at the request of chitaty: what is a couperosis on a face of the reason and treatment

Published: 13.5.2017
what is a couperosis on a face of the reason and treatment

The skin disease to which not inflammatory expansion of blood vessels and capillaries is characteristic is called a couperosis. Though, it bears harm for our health, female Women’ portal; s Time recommends to find out what it is a couperosis on a face, what reasons of emergence and ways of treatment of this illness. The problem has rather esthetic character, girls with this disease carefully try to hide inflammation by means of cosmetics (foundation, concealers and powder). It is not necessary to be the expert to understand that thus they hammer to themselves a time.

the Couperosis on a face is shown by

owing to developments of stagnation in skin capillaries. People with chronic diseases, a hormonal imbalance, frequent stay in the sun and consumption of unhealthy food are more subject to an illness. Externally the couperosis looks as a flush on cheeks and a nose, but if to consider closer, then it will be possible to see the expressed capillary patterns. Such skin grows old quicker, loses the elasticity and a tone, in additives gray color is gained. Agree, prospects so-so. Therefore, it is better not to put a solution away for later, and to be engaged in treatment of a disease and elimination of the prime causes right now.

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From saloon procedures which can cure a couperosis on a face it is possible to allocate the following: mesotherapy, hardware lymphatic drainage, ozonic and phototherapy. Completely to get rid of a problem, it will be required to keep to a special diet (under the ban many sweets, pastries, fried, salty, fast food get). If you decide to consult with the cosmetologist, most likely, he will advise you to buy special cosmetics on personal care which possesses toning, sosudoukreplyayushchy and nutritious properties. Functions can be different: from reduction of manifestation before prevention of aggravation of a problem.

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If to try to find in the Internet the effective recipe how to cure a couperosis on a face in the national ways, high probability that to you will advise to use tonic from a camomile, kalendulovy ointment and a mask on the basis of crude potatoes. Well massage which improves microcirculation and does not allow a lymph to stand in tissues of a human body helps. To get rid of an illness in the shortest possible time and without negative consequences, it is desirable to ask for the help the expert who will carry out diagnostics and will appoint to you treatment proceeding from your specific features.

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