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Published: 1.5.2017
of feature of education in Mexico for foreigners in 2019

Every year migrants have more and more reasons to move to Mexico. This country is famous not only the beautiful nature and warm climate, but also high quality of life at very reasonable prices (both on food, and on housing). Therefore it is impossible to call the idea to get an education in Mexico bad. Yes, the diploma issued by higher education institution of this country will hardly open before you doors of the largest international companies. However, having made some efforts, you can become the true professional in the sphere chosen by you.

Should not trust the stereotypes saying that Mexico & #8211; the country of slums where purposeful, clever and wealthy people have nothing to do. Yes, 100 years ago the vast majority of the population was illiterate, besides in the country, alas, the problem with crime is still not solved. However the government makes efforts in order that the state developed, first of all in the economic plan, and supports such industries as mining and tourism.

It is necessary to watch closely an expiration date of documents & #8211; having broken migration regime, you risk to lose the right for entry into Mexico for the next 5-10 years.

Do you go to Mexico for study in flight school or to a training among participants of the international program which will be organized by one of numerous firms? Then additional documents can be necessary for you. For example, the certificate of lack of criminal record or a number of health certificates (about absence of dangerous infectious diseases).

It should be noted that neither in a day nursery, nor do not learn to read, consider and write in kindergartens of children. The main objective of teachers of these institutions consists in development of interest of the child in the world around and assistance in its socialization. Therefore in kindergarten children play the most part of time with each other under the leadership of the tutor.

For citizens of the CIS who want that their child got an education "as in the homeland" there is a school at Embassy of the Russian Federation in Mexico. There children of diplomats, and can study at a contractual basis & #8211 free of charge; any Russian-speaking citizens.

If at you it did not turn out to become the scholar at the first year, do not despair and try to earn as much as possible excellent estimates & #8211; then you will be monthly given $450 (to future doctors of science & #8211; $570). Also you will be able to receive the free health insurance and to issue the preferential travel card. As for grants on researches, the government of Mexico assumes their receiving in the following directions:

At the moment the average salary of the Mexican living in the large city is $1 000. At the same time the government provides various privileges: for example, even the foreign pensioners who issued the residence permit receive the free medical insurance, and level of service of the population in hospitals and policlinics rather high.

Colleges and the universities of Mexico are open both for locals, and for the migrants who received certificates about the general average, secondary vocational or higher education in the homeland. In total in the country there are over 1 200 higher educational institutions, generally they are located in big cities. At the same time at the largest National autonomous university which is in Mexico City a half of all Mexican students studies.

Even in the best higher education institutions of the country the cost of one year of training seldom exceeds $1 800, besides educational institutions which are actively attracting foreigners (including on exchange), sometimes allow to study in general for $150 a year (the minimum collecting).

Naturally, upon termination of higher education institution to prolong the student's visa it will not turn out any more, however it does not mean that you by all means will lose the residence permit and you will have to return home. One of ways to gain a foothold in the country for 2-4 years & #8211; to continue training, having come to a postgraduate study or doctoral studies. One more way & #8211; to begin to build career. Foreigner, besides graduate of the Mexican higher education institution, & #8211; the person, obviously, purposeful so for certain employers will have demanded his candidate. Therefore try at least for half a year before release "to look after" to itself a position, and then at once make out a working visa.

It is possible to enter the Mexican university, having chosen one of two ways. The first is relevant for young immigrants of 15-22 years: they at first can end local "preparatoriya" (the highest level of high school & #8211; 10-12 classes) then to file documents on the same bases, as citizens of the country. And it is possible to secure with the notarized translation of the certificate which is available for you and/or the diploma and to pass the next examinations:

As of 2017 98% of locals are considered as competent. Special attention is paid to training of children at the age of 6-12 years (1-6 classes). Upon termination of the 7th class and at entering a higher education institution young Mexicans are obliged to take examinations.

However it should be taken into account that to combine study and work (at least, on legal grounds), at you it will not turn out & #8211; the student's visa to Mexico does not grant the right for employment.

Sometimes there are situations when the student leaves institute, but does not want to leave the country at once (for example "to look after" to itself the new place of study or work). In that case the visa can be replaced from student's with guest.

Also it is necessary to understand that $150-1 800 a year & #8211; it is the sum which did not include indirect expenses. So, only one place in the hostel will cost the student $200 a month, and rent of the room/apartment & #8211; even more expensively. Fortunately, diligent students can cover a part of expenses, having received a grant or a grant on researches.

Getting a grant from the government of Mexico, it is necessary to take care on the homeland, having found out what programs of support are implemented by the government of your country. So, in Russia since 2015 students of the Mexican university college can achieve material support first of all. If you go to the country on exchange (that is already you study in some higher education institution), it is necessary to ask a similar question in dean's office.

To make a choice from more than 1 200 higher education institutions, especially in other country, it is hard. Therefore we made the rating of the Mexican higher educational institutions where it is worth filing documents first of all. Now the most known universities of Mexico are:

Upon termination of institute you can use also other ways of immigration to Mexico. For example, the large businessman who is allocating funds for development of national economy and/or opened here the successful enterprise - well than not the idea for those who else at institute thought up an excellent startup can obtain citizenship of this country over time?

