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Published: 29.5.2017
of naggers at pregnancy: reasons, ways of elimination

Reorganization of work of all bodies and systems begins to happen to approach of pregnancy in a female body. These changes are so large-scale that affect not only appearance of the woman in the second half of pregnancy, but also on its emotional condition and feeling of all world around literally from first week of "interesting situation". Future mummies become very sensitive, they react to the slightest, seeming for others insignificant, irritants.

Therefore should approaching pregnant women drawing up the menu with all responsibility.

The choice of tactics of treatment of an itch in a vagina depends on the reason of its emergence.

The skin itch is really capable to spoil to the woman mood, bringing a lot of unpleasant feelings during this great and disturbing period of her life.

Localization of this phenomenon can be very various, but most often future mummies are disturbed by an itch of skin of legs, a breast and stomach and also discomfort in a vagina and back pass.

Often the stagnation of bile happening because of the increased level of estrogen can become the reason of a skin itch at pregnancy in the third trimester. It differs from usual skin irritation in the place of localization - on stupnyakh and palms. Besides, to the unpleasant itching feelings such disturbing symptoms as decolouration a calla and coloring of urine are added to dark color. If at least one of the listed above symptoms is observed it is necessary to see the doctor conducting pregnancy urgently.

Besides, at pregnant women all feelings become aggravated, many smells and tastes become unpleasant and even intolerable.

Self-treatment or ignoring of this problem in this situation can become the fatal flaw which caused negative consequences which can be reflected not only in a condition of the woman, but also on health of future kid.

Besides, an itch and burning are followed by allocations similar to cottage cheese and an unpleasant smell, it has to guard future mother and to become a signal that it is necessary to ask urgently for the help the doctor.

Useful will be to reconsider the diet, it is better to remove salty, sweet, smoked and hot dishes from it as everything falls back into place. It is necessary to include in the diet eggs, nuts, cereals, vegetables and fruit. It is also possible to use adsorbents for clarification of intestines, for example, activated carbon. Its reception will help not only to lower an itch, but also to facilitate the toxicosis which is often arising during pregnancy.

It can appear on different terms of pregnancy and most often disturbs the pregnant woman at night when there are no distracting affairs and thoughts.

In most cases this synthetic linen and also the linen chosen not by the size.

All women face such phenomenon as periodic allocations from a vagina. During pregnancy such phenomenon is considered norm. The intensity of these allocations can be various as it depends on pregnancy term. Allocations in itself are not dangerous, but at excessive "humidity" in genitals they becomes the favorable environment for reproduction of various pathogenic organisms which activity causes appearance of an itch in a vagina at pregnancy.

In that case when the skin discomfort is caused by malfunctions in work of a liver, after passing of a number of inspections the doctor will appoint intake of such medicines as he karsit or to the essentsiala which will support a liver and if it also is followed by spasms then intake of medicine will be in addition registered but-shpa.

Most often the reason of a skin itch in a breast and a stomach is skin stretching as a result of preparation of mammary glands for the period of a lactation and growth of a fruit in a uterus. Skin becomes very dry and loses the elasticity, begins to itch.

To avoid developing of an itch in an intimate zone during pregnancy doctors recommend for stages of planning of motherhood to undergo careful inspection and to treat all available chronic diseases of sexual and uric systems. It is also important to organize correctly the food and to follow rules of personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, a skin itch at pregnancy, as well as discomfort in a vagina and back pass, can be not only the peculiar "complication" arising against the background of reorganization of an organism of future mother but also a symptom of any serious disease.

Sometimes there is small red rash & #8212; polymorphic dermatosis of pregnant women. This phenomenon except discomfort does not cause any harm to either the woman, or her future child and often passes by itself.

And one of the most often found unpleasant feelings arising during pregnancy the itch is.

The main ways of fight against skin and other itch are:

However with it it is possible and it is necessary to fight, the main thing - in due time to see a doctor and to observe all his recommendations.

Consumption of rather weak tea with a valerian or a motherwort will help to struggle with the severe, not allowing to sleep night itch. The angry sites of skin can be greased with special pharmaceutical means which the doctor, or processing of the itching sites castor oil has to appoint.

As it was already told above, it is important to distinguish a disease in time and to prevent its aggravation. When the true reason of an itch of skin or genitals is established, it is possible to be accepted with clear conscience to its treatment under control of the doctor.

The itch can be the response of an organism of the woman to the use of food allergens, especially during the spring and autumn period when women in the family way try "to eat" as much as possible "vitamins" to provide with them the growing organism at themselves in a womb.

Quite often unpleasant feelings disturb the woman and in the field of back pass. It delivers to the woman a lot of discomfort. Underwear which is worn by future mother too rather often is the reason of an itch at pregnancy in back pass and around genitals.

If unpleasant feelings are caused by any allergen, according to the recommendation of the doctor it is possible to use locally the medicinal ointments and gels on the basis of glucocorticoids having antiallergic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also recommended to include in a complex of treatment a hypoallergenic diet and to exclude further contact or consumption of allergen.

Besides, in summertime it is necessary to avoid overheating and drying of integuments in the sun.

Why there are these unpleasant feelings and whether it is possible to struggle with them?

If you faced inflammatory fungal damage of genitals, then in this case application of the antibiotics promoting suppression of activity of pathogenic microorganisms will be required. At recognition of the kandidozny vaginit purpose of local antifungal medicines will be required.

The first that the woman suffering from similar unpleasant feelings needs to make - to calm down and go to appointment. It is important to understand that only the doctor is capable to establish the true reason of appearance of a skin itch and discomfort in an intimate zone and to advise as it is possible to struggle with them and than to facilitate the state.

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