From our readers: the visa d to Bulgaria for pensioners and other citizens of Russia and Ukraine in 2019

Published: 5.4.2018
the visa d to Bulgaria for pensioners and other citizens of Russia and Ukraine in 2019

From all countries of the world Bulgaria is the only country where acquisition of the real estate and obtaining the residence permit is simplified to a limit. Especially it concerns pensioners as between Russia and Bulgaria the contract on a specific mode of execution of visas works. For the Russians wishing to go to live to Bulgaria or for receiving an opportunity to freely cross border during long term, it is necessary to receive the visa "ƒ".

the Document on existence of means on the account has to be issued to

only by the Bulgarian bank therefore at a trip to this country for the purpose of acquisition or rent it is necessary to open the currency account (better in euro) a minimum of 1000 euros. Is possible more, but it is undesirable less.

There are special cases of possible obtaining the status of constant stay, they are connected with investment enough large sums in national economy. For the pensioners applying for the visa "ƒ", the first step is preparation of the package of documents.

Documents acceptance and obtaining ready visas is carried out strictly on the working days from 9 to 11 h 30 min. A queue begins to be got already from 6 o'clock in the morning therefore it is better to arrive a bit earlier. According to new requirements the visa "ƒ" can be issued to certain categories of persons:

The reference from the pension fund of the sum of payments in 3 or 6 months, is the document confirming the status of the wealthy pensioner. The word "provided" does not mean "rich" - it means only that the state provides the person with monthly payment. It is possible to live in Bulgaria easily on average Russian pension.

The children who are in the first age group can drive on the territory of Bulgaria without own passport, in that case if their data are entered in the passport of parents. Aged from 6 up to 14 years it is necessary for the child that in the passport of parents their photo was pasted. On the child aged from 14 up to 18 years own international passport is required.

The residence permit is valid within a year. Approximately in 3-4 weeks prior to the termination of card expiration date, it is necessary to address to migration service behind extension again, that is behind obtaining the following year map. The package of documents is shown just the same, and the questionnaire is filled out anew. As period of validity of the insurance policy comes to an end approximately at the same time, as the card, it is necessary to issue the new policy the next year.

If the company agrees to pay expenses, then it is necessary to open in the Bulgarian bank one more account in leva as money will return only in this currency.

After documents will be accepted, on hands the talonchik where it will be specified when to arrive behind the ready document is given. The residence permit in Bulgaria & #8212; it is the plastic card of the standard size, with details and the photo of the owner.

The certificate of lack of criminal record is made out at the place of residence in the Department of Internal Affairs. To order such document, only the Russian passport is necessary. Period of validity of the reference often changes therefore it is better to make out it closer to date of visit of consulate. It is only necessary to consider that she is trained within a month.

The visa "ƒ" to Bulgaria is the only opportunity to receive the residence permit in this country with the subsequent registration of the status of constant stay.

If the pensioner issued the residence permit and plans long residence in Bulgaria, he needs to think in advance of receiving the Russian pension in the territory of other state. For this purpose, being in Russia, it is necessary to issue in the pension fund an application for the transfer of pension to a card of any bank having the representation in the territory of Bulgaria. Very well is suitable for this purpose of UniCredit Bank which has the offices in many cities of Russia, and in Bulgaria is one of the main banks. Having a card of this bank it is regularly possible to remove pension from any ATM not only in Bulgaria, but also in all European countries.

All documents have to be provided in the original and two copies. It is so specified on the official site. Actually all originals and the second copy are returned after acquaintance. Anyway it is necessary to think of copies of all documents in advance.

It can be done in Bulgaria, or, what is much more convenient, it is possible to use translation service accredited at Embassy. It is enough to open the official site of Embassy of Bulgaria and to find the line "The Accredited Translators". There surnames phones and e-mail of several employees of consular service which will execute the translation of the necessary documents are specified.

It actually replaces the international passport, but as at its receiving the visa "ƒ" in the passport will be closed (is crossed simply out), during the moving and flights the card of the residence permit, is shown together with the passport on customs control.

It is the most convenient to download the questionnaire necessary for filling from the official site of Embassy of Bulgaria, but it can be found also on other websites. There are special agencies which will be unpacked and will fill out the questionnaire, but it will cost money.

