Than to help persons in need, except money, amusing

than to help persons in need, except money

Your professional skills and free time can be much more useful.


are Always glad to people who are ready to bring animals by car to clinic or to the new owner. Also you can participate in collecting necessary for a shelter and overexposure of things: forage, drugs, toys, stove benches. Also old bed linen, mattresses, towels, building materials can be useful.

If you do not want or you cannot participate in trips, it is possible to contact organizers and to make the contribution in the form of sweets, personal care products and also a decor to make chambers cozier.

If you are not really sotsialna, and there is a wish to help, there are also other options. First, it is donor blood which is necessary almost always and not only to children. Secondly, parents and relatives of little patients often spend a great lot of time, forces and money for care of the child and his treatment therefore elementary things can not be enough with him. It is only necessary to ask.

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of the Reason, ways of elimination, new heading

of naggers at pregnancy: reasons, ways of elimination

Reorganization of work of all bodies and systems begins to happen to approach of pregnancy in a female body. These changes are so large-scale that affect not only appearance of the woman in the second half of pregnancy, but also on its emotional condition and feeling of all world around literally from first week of "interesting situation". Future mummies become very sensitive, they react to the slightest, seeming for others insignificant, irritants.

Therefore should approaching pregnant women drawing up the menu with all responsibility.

The choice of tactics of treatment of an itch in a vagina depends on the reason of its emergence.

The skin itch is really capable to spoil to the woman mood, bringing a lot of unpleasant feelings during this great and disturbing period of her life.

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Life hack: house syrup will help at problems with digestion

house syrup will help at problems with digestion

The majority of house syrups which we know are created for fight against cold, against throat diseases, against cough, an allergy, etc. And we will tell how to prepare house syrup which will help us to improve digestion.

Fennel, or fennel pharmaceutical, has poslablyayushchy effect, prevents locks, suppresses gas generation and an abdominal distension. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, it well helps at colitis and gastritis. And at last, it has a wonderful taste.

The people who do not have problems with digestion can also accept this syrup. It can be done for improvement of digestion after too plentiful meal.

You will be able to prepare this simple means which will help to fight against gas generation, an abdominal distension, the increased acidity, indigestion, etc.

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the Recipe for thick and magnificent on kefir, curdled milk or milk, is updated

pancakes on yeast: the recipe for thick and magnificent on kefir, curdled milk or milk

There will be people who are not loving pancakes a little. Unless hostesses who should stand at a hot plate to make pleasant to the members of household. But it is not obligatory to bake thin pancakes. There are other recipes of thick and magnificent pancakes on yeast allowing both time to save, and house to please, and it is rational to use products.

Thick, magnificent, ruddy, sunlike kruglyash will not demand

many efforts, time and products. This dish was considered long since as very economical. The first recipe is offered to be taken as a basis. If you master it, then you will be able to think up own.

Warm up a little more frying pan. Oil it. Part dough with milk (water), it is possible too dense. Oil ready (not dietary) pancakes by means of a special brush or a piece of cotton wool. It is desirable to kindle it previously. Then the dish will be supermagnificent, podgy and appetizing. It is a pity, you will not manage to admire, uplenut everything to a raid!

We will provide the recipe which will allow to use the turned sour milk if did not follow order in the refrigerator. Actually, in a dish it is recommended to use kefir. But his hostesses often replace with curdled milk. Magnificent, toasted, thick and very tasty pancakes turn out.

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of Qualcomm presented to snapdragon 855 - the chip for leaders of 2019, popular

Qualcomm presented to snapdragon 855 - the chip for leaders of 2019

Within the second day of the summit of Qualcomm the producer officially announced a release of the mobile Snapdragon 855 platform. The chip became the most highly productive in the market for flagman devices. The platform received the eight-nuclear processor which consists of three clusters of kernels of Kryo 485: one consists of a kernel with a frequency of 2,84 GHz, another - of three kernels with a frequency of 2,42 GHz, and the third includes four kernels with a frequency of 1,8 GHz.

As for productivity, in Qualcomm said that it increased by 45% in comparison with Snapdragon 845. Capacity of the graphic processor at the same time grew by 20%. 7-nanometer technical process allowed to create the most productive chip if to take for comparison a power indicator on watt.

Other innovations Support of the Qualcomm aptX Adaptive and Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus codec the Possibility of work with the ultrasonic scanner of fingerprints of Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor Support of Bluetooth 5.0 of OpenGL ES 3.2 and OpenCL 2.0 FP Quick Charge 4+ It is possible to use random access memory of LPDDR4X with a frequency of 2133 MHz Obviously, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform will find for itself application in many leaders of 2019. The interest was already stated by Google, Samsung and OnePlus, and there and others will be brought up. Main thing & #8212; without use 5G the new chip will become more available to producers of smartphones of a mid-price segment.

