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Published: 9.5.2017
the rock: rest in the Crimea on the sea, the description and features of tourism

The settlement the Rock is in the south of the Crimea between Gurzuf and Alushta to the west of the settlement of Partenit. The distance from Simferopol makes 62 km. This settlement is unique. The first buildings were built here before revolution of 1017, and the earth was in possession of the princess Gagarina.

In east part of the settlement.

Were in the Rock and Partenita. Unambiguously better, than in Alushta. It is less people, more purely, the nature beautiful.

In the settlement the Rock it is possible to visit At the Katyusha cafe, coffee shop of Robinzon hotel, Santa Barbara and Korona restaurants. I recommend to fans of seafood Verona hotel restaurant. There serve smart sea allsorts, the dishes from a rapan, a flounder and the red mullet.

In the Rock with public transport not really, except bus No. 111 of Alushta. All the rest goes only on Yuzhnoberezhnoye Highway. To this highway & #8212; or on foot, or by the taxi. And it kilometer 4 uphill.

From Alushta route No. 111 to the Rock goes, but not really there is a lot of flights, only 7 from 08:00 of 18:00. The bus departs from a stop near bus station of Alushta. There is a lot of people, happens so what not to get.

Rest in the Rock in the Crimea budgetary it is impossible to call also the private sector, it is generally presented by apartments. If you manage to find the announcement of rent of the room in the apartment, then you were lucky. There is a lot of persons interested to have a rest, and the rare announcement of delivery of the room begins from 600 rubles.

From the airport there is no transport to resorts, but it goes from the old terminal. It is possible to reach to it by trolleybuses 20, 17. Interval of 10 minutes.

In the Crimea along Yuzhnoberezhnoye Highway very picturesque is expensive.

Between these resorts there are also suburban messages. If you go from bus station-2, then the trolleybus and the bus to Gurzuf and Yalta makes a stop in the settlement the Small Beacon, from there distance to the Rock of 4 km on mountain serpentines and it is possible to reach on a lift or the taxi.

Very beautiful view opens from the cape Plaka, Partenit is visible all.

The sea in the Rock good, clean when does not storm. There are beaches with plates, depth of meter 3, a ladder as in the pool at once. To fans of pebble beaches & #8212; it is necessary to pass on the embankment of meters 100 on a straight line without hills, there will be 4 such beaches.

The order of the taxi is the fastest way to reach in the Crimea the Rock on rest. Trip cost about 25 rub for kilometer also varies from the operator whom you address. At the airport there are official racks of the order of the taxi, it is also possible to order in advance online Simferopol the Airport  the Rock.

Rock & #8212; the beautiful settlement in the Crimea. Here everything is compact, and buildings are built very closely to each other. In the settlement leisure and entertainments is well developed. Rest shortcomings of the Rock of the Crimea on the seashore it is possible to call complexity to reach on public transport and narrow beaches.

If it was not succeeded to get on the minibus at the airport of Simferopol, the only option it is necessary to reach to Kurortnaya bus station-2. It is possible to make it by trolleybuses No. 17, 20 and buses No. 49, 49A. It is also possible to get on the bus to any resort, all of them stop on bus station of Simferopol. From the station of bus station a large number of buses in all directions, including to Partenit, Gurzuf and Alushta goes.

I live in Partenita, near the Rock, the vacation spot, the fact that it is necessary, the sea nearby, coniferous parks, sanatorium, the cleanest sea, I recommend))

It is possible to reach east part of the Crimean peninsula, having resorted to a route through Krymsky Bridge.

The resort the Rock occupies the small space about 1,5 km, and practically all buildings are densely located on the first coastline. They are divided into two parts: inhabited constructions and hotel.

We had a rest several years in a row. Beaches are small, as well as everywhere on YuBK. There are shops, including signature Massandra. We lived in the private sector in the top part of the settlement, at the sea drove the car, descent to the sea abrupt.

For rest in the Rock in the Crimea infrastructure is not bad developed. There is a large number of entertaining and pleasure institutions. Practically all constructions modern also have beautiful facades. From the sea the settlement looks beautifully and, having seen its first time, you will understand not at once that it in Russia. He reminds some Italian town, like Portofino rather, but with modern constructions and without bay.

These beaches were placed in the western part of the settlement and occupy the territory of 150-200 meters. On the characteristics differ in nothing from sector 2.

In the settlement the Rock about ten beaches, all of them small and narrow as the settlement densely adjoins to the coastline. Majority of beaches private. Let's consider those beaches where the entrance is available to most of tourists on vacation in the Rock in the Crimea.

The only unpleasant moment on sheds & #8212; so this existence there treatment facilities and if in the first line near the sea the smell is not heard, then in the second line it is. And so place quite good.

In the Rock in the Crimea it is possible to visit cafe and restaurants. Cheap it is possible to eat in the dining room, from 250 rub

In the Rock for rest in the Crimea there is a large number of hotels from 3 stars. The prices begin from 1800 rub. These are hotels the Country house of "Al-Martin", "Paradise", "Seagull", Inter Hotel.

All other beaches of the settlement the Rock in the Crimea on the seashore private and the entrance on them is not allowed for rest. That know what institutions have the beaches, we list them from the East on the West, passing already listed beaches: Arcadia, "Lotus", "Crown", Santa Barbara, beaches of private possession, Atlantic, "Rock".