The photo has to be executed on a light background, a format 35 X 45 millimeters. In photo salons, as a rule, know how it is necessary to remove. It is enough to tell for what purpose the photo is necessary. The photo wearing spectacles with tinted glasses is not allowed.

What will be the new law, nobody knows yet, but it it will be obligatory. Therefore to open firm in Bulgaria now or to wait for a release of the new law a personal record of everyone.

If the sum in bank was lowered, it should be added and taken the new reference. The notarial act needs to be copied and assured at the notary again. As for the reference from the pension fund, here, time on time is not necessary.

The matter is that each clinic in Bulgaria works only with certain insurance companies and it can turn out so that it is necessary to pay for rendering medical services cash. Then the clinic or hospital will issue checks with the indication of the rendered services and the spent means. With these checks it is necessary to go to office of insurance company, and the company can decide that the specific case is not insurance and the spent money will not be returned.

After the receipt of a visa "ƒ", it still is called the national visa, it is the following step for obtaining the status of full-time residence. To receive the residence permit in Bulgaria it is necessary to present to migration service, at the place of residence, the small package of documents.

The policy of medical insurance can be issued in Bulgaria during the preliminary trip or in insurance agencies of Russia.

Can take the translated and certified reference for previous year, and can demand new. Under the law it is required to provide every year the new reference therefore it is better not to risk and fly to Russia behind the new reference. It is not necessary to be photographed the second time, the migration service uses the old photo. Payment for extension - the same 550 leva.

Alexander, hello! Thanks for detailed and quite clear information on receipt of a visa D, but me unclear apropos страховки… .iskhodya from above written every year it is necessary to make out an insurance for 30 000 euros?

After confirmation on readiness of the visa is received, it is necessary to arrive personally to Consular service for obtaining the ready document. Having received the visa "ƒ" it is necessary, not too tightening, to fly or go to Bulgaria and to receive the residence permit.

Such agencies can render the real paid help in execution of all package of documents, but in consular service, for submission of documents, it is necessary to address only personally. The cost of services of such agencies can vary in big limits.

If the child leaves with one of parents, then the notarized exit visa abroad from other parent is necessary. Besides, for receipt of a visa, it is necessary to have the following documents:

By the new legislation, after 5 years of annual extension, it is possible to make out full-time termless residence.

The necessary package of documents for presentation in consular service:

The following is very important!

The copies certified at the Russian notary are considered as invalid. One certified copy remains in consulate, the second copy moves in migration service of the Bulgarian city at execution of the residence permit, and the original and the backup copy, anyway remains on hands.

In advance it is not necessary to acquire any tickets. On the website of Embassy there is good "button" & #8212; check of readiness of the visa, but it, unfortunately, works not always. More precisely, it works, only information on ready visas, is brought in this service with big delay. Therefore after 35-40 working days, after submission of documents, it is regularly the best of all to call by number of help service of consular department which also is on the website of Embassy.

It is possible to agree with them by phone and to send scans of documents for e-mail that by the time of the visit to consulate all translations were already made.

Making copies of pages of the passport, most of applicants of the visa "ƒ" copy all pages for secure. It is not terrible - superfluous in consulate will return.

In the most recent time it was possible to start business in Bulgaria, to be exact to register the "sleeping" firm which does nothing and her head regularly fills out the tax declaration for 0.0 leva 0.0 stotinok, and it was enough.

Period of validity of the passport has to exceed trip completion date for three months. If before the termination of period of validity of the passport there were several months, then it is better not to risk and make the new passport. If it is supposed to prolong the residence permit in Bulgaria within 5 years for the purpose of obtaining the status of constant stay, then it is better to issue the biometric passport with period of validity of 10 years at once.

Upon purchase of the real estate or at execution of the lease agreement, one notarial certified act is handed out. The consulate will not accept the original, will only get acquainted with it and will return therefore after purchase of the real estate it is necessary to remove not less than three copies from the notarial act and to assure each of them at the Bulgarian notary.

To avoid, these troubles it is necessary to sign the contract with that insurance company with which the medical institution works.

After the package of documents is accepted it is necessary only to wait. The application for the visa "ƒ" is considered during certain time. On the website of Embassy the term of consideration of 35 working days is specified, but it must be kept in mind that it is the minimum term. It is usually necessary to count on 45 working days. On various websites it is possible to read that for receipt of a visa it is necessary to provide already acquired tickets for entry into the country. It is incorrect information.