Despite the fact that, the new platform has no allocated NPU block, it all the same can work with tasks for artificial intelligence. These tasks are processed both by GPU, and the Hexagon processor, and other components. Everything together it represents the fourth generation of a cursor of AI Engine which productivity is three times more, than at Snapdragon 845.

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Why Morgan Freeman has to wear a glove on the left hand, amusing

why Morgan Freeman has to wear a glove on the left hand

If you Morgan Freeman's admirer, then you, most likely, noticed a glove which the actor sometimes wears on the left hand. Mister Freeman was noticed in a glove on awards of Guild of screen actors in 2018 and at several other ceremonies, but for what he puts on it?

& #171; There Is a sense of such changes. I have to pass to other things, to other ideas of myself. I play golf. I still work. And I can be very happy, simply walking on земле».

Mr. Freeman hardly accepts loss of function in his left hand (he is a lefthander, by the way). He had to refuse some hobbies, but he did not stop playing into cinema. The actor said in an interview which he gave to the Esquire magazine in 2012:

Accident broke Morgan Freeman's hand, but it did not break his spirit. To the actor 80, and, apparently, he is not going to leave in the nearest future. We hope to see a lot more movies with the person who acted in such cult movies as, Escape from the Shawshank, Bruce Vsemogushchy, the Dark Knight, and in many other remarkable movies.

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Novelty: hyundai developed safety cushions from repeated blows

Hyundai developed safety cushions from repeated blows

As a rule, during car accidents there is not one, and at once several blows. The safety cushion can quite save lives of the driver and passengers during the first collision, but they risk to suffer serious injuries if it is followed by pushes from other cars. According to National administration of traffic, it happens in 30% of road incidents. Therefore, producers of cars should be engaged in protection against repeated blows, and the first step was taken in this case by the Hyundai company.

according to National administration by the movement NHTSA, 30% of accidents happen because of crossing of the continuous line. About 13% of collisions happen in cases when one of participants of the movement sharply stops on the road. Also accidents quite often occur on a midland of the movement, or drivers simply crash into trees or protections.

Representatives of the company paid attention that the modern systems of safety cushions do not protect people during repeated blows when the first collision did not cause operation of the main pillow. The new technology quickly distinguishes unusual arrangement of bodies of the driver and passengers after the first push and releases secondary pillows with the rigidity depending on blow.

How you consider over what producers of cars need to work? Write the offers in comments or in our Telegram chat.

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Amusing : the main conclusions from books on finance and success

the main conclusions from books on finance and success

The mobile application for Android

- Freedom is an existence not only money, but also free time that to enjoy them.

The mobile application for iPhone.

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Popular : 6 methods of application which will surprise you

salt and water: 6 methods of application which will surprise you

The nature will never cease to surprise us. Among natural means it is possible to find everything that can it is required for daily needs and also for treatment of different diseases. At you is at home salt? The silly question, of course is!

2. Means against fatigue of eyes

4. Means for disinfecting of wounds and cuts

Repeat 3 & #8212; 4 times a day and you will see as gradually the throat will disturb you less and less, and the health will improve.

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at the request of chitaty: what is a couperosis on a face of the reason and treatment

what is a couperosis on a face of the reason and treatment

The skin disease to which not inflammatory expansion of blood vessels and capillaries is characteristic is called a couperosis. Though, it bears harm for our health, female Women’ portal; s Time recommends to find out what it is a couperosis on a face, what reasons of emergence and ways of treatment of this illness. The problem has rather esthetic character, girls with this disease carefully try to hide inflammation by means of cosmetics (foundation, concealers and powder). It is not necessary to be the expert to understand that thus they hammer to themselves a time.

the Couperosis on a face is shown by

owing to developments of stagnation in skin capillaries. People with chronic diseases, a hormonal imbalance, frequent stay in the sun and consumption of unhealthy food are more subject to an illness. Externally the couperosis looks as a flush on cheeks and a nose, but if to consider closer, then it will be possible to see the expressed capillary patterns. Such skin grows old quicker, loses the elasticity and a tone, in additives gray color is gained. Agree, prospects so-so. Therefore, it is better not to put a solution away for later, and to be engaged in treatment of a disease and elimination of the prime causes right now.

Marchenkova Veronika

As food influences face skin

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