Life hack: conditioner from a flax for strengthening of hair

Published: 5.5.2017
conditioner from a flax for strengthening of hair

One of the best natural means for a hair reconstruction & #8212; it is conditioner from a flax. He looks after hair and feeds them, doing beautiful and shining.

How to use conditioner from a flax?

To derive a benefit maximum from this means, it is very important to conform to the following rules:

Bring water to boiling and add flax seeds. In two minutes remove water from fire. When mix a little thickens, filter broth to remove from it seeds. Add three tablespoons of lemon juice (thanks to it it will be longer stored) to ready conditioner, and pour means in a bottle with the spray.

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A flax is a natural source fat an omega-3 of acids, vitamin E and vitamins of group B.

Useful properties of a flax for strengthening of hair

As you already for certain know, a flax is rich with the oils and nutrients useful to health therefore conditioner from a flax is ideal for food, moistening and a hair reconstruction.

Besides, it is ideal for hair dressing and improves their structure, does not allow them to be fluffy or sputyvatsya. You will not need to untangle koltuna any more, pulling out hair.

It is required to you:

This natural means is made of available and inexpensive ingredients, it is very easy to prepare it.

In additives, a flax promotes healing of wounds and burns and has antibacterial effect.

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Today in the market there is a set of the means for care of hair intended to mask damages and to give to hair healthy and beautiful view.

As to prepare it:

How to prepare conditioner from a flax?

That hair preparation did not deteriorate, do not forget to add to it juice of a lemon and to store in the refrigerator.

We do not recommend to you to do at once a large number as without artificial preservatives it can be stored only two weeks. You store it in the clean and densely closed bottle.

Nevertheless, it is absolutely optional to spend a lot of money for care products for itself. There is cheaper alternative which yields the same result, strengthening hair and helping them to look perfectly.

Conditioner from a flax possesses not only cosmetic effect, it also moistens hair, prevents their loss and promotes growth. Also it is rich with nutrients which prevent skin presenilation.


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