Really 100 years amazing Melanie from Gone with the Wind tells to it about the life, is updated

really to it 100 years amazing Melanie from Gone with the Wind tells about the life

The actress Olivia De Havilland, whose star ascended thanks to a role of Melanie Wilks, that Ashley Wilks's wives in the movie "Gone with the Wind", does not trust in signs. To die They say, in a shot - a bad sign. But it seems, the actress of a trouble is avoided. On July 1, 2016 the beautiful lady celebrated 100-year anniversary!

Future film star was born

on July 1, 1916 in Tokyo in family of the actress and the lawyer. In a year at Olivia the sister Joan was born, and still in a couple of years the family moved to Los Angeles.

It was its happy ticket! After ten movies to the actress has the luck to receive Melanie Hamilton's role in "Gone with the Wind". This role became its hour of triumph and the biggest pride.

Olivia De Havilland managed to live life with is proud of the raised head, remaining the gentle lady who is given by the actress and the real beauty. To it is what to be proud: it one of the few who stood at the origins of that cinema which irrevocably consigned to the past.

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Novelty: 6 symptoms of existence of parasites intestines

6 symptoms of existence of parasites intestines

Existence of parasites intestines & #8212; very unpleasant phenomenon. Nevertheless, at emergence of typical symptoms you should not have sense of shame.

of the Larva of parasites can be in crude meat (beef or pork). Water or fruit and vegetables which were not exposed to thermal treatment can be infected by them.

Intestinal parasites represent the certain weight placed in a body. And in spite of the fact that physically you do not feel their presence, your body continuously receives nervous impulses from intestines.

The belly-ache caused by existence of intestinal parasites affects the lower part of a trunk, is closer to a groin, than to a stomach. This symptom indicates existence of long hearts which eat directly from intestines walls, it irritates the nervous terminations and causes severe pains. The slowed-down growth

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New on the website: a top of 10 breeds posing a threat for the person

the most dangerous dogs in the world: a top of 10 breeds posing a threat for the person

The potential threat is posed by any dog, but there are breeds the most dangerous to the person. One incorrect look, one ridiculous movement and aggression it is inevitable.

Many consider by

a pit bull terrier - a dog murderer. Really, this breed with contradictory reputation is dangerous to small animals, the instinct of the invincible fighter prevails in dangerous situations.

The surprising hybrid of a domestic dog and wild wolf, with the developed intuition and sharp mind, is not afraid of the person.

Dogs of this rare breed need physically strong and morally steady owner.

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at the request of chitaty: predictions of a WC of 2018 on soccer

the psychic Mehdi: predictions of a WC of 2018 on soccer

Several months ago Mehdi already safely spoke about results of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. He sensationally said that all favourites will come back home ahead of time, and the championship will become a full surprise for the whole world, experts and fans in particular. And it happened. dlya radio SPORT FM, in May, Mehdi predicted a Russian national team exit from group, a victory over Saudi Arabia, Egypt and loss to Uruguay. a na the home video friends are interested at Mehdi about a match outcome: Russia & #8212; Egypt, pay attention as easily and the exact answer was just received. Wanted to check & #8212; checked! a vcher, being in office, employees took an interest at Mehdi we proceed games Croatia & #8212; England, Mehdi on the air this time told not only the exact account, but also told about the most important factor of a victory of Croatia in the Championship. About same he spoke also on the radio FM Sport in May and also the Instagram repeated on the airs of the. And as most often happens, nobody betrayed to his words any value, it was just not understood. It is necessary to understand that Mehdi not just himself plays soccer, he supports soccer, so understands what speaks about and empathizes the events. For it it is offensive, when there is no support and due consideration to such important things about which he cannot keep silent. eto video for those who are ready to be convinced that there are people capable to expect. And in the nearest future we will specially make the full version of all predictions of Mehdi during the FIFA World Cup 2018. For now it is necessary to tell that Mehdi for honest sport, but unfortunately, not all are capable, as well as Mehdi (thanks to the abilities) to estimate purity of a game. For certain everything could develop in a different way if someone listened to councils of the "seeing" person in time and would allow to interfere with this invisible fight. Mehdi could earn, staking, millions, but he did not make it, the truth tried to prompt so quietly and at the same time loudly to all to whom it was interesting. It is a pity Е 

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How to learn to bargain and receive big discounts, from our users

how to learn to bargain and receive big discounts

Greetings greetings!

a basis of your comments I wrote to

of P.P.S.Ha article "As all to be in time? Houses, in business, in private life Е". Read it here

P.P.P. S.A takzhe this week on the blog appeared the educational video and several useful articles (about career development, about increase the of income)

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Saky Crimea city photo, climate, history, treatment, sights, novelty

Saky Crimea city photo, climate, history, treatment, sights

Among the Crimean resorts the city of Saky holds a specific place. Since ancient times those who want to have a rest, plunge quietly into warm embraces of the sea come here and, of course, to restore health. In our article we will talk about the main features of this resort: its climate, history, culture, about medicinal properties and, konechn, about sights. »так…

Near the park located the Museum of mud cure. Except it fans of antiquity should visit the museum Cara-Tobe founded on the place of excavation of the Greek-Scythian ancient settlement. There is quite vital theory that the constructions found here are nothing else as the remains of legendary fortress Evpatorion.