The following stage is a legalization of the translated documents and copies. This operation is performed in consular service, in day of submission of the package of documents. Indoors, where accept documents and issue ready visas, there is a window with the inscription "Authentication". The service is paid, and its cost fluctuates depending on euro exchange rate in relation to ruble as authentication is estimated at euro, and it is paid with rubles.

It must be kept in mind that the visa legislation in Bulgaria very rigid and is enough though a little to spend too much of a limit of absence and everything should be begun from the very beginning. This new visa processing "ƒ" in consulate and all those efforts that are connected with it. Therefore it is always necessary to have a little odds on unforeseen circumstances.

There is information unconfirmed so far that all firms registered in the territory of Bulgaria have to work and pay taxes. Besides, the businessman has to employ without fail not to exchange of 10 residents of Bulgaria, to issue on them insurance policies and to pay them real salary.

But, it is necessary to remember that Bulgarians, even being in public service, are not always punctual and the translations sent by e-mail of documents can simply be not ready therefore it is better to agree about time of visit and to drive up to the translator personally. All process of conversion of documents will take no more than 40 minutes. At it it is necessary to make copies of documents.

Having the residence permit it is possible to cross unlimited number of times border, to make out invitations to relatives or acquaintances and also to get an education in educational institutions of Bulgaria. When Bulgaria is accepted to Schengen, having the residence permit, it is possible to move freely on the Schengen area. The residence permit allows absence in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria no more than 30 months within 5 years. That is 6 months in a year, it is possible to be in Russia, and as much in Bulgaria, or to be absent all 30 months, only coming for few months for registration of the following extension of the residence permit.

If the receipt of a visa "ƒ" by the pensioner represents the simplest option where there are practically no reefs, then it is possible to call the receipt of a visa "ƒ" by the businessman the most difficult option. It is connected with the fact that Bulgaria very much wants to the Schengen area, and the management of this alliance insists on change of the visa legislation.

The legalized copies will be necessary at submission of documents on the visa "ƒ" and in migration service at execution of the residence permit.

The major document for the receipt of a visa "ƒ", is the notarial act about acquisition of the real estate in the territory of Bulgaria though the basis for obtaining such visa, it is not. Such act will also be required at visa processing "With" for owners of the real estate. This visa can be received in the visa centers which are available in many large cities. The first time the visa is issued for a period of 1 year with a possibility of stay in the territory of Bulgaria within 90 days in every half-year. The following visa to Bulgaria can be issued for 3 years at once.

Irrespective of age of the child it needs the separate visa. Under current laws, persons who were not 18 years old are considered as children. All citizens getting to this category are subdivided into two groups:

If the policy is issued in Russia, it has to be translated into Bulgarian and is certified of consular service. It concerns also the document from the pension fund. Also photos are required, but in migration services there is a special cabin where they also will be made. At submission of documents for obtaining the residence permit it is necessary to fill out the simple questionnaire. As to fill it, will prompt on the place. In migration service it will be necessary to pay 550 leva therefore with itself it is necessary to have the Bulgarian money.

Cover amount has to be not less than 30 000 euros. If execution of the residence permit is planned, it is necessary surely in the place of residence, to find and visit the nearest medical institutions, to choose the most convenient and to find out with what insurers this establishment works.

The visa is necessary to D you only for entry into Bulgaria, for further obtaining the Bulgarian residence permit. Specifically for the visa D enough insurance bought in Russia covering 90 days. In Bulgaria you issue to yourself a local insurance (if you do not pay for an insurance, then to you the next year just will not prolong the residence permit) and will pay for it every month.

The visa "ƒ" to Bulgaria is made out only personally in consular service of Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow or Consulate general of Bulgaria in St. Petersburg. Any exceptions for the disabled people, sick, aged or children do not become. Preliminary record on the receipt of a visa "ƒ" is also absent. The visa centers which there is a lot of in the different cities of Russia, the visa of category "D" are not issued.

Following, obligatory, to performance, point is the translation and legalization of some documents which are made in Russian. These are the following references:

Persons interested to file documents on the visa "ƒ" need to prepare the concrete package of documents which need to be given to consular service personally. In order that everything turned out it is correctly necessary to possess some information. The consular service is located at at Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow Mosfilmovskaya Street 66.


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