Closing of nails wax and gel in house conditions, the most interesting

Published: 3.5.2017
closing of nails wax and gel in house conditions

Many girls like to make experiments and various cosmetic procedures independently. The closing session in house conditions demands patience, skill and rather free time. Also this procedure not one-time, achievement of desirable effect requires its repetition.

Closing of nails wax - one of the most popular types of treatment and strengthening of a nail plate. Means on the basis of beeswax have the bactericidal and softening property and also remove inflammation and add to a marigold healthy color and gloss. Closing of nails by means of wax is recommended at their stratifying, in the presence of cracks and damages of a plate and also for treatment and restoration after building.

Having summed up the result It is necessary to tell that the procedure of closing of a marigold quite expensive, but effect of it just tremendous. You forever refuse extension of artificial nails in favor of the natural protecting materials.

Implementation of this procedure can be carried out by two ways at home: by means of oils and wax either gel or biogel. They are distinguished by the material price, manipulation duration, existence of necessary tools and preference of the hostess of a marigold.

The instruction for closing of nails has to be observed by gel step by step, otherwise you risk to receive not that you expect. After all marigold is processed and sealed, it is possible to pass to creation of design, or just to apply oil for mitigation of a cuticle.

It is necessary to tell that closing of nails by means of gel - quite fast procedure, in comparison with usual building, and the result from it is not worse at all. Your marigold will take the beautiful form and strong structure after carrying out similar manipulation.

For this purpose to carry out closing of nails by gel, it is necessary to have certain tools and at least initial knowledge of the equipment of a vykladyvaniye of various gel structures on nails. This way of strengthening of own nail plate is more widespread in manicure salons.

Closing of nails came to us from Japan and is the integral SPA-procedure of manicure which is very popular in this country. The similar type of strengthening of a nail plate is not so widespread in Russia as has quite high cost.


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