Weather and water temperature in Sukhumi and other cities in October a season 2019, interesting

Published: 11.5.2017
rest in Abkhazia: weather and water temperature in Sukhumi and other cities in October a season of 2019

October in Abkhazia is one of the most unpredictable periods. Therefore precisely to tell what weather in a certain year it will be difficult. At the same time there are certain trends which should be noted.

Water temperature is couple degrees colder to

than air temperature. Thus right at the beginning water is closer to 22-23 degrees. In the middle water temperature about 20 degrees is established, by November decreases till 17-19.

Since this period air temperature smoothly decreases to 20-22 degrees on average and by November is about twenty degrees.

At the same time in the mornings and to evenings can become it is cool, in particular after the middle of October.

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It is the for this purpose best of all to go to a holiday which takes place in the Gudauta district in the territory of the village of Lykhna and if you do not manage to go there, then you can find similar action in the east of the country in the territory of Ochamchirsky district.

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October, in essence, is the first month of fall in solar Abkhazia. If at the beginning of a month still warmly, the genial sunshine and the warm sea, then gradually shines, weather begins to spoil. The fall comes to the end of October to Abkhazia.

The most popular resorts of the country are Gagra, Sukhumi and New Athos. In general average temperature in October is about 20 degrees there, only in Gagra is a little colder, but this fact is caused by sea winds.

In many respects October Abkhazia is similar to May, but May is stabler in respect of weather. In October in Abkhazia the velvet season, that is it is quite comfortable for tourism, but days become not such hot and sometimes walks and excursions become a relevant alternative to beach vacation.

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It should be noted an opportunity to go to the New Athos monastery and on the Blue lake. There are surprising natural beauty. Of course, it is interesting to walk across warm Sukhumi - the city which history contains about two thousand years.

As it is told earlier, October in Abkhazia is changeable. Therefore before a trip it is expedient to look at what information meteorologists for this year provide.

At the beginning of a month daytime temperatures are about 23-25 degrees, but air can easily get warm also up to 27 degrees.

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If summer rains generally expect to fall as short-term showers, then autumn rains are a drizzling long rainfall. In such time umbrellas and waterproof clothes will surely be necessary for tourists.

Therefore in the evening, it is necessary to have warm clothes and footwear for heating, and better to spend the night with the switched-on heater.

October will please vacationers with a wide choice of local vegetables and fruit - in the beginning month there will be the first persimmon, and after it citrus and other fruit, in particular tangerines and oranges will begin to keep up. In addition you will be able to indulge yourself with fresh kiwis and a feijoa.

Nevertheless, in general this period is quite pleasant for rest and for cozy measured rest October Abkhazia represents quite interesting option.

In October through the whole country pick grapes, and this fact gives you a magnificent opportunity to enjoy not only fresh berries, but also young wine.

It is interesting:

Not to lose with beach vacation, the best to choose territories is warmer. In Abkhazia it:

Weather in Abkhazia differs in the fall from summer not only air fall of temperature. There is a high-quality change of the dropping-out rainfall. Unfortunately the strong wind blowing at this time and storm weather, not always dispose to bathing in the high sea. Therefore lying on the beach can prefer mountain excursions to falls, tracking and cycle tourism. At this time rains will not wash out the road and not really hot yet.

Average temperature of sea water is about twenty one degrees of heat, but at the beginning of October, as a rule, it is more. The bathing period comes to the end only at the beginning of November.

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The sea at this time as not strange quite warm, it is even warmer than at the beginning of summer as well accumulates heat for a hot season.

Daytime temperature in October on average fluctuates within 17-25 degrees of heat, night time temperatures fall to eleven degrees.


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