At requests of readers: registration of a working visa to Italy for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians

Published: 7.5.2017
registration of a working visa to Italy for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians

The average salary in the world is counted by the International Labour Organization. Italy takes in the list of the countries the 9th place with the sum of 3200 US dollars (for 2019). The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development considers average annual salary, according to it Italy takes the 22nd place with the sum of 33 000-36 000 dollars. Respectively, it is about 28 000 euros a year or 2 300 - in a month.

Including it is about a guarantee of granting a workplace to each citizen of the EU.

And whether the ophthalmologist from Russia can find in Italy work?

It is much easier for spouses of citizens of Italy to find work, but it is necessary to learn well language and to be ready to the fact that if there is no family business, then it is necessary to begin with something not really profitable. The main thing, you have a family and financial guarantees, it will encourage during search or any failures.

The labor law in the EU is constantly updated for the purpose of improvement of social life of the citizens, increase in the standard of living and her satisfaction in general.

Cabinetmaker. Experience & #8212; 20 years. Professional education. Design of SOLID W. Mail: HONESTANTIK@GMAIL.COM.

All EU countries more or less evened out in a question of employment of immigrants: first, annual their reception quotas are introduced, secondly, receiving a working visa represents quite difficult process for future worker, that is all documents can be as it should be, but will be refused the visa (without explanations). But since 2012 the mode of registration of a working visa was simplified for educated and even highly skilled employees, calling this process "issue of the blue map".

For all categories there will be the niche and suitable vacancies. The best working conditions and highly paid positions are received by citizens of the first category:

If term is less than 90 days, then the type of the visa changes on C, and then it is necessary to present:

The working visa to Italy can become "conductor" to obtaining the residence permit in one of the best European Union countries. To go abroad to work in 2019, and especially to Europe, it is necessary to receive the special visa.

And as for the experts invited, payment usually makes from 3 500 euros, housing or a discount for its rent is often provided. Families with children settle closer to kindergartens, schools and also make out a complex insurance on all members. It is ideal option of moving or temporary labor experience which is useful in the homeland in the future.

It is possible to file documents or personally to Muscovites and residents of the area, or by proxy the Russian Federation, (notarized) for citizens of other regions (it is necessary to look at requirements to documents on the website of consular service).

Today norms to which are obliged to follow both employers, and workers are accurately stated in the Law on work. Also it is told about compensations in different cases, guarantees from the state and regulations of work of labor unions.

Similar to documents on the first category for actors, only the contract is submitted both in the original, and in the copy. The consulate general has the right to ask additional documents and guarantees, and, above all, you have to make an impression of the adequate reliable citizen without intention to remain in Italy illegally.

For the Russians and other east Europeans going to work to Italy, the market of vacancies is very limited. Let's consider what waits for our fellow citizens even with the higher education.

It is possible to learn Italian in parallel. For foreign students there is permission to work a half of day, and this beginning of a way.

Certainly, salary in Italy for personal and others' varies within this sum, but in practice salary for Italians is 25-50% higher, than for the Russian or other immigrants.

It can be treated so: two persons with identical education and competence, one of them the foreigner apply for one vacant position, everyone has a work permit in Italy, but the citizen of the EU will be accepted.

Since 1957 (the conclusion of the Roman contract), further in 1987 (signing of the Uniform European act), and little changes nearly annually are still made to separate articles.

The immigration law of the European Union countries (further - the EU) controls tightly inflow of foreign citizens who intend "to mount upon a neck" and to bring subsequently all the numerous family. Lately immigrants are perceived in EU countries in bayonets because of "holes" on borders in some the states entering it.

Help to arrive and what already to begin that with, where to go to address whom, I do not know language, but it is ready to learn to work. What my first steps. Money no, I in Russia the obor is single the highest 40 years.

I am interested in the employers who are completely paying everything necessary expenses for hiring with the subsequent gradual deduction from salary. I am a citizen of Georgia, it is stress-resistant and efficient. Philologist-specialist in Russian philology. Education: Minsk, BGU MAPRYAL & #8212; postgraduate study: East Slavic languages, comparative grammar of East Slavic languages; Eshko & #8212; tourism, management, business. Bases of Turkish of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, a special course by a technique of teaching Russian to foreigners prof. Chumak L. (Minsk BGU MAPRYAL), regional geography, forms of out-of-class occupations, lectures on foreign literature. Experience in the international organizations and the universities of Georgia. The sphere of tourism, hotel business interests.

ќписка… in a kvistura. And badant.