Before deciding on to what university it is necessary to go and where after its termination it is possible to work, it is necessary to find out that the education system in Mexico represents. As well as in the majority of the countries of the world, it is possible to get the free preschool and general secondary education here. Upon termination of the 9th class graduates can either get a job, or continue training. In the second case the teenager, as well as in the CIS countries, goes either to college, or to the "academic" school where prepares for entering a higher education institution. In higher educational institutions students study 4 years (according to some programs of 5 years). Further they can devote themselves to scientific work & #8211; in the Mexican higher education institutions there are analogs of programs of a postgraduate study and doctoral studies.

The Mexican school education is organized in such a way that, sitting down at a school desk in six years, the pupil passes at least two grade levels (elementary and high school). It was said above that after the 9th class the teenager can go to work or continue study in college. The same pupils who decided to go to the university will need to have 12 years' training:

If you already contacted the higher education institution interesting you through dean's office of the educational institution or the official site of the Mexican university, and also passed the international examinations, it is a high time to be engaged in execution of travel documents. For this purpose you need the student's visa to Mexico.

In spite of the fact that in many higher education institutions of Mexico teachers express in English, in life not to do you without knowledge of Spanish (this language is considered national here). If you freely do not know this language, there is a sense to sign up for a language course. And it is better to settle to the Spanish school for being admitted at concrete higher education institution & #8211; certainly, if you already decided on future educational institution.

To receive the educational visa, it is necessary to bring or send by mail the package of documents in the embassy or consulate of Mexico located in your country. If you have no opportunity to independently transfer papers or are afraid that you make a mistake at their registration, it is possible to address to the visa center. Anyway the following documents will be necessary for you:

Having gained the diploma of the expert, the graduate can enter the MA course or a postgraduate study.

If you are not ready to change cardinally the life yet, it is possible to try to plunge for a while into the atmosphere of Mexico, having visited her according to the Work and Travel program. Having addressed to any firm which is engaged in the organization of similar tours you have an opportunity to undergo student's practice in this country. For this purpose in the homeland you will need to collect documents (what, will tell in firm), to have an interview, to pay services of the organizer, the medical insurance, the visa and the ticket.

If you have enough means, nothing prevents to buy the room or the apartment near the chosen higher education institution. For example, the "economical" one-room apartment in a housing estate on the outskirts of the city can be bought for only $100 000, and discounts for the secondary real estate can reach 10%. However not all areas are available to foreigners to acquisition of apartments and houses.

In higher education institutions of Mexico not all students have an opportunity to study at the expense of the state budget (even the most successful of them need to pay collecting & #8211; from $150 a year), and the cost of year of training in various educational institutions can significantly differ. So, training cost at medical institutes of Mexico is higher, than in other higher education institutions, besides future doctors study longer. A lot of things depend as well on prestigiousness of the university. Fortunately, grants and grants can cover a part of expenses on training (the speech about them will go below).

There is nothing too difficult in receiving secondary education in Mexico. At elementary school classes are given by one or two teachers - children had no stress, getting used to new mentors and their requirements. Teachers try to help the lagging behind pupils. An opportunity to remain at school for the second year is as a last resort provided.

Study in Mexico allows to get more and more quality education every year: about 10% of the state budget are spent for support of kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions. At the same time every second higher education institution develops (or already developed) the program of teaching in English for the purpose of involvement of foreigners.

It is possible to live in Mexico on very modest money & #8211; it concerns also receiving the higher education.

Practically each higher education institution of Mexico gives to visitors an accommodation opportunity in the hostel. We advise you to use this option & #8211; so you will save money and at the same time will communicate every day with native speakers of Spanish. However it is possible to rent also apartment, and at very modest price (to $500-600 a month with all conveniences).

By the way if you the man also apply for obtaining nationality, keep in mind what is here, as well as in the CIS countries, with receipt it is better not to hesitate & #8211; having received the passport, you risk to go at once to service to army Therefore if you want to complete at first training, a magistracy in Mexico & #8211; great option.

There is no place left at school at higher education institution? Then you can address to firms which will organize not only a language course, but also excursions and even beach vacation for the period of training. Be not afraid to combine business with pleasure & #8211; there is nothing difficult in development of Spanish, especially if you already know English.

Similar programs are calculated generally for 3-6 months. It is easy to guess that they are necessary not so much to earn money how many to get acquainted with the country. If you will be lucky, you are able to get support of the Mexican employers and already independently, without the assistance of intermediaries, to return to the country as the trainee.

Summing up the results, one may say, that at the idea to get an education in Mexico of pluses more, than minuses. The fact that the diploma of the graduate of the Mexican higher education institution, there is it the expert or the doctor of science concerns the last, in the majority of the countries located outside Latin America will hardly be demanded. But also some advantages are obvious, in particular:

Unlike the majority of the CIS countries in Mexico each child has to get preschool education. Therefore when the kid is two years old, parents send him to a day nursery, and to three & #8211; in kindergarten. As it was told above, for citizens of Mexico visit of preschool institutions is free.

Sometimes the consulate or Embassy of Mexico issues to future student the visa for four years & #8211 at once; actually, so much it is also necessary for completion of training. However sometimes permission is provided only for a year or two, and then it needs to be prolonged. This procedure is carried out in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Mexico. To receive the new visa, it is necessary to secure with the reference from higher education institution which is confirmation that you are transferred to the following course.

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