From Kurortnaya bus station-2 buses and trolleybuses to Alushta, Gurzuf and Yalta go.

In the settlement the Rock on vacation in the Crimea it is possible to rent apartment, studio, apartments or a cottage. The prices of the one-room apartment or studio begin from 1500-1700 rub. It is possible to rent a cottage which will be a little removed from the sea from 2000 rub

It is possible to diversify in the Rock rest in the Crimea with excursions to other cities of the peninsula and survey of their sights.

So, "monthly card" to the Crimea includes:

The sea is near, the huge embankment, shops etc., Alushta 15 km, Yalta 20 км…

The Rock and rest in the Crimea in this place is considered the main attraction of the resort the palace of the princess Gagarina which founded the settlement here. The palace has the large territory, including the great park.

It is possible to reach the Rock on rest in the Crimea by train. There is no railway station in the Rock. As well as on all the Southern Coast of the Crimea. Trains from the mainland do not go to the Crimea. So if there is a wish to get to the Crimea, then it is necessary to buy so-called "monthly card". He acts only from April 30 to September 30, and sales open in 2 months. Whether it is worth saying that to buy tickets very difficult, considering that all of them to Anapa or Krasnodar, and there demand and so not small during the summer period. Train tickets

Climate in the settlement the Rock dry, hot is also similar to climate of the Mediterranean. Stem of thermometer often exceeds a mark of +30 degrees during peak of a resort season. The humidity is moderate, and rainfall drops out seldom, often in the form of heavy pouring rains.

Beaches of sheds are located in east part of the settlement between Mechta and Zolotaya rybka hotel. They were stretched on distance of 300 meters, in width of 10 meters. Here too there is all infrastructure for rest in the Rock in the Crimea at the sea. Beaches represent concrete ledges with floorings. It is possible to go down in the sea on ladders, or just to dive from these ledges. Beaches are easily recognized as they are painted in yellow, blue, green and orange colors. Between these concrete ledges everyone on the stairs can accommodate.

In the settlement there are several good restaurants where it is possible to spend magnificent evening.

Guest houses in the settlement Utyos in the Crimea for rest are in tens and the most popular & #8212; it is a shed hotels on the seashore. The prices in them begin from 1500 rub. It should be taken into account the guest house "Lagoon", a shed Santa Barbara, a shed "42", Utyos cooperative on Princess Gagarina St. 25/1, "Cosiness" and "The seventh sky".

This beach is in the most east part of the settlement near the sanatorium beach "Rock". The beach wild is also a standard for all wild beaches. Here strong winds as the coast is covered with the cape do not blow and there are no strong waves because of breakwaters of the beach of nearby sanatorium. Stony and pebble structure. Water in the sea crystal-clear. There are no infrastructure and entertainments.

To reach the Crimea, the Rock on rest it is possible by plane. The next air harbor accepting civil flights from the whole country is in 62 km from the settlement in Simferopol. Now in Simferopol the new terminal works, all flights arrive there.

It is also possible to reach on the minibuses Fly& bus to Alushta, and then by bus No. 111. In the arrival hall it is possible to buy the ticket at once.

Beautiful place. Cape Plaka, palace of the princess and park zone. But on a slope.

Our most favourite place. Lived on the first line as houses, all near at hand, and with children conveniently, especially with a carriage. Were there not one year, and still surely we will go)))

In our case - it is Yalta or Simferopol, and further the bus to the Rock or the trolleybus to the Small Beacon. After September 30 it is necessary to go independently from Anapa or Krasnodar to the Crimea. From Anapa the way is shorter.

In the Rock it is cool, beautiful, compact as in Europe. But with the beach not really & #8212; small and bulk. Children need slippers-korallki, legs painfully even to me. They say, there are problems in the sewerage. Though I did not notice. In 2014 were there, in general & #8212; well. But we across all big Yalta rode from the Rock a car. The palace of the prince Gagarina unless, to the route decently on foot on the serpentine there is no place to descend especially, there.

And with children conveniently? Whether is within walking distance?

So-called Santa Barbara. The specific town, the site of the coastline which is densely built up in several tiers. Around concrete. Well from the highway quite lousy is also expensive. The sanatorium the Rock & #8212 is near; good park and beach.

In east part of the settlement it is possible to rent pass segways for movement on the embankment or just to drive. But in the evening on the narrow embankment it is not recommended to be done.

Tell me please who had a rest in the Rock. Your impressions? How the sea, is a lot of people?

On the embankment in the Rock there are shops, cafe. The prices as everywhere on YuBK. For example, beer local casting from 70 rub for 0,5 l, a portion of pilaf of 250 rub, pizza from 250 to 850 rub

These beaches were stretched on small distance, about 300-400 meters from hotels and the beaches "At the Katyusha" from the East and "Sail" from the western part of the settlement. The structure of the beach - small and large pebble, width is 10 meters. Owing to the fact that beaches very narrow, on them there is not a lot of the place therefore here it is always rather small. There are necessary infrastructure and water attractions. Near the beach there is a small island in the sea (one more sign how to find the beach). On this island it is possible to pass on a breakwater and to sunbathe there.

The ticket needs to be bought to Alushta, and from there from bus station buses go to the Rock. It is possible to buy the ticket for the passing bus to the Small Beacon, but from Yuzhnoberezhnoye Highway to the Rock it is necessary to pass 4 km down.


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