And for seasonal work (in hotel) for 3 months Nulla is necessary? I have tourist Schengen for 5 years. Same it is dangerous & #8212; to go and work on it?

We with the husband look for work. Builders, the license of category In, About WhatsApp, Viber: +797771360492

Unfortunately, with your qualification it is not real to find the employer who would pay your moving to Italy and, especially, provided food and accommodation. Even with the subsequent payment from salary. But if you are able to arrive to Italy and to receive the residence permit, then to find work in travel agency as the guide or in hotel of the maid (with the subsequent increase), perhaps. Best of all the cities entering the TOP for visit of tourists from Russia are suitable for search of similar work (Bari, Matyora, Venice, Rome).

At first it is worth dividing all vacancies into categories of applicants:

Thanks to it it will receive grants from the state on training of the personnel. And here if you already crossed the border in 45 years and at the same time have no education, then nobody will become interested in you, except police. Most often potential pensioners are tried to be deported in time.

For the Russian candidates wishing to go to work to Italy in 2019 special departments in Consulate General in Moscow and St. Petersburg are created.

How I will be able to find work and the reliable person who will be able to send me the visa?

How long to wait for the working invitation to Italy? Someone is competent of this question?

It is not dangerous. If you have a purpose & #8212; to earn money, learn language, find acquaintances who work "badant". They, in turn, will find to you the elderly person and a minimum which you will receive first - 700 euros. But language should be learned!

The girl, read attentively. There it is written & #8212; if crosses border after 45!

Very long. It is possible and not to wait.

Work is urgently necessary, the real sponsor is necessary (with deduction from salary). For me will not rust. Gather in WhatsApp: +998915015445, now the majority is afraid to be sponsored because swindlers много…

Work for illegal immigrants can be following:

At the moment your desire is impracticable.

It is necessary to know Italian at the level not below colloquial, and then vacancies of staff of shops, stalls, assistants, secretaries and many others will be open for you. For example, at Catholic churches there are charitable organizations helping to find work as the visitor to foreigners.

Nobody in Italy after 45 years is deported. Thousand Moldavians of this age work, and everything is good, do not mislead people!

Registration of a working visa for a period of 90 days depends on work type:

I look for seasonal work in Italy. Tell whether it is possible?

Everything that you were told - the truth. You will not be able to receive the visa. And if receive, then you will remove restaurant - the hall or kitchen, most likely both the hall, and kitchen, and the territory, adjacent to restaurant. Or you thought that in 45 years, without language and knowledge of dishes, you will work as the cook or, as a last resort, the waitress? If the fate smiles to you, and all of you will get to Italy, then know, the only working tool which you should master & #8212; this bucket and rag.

The second category of citizens is doomed to low-paid work until they are not legalized in the country. It is possible to make it though it is difficult as on border at a departure the mean frontier guard can get and put a stamp about violation of the rules of stay in the country on a tourist Italian visa. If everything was, then you receive a working visa and come back to Italy.

Both categories are divided into standard process of registration and for actors.

Each employer knows about this condition, it is impossible to bypass it as, making out the invitation to work to the foreigner, from the employer documents on consideration of the summary and holding an interview with local candidates will demand.

Certainly that if you never worked, there is no education, but you are in Italy legally, then you can try as the individual entrepreneur. At first informally, as a hobby which you want to turn into business: production of objects of a decor, baking of cakes, remote orders online, etc.

I look for work as the painter in Italy, experience more than 15 years. I do not smoke, I do not drink. I study Italian. Citizenship of Ukraine. It is possible the nurse. Viber or WhatsApp: +79771360492

It is obvious that almost all vacancies are relevant only for young people, but it and plus as the employer can note, invite you already officially.

To find work in Europe with the Russian medical education very difficult. They do not trust us something in it, it is necessary to work at first as the nurse and then to take examinations for qualification. I think if there is really wide experience, then it is possible to work in the specialty at once.

The seasonal workers coming on earnings to such industries as tourism, harvesting and agriculture can count on 700 euros a month. Sellers of shops or general workers receive a little above - at most 1 300 euros.

I officially worked in Italy seven years at seasonal works. Whether give quotas for the Russian workers now whether there is some opportunity to go to work legally?

Regions of Italy also receive the different average salary: in the north it is higher, than in the south, and unemployment rate is distributed similarly.

You write that it is possible to arrive by the invitation. But how you will answer that I found the employer having restaurant, and he agrees to make to me the invitation, but in the apartment told that do not do to Russians the contract on because of the sanctions inflicted on Russia? And as it is told above, women after 45 work at cleaning. Where truth?


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