Than to help persons in need, except money, amusing

Published: 1.6.2017
than to help persons in need, except money

Your professional skills and free time can be much more useful.


are Always glad to people who are ready to bring animals by car to clinic or to the new owner. Also you can participate in collecting necessary for a shelter and overexposure of things: forage, drugs, toys, stove benches. Also old bed linen, mattresses, towels, building materials can be useful.

If you do not want or you cannot participate in trips, it is possible to contact organizers and to make the contribution in the form of sweets, personal care products and also a decor to make chambers cozier.

If you are not really sotsialna, and there is a wish to help, there are also other options. First, it is donor blood which is necessary almost always and not only to children. Secondly, parents and relatives of little patients often spend a great lot of time, forces and money for care of the child and his treatment therefore elementary things can not be enough with him. It is only necessary to ask.

Besides cleaning of the territory and sorting of garbage, it is possible to join to kakoylibo the organizations as the volunteer. Will offer you the most different tasks: to educate residents of the city, to organize actions and meetings, to communicate with the state if suddenly decide to write the collective letter to create cycle parkings near the house or some public place. To do all this, having secured with the help to the charitable organization, much more simply and more productively. Learn who needs the help in the different cities, by means of the list of Greenpeace.

There is a concept pro bono (Latin of pro bono publico - "for the sake of public benefit") which assumes rendering professional services on a free basis. This volunteering not for everyone. You have to be competent of the sphere and it is desirable to have documentary confirmation of the qualification. You can individually help, on behalf of the company where you work, or having joined community of professional volunteers.

It is better to specify at the management of orphanage in advance what things are necessary. So you will be sure that your actions will be really useful.

Aleksandra Slavyanskaya, the CEO of the Cross-disciplinary center you reabilitatsiipomnit: monetary donations not the only way to make a good deed. Your skills, conscious desire to help and personal participation in the fate of other people can bring much more benefit.

Besides financial support, it is possible to suggest to find cheap rental housing, a suitable vacancy in the company of the acquaintance, to help with repair or to transfer unnecessary, but suitable clothes, the equipment and other things: same hygienic means, cosmetics, household chemicals and baby food.

It is possible to find those for whom your help can be necessary in the centers of prevention of social orphanhood, on the websites of funds and just in groups on social networks.

There are also lonely elderly people who live in the apartments. But also here it is better to join the volunteer movement or fund even if you want to visit the neighbor alone. It will protect you from possible hostility of relatives of the elderly person and suspicions of fraud.

To help children and teenagers, it is possible to become the social volunteer. These people are trained, attend trainings and become for orphan children mentors, elder brothers and sisters, tutors in school objects. Thus persons interested help orphans to gain necessary skills and to gain an impression about adulthood.

Each head of fund always holds in the head: to give on administrative expenses - means to take away from wards. Nevertheless the fund needs to conduct accounts department, to get legal advice. There are volunteers who free of charge conduct accounts department or help with execution of documentation, keep personnel record. From outside it seems that it is boring, there is no heroism, but the salary of the accountant with taxes is equal to a monthly rehabilitation course for the small child with a cerebral palsy, for example. Therefore in practice it very much and very great assistance.

Your knowledge and skills can be useful to non-profit organization or charity foundation.

Parents of seriously ill patients of children address to funds where incredibly huge sums gather for treatment. But, besides money, children and their parents need also other help.

If you want to become a mentor, it is necessary to prepare certificates of lack of criminal record, infections and psychoneurological diseases. Many are eliminated at a stage of collecting documents, and in vain: mentoring is much more necessary to children, than gifts.

It is possible to become the mentor for the teenager from orphanage. The significant adult who will help it to be prepared for independent life. If you feel that you are not ready to join in life of the specific teenager yet, it is possible to take part in the program of social adaptation as the volunteer. For example, to hold an interesting master class for children, to go together to shop and to teach to choose products, to transfer skills which will help with independent life.

The people owning some applied skill can render the invaluable help: they do what are able to do. The photographer free of charge takes beautiful pictures of actions, children or animals, the artist helps to issue the room beautifully. Or the person can just render the feasible help: to repair a fence, to paint a shop, to lay a tile and so forth.

Important spheres are a legal, financial advice and accounts department.

The following help of pro bono is often demanded:

Groups of the help always need the responsible people ready to provide to an animal at least temporary housing. Even it is simple to bring the pet to the veterinarian in free time - already significantly. But be ready to open communication: volunteers think of the wards very much and responsibly approach the choice of owners and assistants.

Planning to become the volunteer, it is necessary to remember two things. First, also psychologically prepared people participate in active search only physically. Vovtorykh, there are other types of the help: it is possible to distribute information in the Internet and on paper, to print orientations, to ring round hospitals, to repair equipment, to check pictures from drones.

The group does not accept monetary donations, but always needs responsible people and also the equipment, marching furniture and equipment.

Grandmothers and grandfathers need communication, attention, interesting leisure and a holiday. Without communications with the outside world even in the company of each other elderly people become apathetic, begin to grieve and die away.

It is families which are on the verge of refusal of the child because of material and morale or living conditions. Most often it is single mothers or graduates of orphanages which cannot count on the help of relatives.

The largest noncommercial association of volunteers on search of missing persons - search and rescue group "Lisa Alert". It consists of groups of the volunteers coming for search of people in different corners of Russia.

For the help to persons in need charity foundations and non-profit organizations usually are engaged in a whip-round. The amount of donations, how many regularity is important for them not so much: it helps funds to plan the activity for long term.

The person enduring crisis can be helped out not only money. Help to find work, inexpensive housing, give warm clothes or give moral support. For the help to the homeless it is possible to join the city movement of volunteers who are engaged in distribution of warm clothes, footwear, personal care products, hot food and also education in social services and doss houses.

Children literally live in hospitals, out-patient apartments (special leased housing for visitors of patients) or, even worse, to the bed are confined. Therefore many funds invite volunteers who can spend time with being on treatment, make together lessons, be engaged in creativity and just stay the friend when around only doctors and drugs.

The information help is always appreciated: the more you will attract in group of people, the better. Still it is possible to make beautiful pictures of animals: thanks to them the new owner will be able to notice the pet and to take away home.

Volunteers who will organize trips to boarding houses come to the rescue. For example, one of the largest organizations in Russia dealing with this problem - Old Age in Joy fund. Teams of volunteers are gathered in the different cities every week. There always wait for creative persons, photographers, drivers who can help by car, and just sociable and positive people. Grandmothers will be pleased by hairdressers and manicurists.

Pupils of orphanages can transfer not only gifts. Just it is better to refuse it: toys and other things easily exchange on cigarettes and alcohol, become objects of quarrels and fights, and in general children get used to receive use objects just like that that very much disturbs subsequently them in adulthood. Instead it is possible to transfer many really useful things to orphanage.

In shelters people who will be able to walk, play with animals are always necessary, to train them and to look after. In some institutions there is an Owner of the Day Off program: it is possible to feel the owner of the fluffy friend for a while.


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