the Recipe for thick and magnificent on kefir, curdled milk or milk, is updated

Published: 25.5.2017
pancakes on yeast: the recipe for thick and magnificent on kefir, curdled milk or milk

There will be people who are not loving pancakes a little. Unless hostesses who should stand at a hot plate to make pleasant to the members of household. But it is not obligatory to bake thin pancakes. There are other recipes of thick and magnificent pancakes on yeast allowing both time to save, and house to please, and it is rational to use products.

Thick, magnificent, ruddy, sunlike kruglyash will not demand

many efforts, time and products. This dish was considered long since as very economical. The first recipe is offered to be taken as a basis. If you master it, then you will be able to think up own.

Warm up a little more frying pan. Oil it. Part dough with milk (water), it is possible too dense. Oil ready (not dietary) pancakes by means of a special brush or a piece of cotton wool. It is desirable to kindle it previously. Then the dish will be supermagnificent, podgy and appetizing. It is a pity, you will not manage to admire, uplenut everything to a raid!

We will provide the recipe which will allow to use the turned sour milk if did not follow order in the refrigerator. Actually, in a dish it is recommended to use kefir. But his hostesses often replace with curdled milk. Magnificent, toasted, thick and very tasty pancakes turn out.

We will repeat: the above-stated recipes have schematic character. Them it is possible and it is even necessary to adapt for the taste. And here, as to make it, let's sort. Read attentively, now to you secrets of high kitchen will open.

Oil is used generally for frying. But it is desirable for that who does not suffer from diets to use the recipe with its existence. Yeast loves fancy bread to which oil belongs. They feed on it if you did not know. Therefore dishes on yeast are good with "fat". Add a little oil to dough (there will be enough spoon).

We will talk about a dish on kefir, milk or curdled milk (water as a last resort) and yeast. Such pancakes look a little differently - they magnificent and thick, but not less tasty. They can quite replace a main course if to wrap up in magnificent kruglyash on kefir and yeast a meat, fish stuffing or any salad on a mayonnaise basis.

Rules for eggs. They are two:

The beauties watching the weight often refuse the described delicacy loved by children and men. "What magnificent and thick substitutes of bread can be!" - they in a fit of temper exclaim - "And a figure?". And here the Frenchman with nowadays known surname Dyukan, thought up how to please kapriznitsa. Its pancakes on yeast are useful to all who wish to lose weight. Did not know? You catch the recipe.

If something goes not so, then:

These wonderful pancakes, unfortunately, will not be especially magnificent. But any harm for a figure. Replace with them the bread which is strictly forbidden in a dyukanovsky diet. By the way, if there is no milk, use water, and better do a dietary dish on curdled milk or the fat-free kefir. The growing thin ladies eat greedily such delicacy with fowl or any fish and do not add gram. Check!

To make such culinary miracle will be required:

Process of production of a dietary miracle (pancakes without calories):

Time of frying of pancake if you did not master this process yet, is from one to two minutes from each party. They have to depart well from a frying pan surface, not stick.

It is good to grease ready kruglyash with butter. If you do not love the crackling edges, then cover a pile (for the microwave, for example). Then steam will be absorbed in the dried-up edges, and they will become softer.

The list of products for a stryapaniye of pancakes on yeast and milk is submitted is free. We will describe further rules of its drawing up that you could vary quantitative composition of ingredients. There is nothing difficult for the hostess in it.

If is not present dairy, then cook pancakes on water. To receive smart "holes", use mineral water. This nuance will make the dyukanovsky recipe almost exclusive. It is permissible to mix mineral water and milk. And here on curdled milk or kefir it is better not to experiment with pancakes.


These pancakes on curdled milk or kefir made on yeast turn out softer and perforated. Do not go too far only in beating of eggs, you will spoil a dish. This recipe is recommended to very busy ladies. It is simply impossible to damage it oversight. Miss the moment when dough approaches, - you remember and still wait.

For preparation of pancakes prepare:

The frying pan or the crock-pot (in it it is possible to make pancakes, the same recipe too) need to be warmed well. Otherwise dough will stick to a surface and will burn slightly. Dough for the crock-pot is recommended to be done on curdled milk. Also do not forget to add to it to a fat that did not stick to a pan when you begin to fry.

It is necessary to include in structure of magnificent pancakes equally liquids and torments. Noticed what in dietary delicacy consulted to add starch? He acts there as gluten which is not enough in bran. But also it is desirable to put a starch spoon in usual pancakes. They will be more magnificent, bubbly and thick.

Preparation process:

Chocolate, cottage cheese with raisin and condensed milk or jam will be to the taste to sweet teeth more.

Preparation process:


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