Amusing : the main conclusions from books on finance and success

Published: 17.5.2017
the main conclusions from books on finance and success

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- Freedom is an existence not only money, but also free time that to enjoy them.

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- A wealth No. 2 basis - invest all surplus of income in assets which will yield to you passive revenue.


- Deal with the beliefs about money. So far in the head a lot of cockroaches, you will drive money from yourself subconsciously.

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- The satisfaction of basic needs requires not enough money. The pleasure requires slightly more. For business and people - really there is a lot of. All the rest is toys, run behind happiness in which there are no winners.

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- Every day take one step on achievement of welfare. Small. Insignificant! BUT DO. The trend is MUCH more important than the place from which you start.

- Usually pay to money too much attention those who do not have them. And in the mode: & laquo; I am poor, but not ворую».

- Time of other people + competent delegation + creation of the working system - a key to success.

- The first step - creation of a monetary reserve of confidence. Increase the sum of average monthly expenditure for 4-5 months. You are obliged to have this sum near at hand. (deposit, hard cash). Set the financial object & laquo; Pillow безопасности» here: ref=e2ff6b7otlozhi 10% of monthly income, are better in bank at once not to pull out as soon as there was a wish to buy the next knickknack. These it is easy to find 10% if month to keep account of expenses. About 30% of money of any person leave on unnecessary things.

- The basis of richness No. 1-your expenses is less than your income.



- - Invest the second step in assets which you know. (If you do not know, nothing - begin to understand)

- You can make one not much, in day 24 hours. It is possible to work more, it is possible to take more expensively, but all the same you will rest against a ceiling soon.

- The optimum choice for self-realization, high income and free time - creation of the business - the project which will go from heart to help people. Will surely pay for it.

- To pull upward much more difficult, than to pull down down. If near you people who are negative to money, do not believe in themselves and have no dream - you will catch soon.

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- The wealth is measured for months. How many months will you live in the usual mode if you do not work?

- To the hired employee to receive freedom extremely difficult, it is slightly easier for the freelancer, but not much more.

- Know the money by sight. Have an idea how many you spend and how many you earn. Write down few months to ruble in

Take care of increase in income. Every month do something that income grew though by 5%. From each increase in income invest a half, you can lower the second - pleasure should be derived too.


- Million dollars are a nonsense, but do not aim. The purposes - to be, to do, have. And already these tasks can be counted ruble.

- Or you manage money, or they operate you. Or someone another operates you and your money.

- Investments in shares, bonds, mutual funds, Forex, - the same casino, but not bringing pleasure.


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