Value of a mascot, rule of leaving and creation of artificial composition, novelty

Published: 29.4.2017
a tree on the hair dryer Shui: value of a mascot, rule of leaving and creation of artificial composition

According to the ancient doctrine presence in the house of plants favorably affects all atmosphere. It is not a just decorative element, it is the invisible protection interfering distribution of negative energy.

can get a similar element practically in any souvenir little shop Today. However the artificial plant created by own hands in which the soul piece was enclosed differs in bigger efficiency.

Artificial decorative figurines with abundance of coins on branches, really attract good luck.

The monetary tree is simple to make on the hair dryer Shui:

Having placed a live symbol of good luck in premises, it is possible to achieve various effect, depending on breed of a plant.

By the way, it is desirable to use the stolen sprout for landing. It is considered that in this case the person together with a part of a krasula carries away good luck piece from the house of acquaintances.

The main effect of a dollar mascot is shown during blossoming. At this particular time on the owner of a zamiokulkas the dollar stream literally spills. The problem consists that even not all flower growers manage to achieve blossoming. Zamiokulkas does not take out bright sunlight therefore it is necessary to place it in a shadow.

If the person has really "clever fingers" and he finds a common language with a plant, it is possible to achieve efficiency of a dollar symbol, having put several coins of a foreign origin under a pot.

An Oriental cherry - a traditional plant for followers of ancient east doctrine. Its task - updating, providing youth, love and beauty. The Oriental cherry placed in the southwest sector of a garden will provide harmony of marriage.

But only at observance of all conditions:

Also, it is possible to tie up the dollar pieces of paper curtailed by a tubule or funtika to the plant. It is important that the pyramid represented on dollar surely was directed by top up.

Of course, in the conditions of the city apartment it is difficult to provide the correct growth of a bush not to frighten off good luck. Therefore artificial compositions as a decorative element and a way to get acquainted closer with fate began to enjoy wide popularity.

It is necessary to land it in due form the hair dryer Shui:

Tangerine trees on the hair dryer Shui - an invariable symbol of happiness. The bush presented as a gift has special force. Of course, it is possible to be happy and in poverty, but tangerine at the same time with happiness attracts prosperity to the house. Have a tangerine plant from East side as not only the financial position, as well as health of family members will improve in this case.

On the hair dryer Shui a peach tree symbolizes eternal life. Most often the peach is landed in a zone of excellent natural lighting. In this case it is possible not to worry about own health as the longevity is considered provided. Wood of a plant is capable to drive away from the house of evil spirits. The peach tree planted in the central part of premises attracts welfare.

If happiness did not turn away from the house, the crassula quickly gains growth and promptly expands. If the period of failures ahead is expected, growth of a crassula stops. In anticipation of large purchase of a krasul can dump leaves. In this case it is necessary to support a mascot, having provided appropriate care.

The dollar tree, the guarantor of happiness and financial stability, differs from a crassula a little. Zamiokulkas has oblong fleshy leaflets. The crassula is capable to attract financial success, zamiokulkas provides a currency stream.

In traditions the hair dryer Shui an orange tree is considered a gold symbol. It is capable to stimulate monetary receipts, providing wealth and stability to the house in which grows. It is desirable to land orange in a garden, from the southeast party.

The happy tree on the hair dryer Shui is ready and it is possible to enjoy fruits of own needlework. However some people consider that the similar hand-made article is a baby's dummy and only the live dollar tree is capable to allure good luck.

Daily it is necessary to talk to a symbol of attraction of good luck, to air the room. It is necessary to provide having watered the room temperature when the earth in a pot dries up. If in a pallet there is water, it is not desirable to make watering. By the way, the mascot not only attracts money, but also foretells how financial affairs will go in the nearest future.

Optional to attraction of wealth and good luck to plant an orange tree or tangerine. Most often as monetary the crassula ordinary, otherwise, a krasula which should be landed the hands is used.

According to east tradition it is necessary to water live symbols of good luck with specially loaded water. For this purpose place several cents in capacity on only a quarter of hour. After watering of a coin get from capacity, hide in a purse and constantly keep around.

Of course, a little cruel rule, but wellbeing most is necessary and seldom who will resist temptation. However not only theft provides efficiency of a monetary plant.

Besides, zamiokulkas it is considered a symbol of women's happiness as during blossoming releases the sprout which is very reminding outlines a phallus. Also, unlike a krasula, the sprout of a zamiokulkas has to be presented. Only in this case cultivation makes sense.

By the way, the zamiokulkasa is strictly forbidden to sell shoots. It completely will destroy efficiency of a maternal tree.

A myrtle - a symbol of safe family life. According to the hair dryer Shui a myrtaceous tree blesses couple which recently entered a legal marriage. It is a magnificent gift for the bride as the myrtaceous tree prevents the conflicts and does life extraordinary quiet, at the same time strengthening the relations between lovers.

Of course, it is difficult to believe that the welfare and wealth depends on presence in the house of a plant. Nevertheless, practice proves that miracles still have the place in this world. Who knows, perhaps, the usual crassula will help to make existence much more comfortably and more happily?


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