the 52nd kilometer the road comes to an end also with mdash; further, to border with Finland, the territory of one of 25 Norwegian national parks. Eight hundred square kilometers absolutely wild nature & mdash; neither housing, nor people. In depth of the park conduct pedestrian tracks. It is possible to use the motor boat and to rise upstream the bright small river Flights to the Molisfossen falls. If to move on foot, the road to it will occupy hour four. Hardly anyone will undertake to count how many falls in mountain Norway. Molisfossen from them not the most known and not the biggest, but because not less beautiful. A powerful milky-white stream in a cloud of water dust, making a sound gradually of the working turbine, it is overthrown from height of 269 meters & mdash; on some forty meters is lower than the Eiffel Tower!

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From our readers: the visa d to Bulgaria for pensioners and other citizens of Russia and Ukraine in 2019

the visa d to Bulgaria for pensioners and other citizens of Russia and Ukraine in 2019

From all countries of the world Bulgaria is the only country where acquisition of the real estate and obtaining the residence permit is simplified to a limit. Especially it concerns pensioners as between Russia and Bulgaria the contract on a specific mode of execution of visas works. For the Russians wishing to go to live to Bulgaria or for receiving an opportunity to freely cross border during long term, it is necessary to receive the visa "ƒ".

the Document on existence of means on the account has to be issued to

only by the Bulgarian bank therefore at a trip to this country for the purpose of acquisition or rent it is necessary to open the currency account (better in euro) a minimum of 1000 euros. Is possible more, but it is undesirable less.

There are special cases of possible obtaining the status of constant stay, they are connected with investment enough large sums in national economy. For the pensioners applying for the visa "ƒ", the first step is preparation of the package of documents.

Documents acceptance and obtaining ready visas is carried out strictly on the working days from 9 to 11 h 30 min. A queue begins to be got already from 6 o'clock in the morning therefore it is better to arrive a bit earlier. According to new requirements the visa "ƒ" can be issued to certain categories of persons:

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your Bottle, but it is impossible to take out, interesting

a competition in bar Buzuluk: your bottle, but it is impossible to take out

And the winner created a reciprocal post on all this disgrace:

But owners of bar decided to arrive more cunning, they exposed the additional requirement:

In a public of one of bars of the oil town of Buzuluk of the Orenburg region the interesting message appeared. It was talked that one of "launch bars" the cities held a competition of reposts in which the Martini bottle was the first prize. In principle everything could end peacefully and beautifully - to buy a small bottle of the simplest Martini (in conditions it is not stipulated what), to hand a bottle to the winner, to make a photo and to brag in a public. To receive still a portion of advertizing.

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