Popular : 6 methods of application which will surprise you

Published: 15.5.2017
salt and water: 6 methods of application which will surprise you

The nature will never cease to surprise us. Among natural means it is possible to find everything that can it is required for daily needs and also for treatment of different diseases. At you is at home salt? The silly question, of course is!

2. Means against fatigue of eyes

4. Means for disinfecting of wounds and cuts

Repeat 3 & #8212; 4 times a day and you will see as gradually the throat will disturb you less and less, and the health will improve.

aft usually deficiency of B12 vitamin or iron, decrease in protective forces of an organism or even just genetic factor is the reason of emergence.

Did you wake up with tired eyes, they swelled up and are inflamed? Do not worry. There is an effective remedy which, besides, very just in preparation and is economic. Now we will tell you as to prepare it.

Whether there is an alternative? Try means on the basis of salt. Are sure, with it you receive good results.

Add 5 g of table salt to a glass of water and well mix. Then rinse a throat salty water of 10 minutes, without swallowing.

You need just to wash a wound with warm salty water. Repeat this procedure 3 times a day and you are convinced how next day inflammation will decrease.

Try a natural way of treatment aft: after toothbrushing, rinse a mouth salty water. If you do it 3 times a day, afta will begin to live much quicker.

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Do you come home with the tired and swelled legs? There are no problems, less than in half an hour you will feel much better. For this purpose you need only water, salt, a tray and several minutes for deserved rest.

5. Salt and water will help to take off fatigue of legs

Today in our article we will share with you six extremely practical and effective methods of application of salt.

If dandruff happens at you often, are sure, you noticed how anti-dandruff shampoos for frequent use overdry hair.

It should be tried!

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Before resorting to alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen, try to use salty water to process any wound. You will see, this means yields good results.

Many people suffer from dandruff. It not only causes the naggers, but also extremely not esthetically looks.

Many doctors recommend to rinse a throat salty water. This means helps to treat infections and promotes fast recovery and removal of painful symptoms in a throat which usually accompany an allergy, cold or flu.

The sore throat brings a lot of concern. We lose a voice, we suffer from the fever and fatigue connected with the general infectious processes in an organism, characteristic of the autumn and winter period. What can we make?

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