Why Morgan Freeman has to wear a glove on the left hand, amusing

Published: 21.5.2017
why Morgan Freeman has to wear a glove on the left hand

If you Morgan Freeman's admirer, then you, most likely, noticed a glove which the actor sometimes wears on the left hand. Mister Freeman was noticed in a glove on awards of Guild of screen actors in 2018 and at several other ceremonies, but for what he puts on it?

& #171; There Is a sense of such changes. I have to pass to other things, to other ideas of myself. I play golf. I still work. And I can be very happy, simply walking on земле».

Mr. Freeman hardly accepts loss of function in his left hand (he is a lefthander, by the way). He had to refuse some hobbies, but he did not stop playing into cinema. The actor said in an interview which he gave to the Esquire magazine in 2012:

Accident broke Morgan Freeman's hand, but it did not break his spirit. To the actor 80, and, apparently, he is not going to leave in the nearest future. We hope to see a lot more movies with the person who acted in such cult movies as, Escape from the Shawshank, Bruce Vsemogushchy, the Dark Knight, and in many other remarkable movies.

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In 2008 Mr. Freeman got into a car accident as a result of which his left shoulder, an elbow and a hand suffered. Doctors operated at the actor the left hand within several hours, and the initial forecast was good & #8212; it had to restore function of a hand in several years.

Nevertheless, 10 years later, the left hand of the actor is still paralyzed, and he has to wear the special supporting glove to stimulate blood circulation in a hand. The star also suffers from from pain of the fibromialgiya influencing his left hand.

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