Life hack: house syrup will help at problems with digestion

Published: 27.5.2017
house syrup will help at problems with digestion

The majority of house syrups which we know are created for fight against cold, against throat diseases, against cough, an allergy, etc. And we will tell how to prepare house syrup which will help us to improve digestion.

Fennel, or fennel pharmaceutical, has poslablyayushchy effect, prevents locks, suppresses gas generation and an abdominal distension. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, it well helps at colitis and gastritis. And at last, it has a wonderful taste.

The people who do not have problems with digestion can also accept this syrup. It can be done for improvement of digestion after too plentiful meal.

You will be able to prepare this simple means which will help to fight against gas generation, an abdominal distension, the increased acidity, indigestion, etc.

How it is possible to get rid of problems with digestion?

This citrus fruit perfectly helps digestion. It facilitates digestion of fats and neutralizes excess of acid in a stomach. Therefore it is very good when it is necessary to struggle with the increased acidity and weight in a stomach.

This spice helps digestion, improving work of a liver and gall bladder. It possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerogenic action, is an analgetic and antioxidant. Therefore the turmeric always has to be in our diet.

We prepare syrup as follows:

Ginger improves release of gastric juice and facilitates digestion. It also helps to prevent possible nausea.

The following ingredients will be necessary for our curative syrup:

Thanks to the carminative action, mint prevents gas generation and an abdominal distension. It promotes relaxation of muscles of a stomach and very well helps when burning with a stomach and a gastric reflux.

Many suffer from problems with digestion and do not know that it is possible to get rid of them. Of course, it is not simple, the integrated approach including various aspects for this purpose will be required:

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Syrup preparation

To get rid of problems with digestion, it is necessary to accept syrup as follows:

Ceylon cinnamon & #8212; spice with numerous useful properties. It helps to improve release of gastric juice, regulates sugar level in blood, suppresses gas generation and prevents developing of ulcers because of excess of acid in gastric juice.

When problems with digestion have psychosomatic character, that is are connected with emotions and nerves, the melissa is ideal means. It also prevents gas generation, indigestion and an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

We will remind of useful properties of the ingredients which are a part of this syrup:


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