The city is located in the steppe Crimea on the Western coast of the peninsula.

From Simferopol from the Kurortnaya station located in the territory of the railway station regular buses go to Saky, it is possible to leave also Centralny bus station. On public transport it is easy to reach the resort also from the territory of the Simferopol airport and also to reach by the taxi or the privately owned vehicle.

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the Trip to Dombai, new on the website

trip to Dombai

Already in the fourth time in a row we gather for our annual improving training adventure in the mountains of Dombai "Good luck - live richly".

For certain, those who thought of a trip with us, already asked himself a question: why Dombai what places beautiful are not enough where to provide this training? It is possible both in Moscow area, and in Karlovy Vary, etc.

Here such small secret of our trip to Dombai. All details HERE

And here to explain "WHY" - we could, only, in VIP-day of a training in Dombai, on August 23, 2012 when the destiny brought together us with the scientist who trains the team of Judoists of Russian national team - winners of the London Olympic Games.

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the Beach how to reach from Phuket, the most interesting

the island Bamba in talent: the beach how to reach from Phuket

The desert island of Bambu or Co Mai is located in the southern part of Thailand, it is the real pearl of the province of Krabi. The name of the island means Bamboo, but the bamboo does not grow here, but there is a luxurious comfortable beach for the sake of which there come thousands of tourists here.

From JSC Nang beach the excursion water transport regularly goes. The cost of a trip from 4 to 6 thousand baht, travelers is brought to Bamba early in the morning and taken away in the evening. It is better to leave early in the morning, at most at eight in the morning to visit the island before the main influx of tourists. Considering that an excursion individual, the tourist independently chooses - what islands to visit, where to dive, snorkeling. Surely warn the boatman if you plan for Bamba to have dinner.

It is important! If to bring you to the opposite coast, be ready to pass quite long piece of a way on foot.

It is useful to know! Most cheaper to get a tour in Ao Nangge one day before the trip. The travel is organized on a spidbota (the high-speed boat), and a travel framework tourists visit all islands of the archipelago and the bay Maia Bae who is remarkable the fact that there took place shooting "Beach".

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New on the website: complete description of hotel

of fergus style cala blanca suites 4: complete description of hotel

Fergus style cala blanca suites 4 responses about stay in which I will in detail describe in this article became the last place of residence on the island of Mallorca during our long summer holiday of 2014.

the Sea view was side, as well as in all luxury. The direct look as I already noted, was provided only in superluxury. But personally it did not confuse us at all as our look was on pines and greens and the smell from them was pyanyashche fresh, especially in the morning and in the evening.

As in hotel steam with children, and the menu here corresponding especially for lunch is a lot of. Children often like to eat what tasty and at all is not useful, and adults indulge them in it.

To get to hotel we should go down on the elevator in which there were only two buttons, and still a soundtrack in Spanish. Here the glass elevator lowered us.

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East horoscope for 2017, a novelty

east horoscope for 2017

According to east horoscope, the fiery elements already subordinate the second year in a row to itself the power proceeding through all annual cycle. Therefore 2017 which symbol is the Fiery Rooster is capable to present us many "hot" moments, to dip into a flame of temptations and more than once to demand manifestation not of hefty training.

the Family sphere in a year of a red Fiery Rooster will depart on the second positions. Not to spoil the relation in a family nest, communicate with the family more often, you call them and you spend all free time among people dear to heart.

The fiery Rooster is so absorbed by achievement of goals that often forgets about other party of a coin - about health. Any symptom on which you with ease would wave in other time in a year of the Fiery Rooster should not be disregarded.

The sphere of work will be especially pushed forward during 2017. A rooster - the leader, and the Fiery Rooster - the emotional, sure, purposeful boss who with ease will head the working draft of any complexity, having given it without the rest and demanding the same from other members of the team. It should be noted what despite many negative qualities, follows the Rooster and it is possible to trust even if he is under the influence of the fiery beginning and sometimes is forgotten.

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