New : how to make repair and not to be left without kopek

how to make repair and not to be left without kopek

Experts advise what it is possible to save on and on what is not necessary what style to choose and that it is possible to make with own hands.

the Architect, the co-founder of architectural bureau HEADS Group Arsen Hairov suggests suit to

a peculiar tender and to consider several offers.

Dressing - the important stage of repair, necessary home decoration and accessories will involve considerable costs. Choose ready furniture and curtains: to get something, made by large party, it is usually more favorable, than within the individual order.

It is possible to undertake laying of a waterproofing or sound insulation before a floor coupler.

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From our users: natural means for fight against scars

natural means for fight against scars

Scars should begin to be processed as soon as possible, not only for esthetic reasons, but also in order that skin could be restored completely. It will be useful to eat vitamin-rich and minerals products and also you can independently prepare special natural substances ointment which should be applied every day until the scar does not disappear.

We will prepare for

natural ointment for smoothing of scars which contains the elements promoting scarring and regeneration of skin. It will be necessary for us:

Bees give us two fine natural and economic means for skin regeneration improvement: honey and propolis.

Propolis was used still by ancient Egyptians to whom its antibacterial and regenerating properties therefore with its help various skin diseases treated were well-known. Aristotle called propolis & #171; various skin infections, ulcers medicine and нагноений». If every day to apply this substance on a scar and also to use propolis inside, it will quickly restore cells of skin, and scars will become much less noticeable.

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Why occurs rolling of eyes at the newborn, senior child and the adult, secrets

why there is a rolling of eyes at the newborn, senior child and the adult

Parents always watch closely the child, especially in the period of a neonatality. However not all know what it is necessary to pay attention to and happens, symptoms of any disease remain unnoticed long time. Ambiguously experts treat also such phenomenon as rolling of eyes at the newborn child.


At children of advanced age and adults observes the headache which is followed by vomiting. As for a visual system, they have attacks to doubling in eyes, impossibility to focus sight, rolling of eyes.

One of methods of surgical intervention is operation ETV. During the procedure in a ventricle of a brain make an opening through which the surplus of liquid flows down. This way is used at obstruction between brain ventricles. Also it is applied at a congenital form of a disease if shunting did not help or there was an infection. Now this method is used only in that case when the age of the child exceeds 6 months.

For example, rolling of eyes testifies to a syndrome Gref down when the kid already fell asleep. If eyes rise up, then it is just feature of an organism and about anything you should not worry - it demonstrates that the baby already practically fell asleep.

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the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, new on the website

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The states, neighboring to Vietnam, are Laos and Cambodia on which Vietnam borders in the West and also China with which border lay in the north. The total area of the country is 331 700 square kilometers that is only the 65th indicator in the world.

Resort of Nha Trang

The average annual amount of precipitation fluctuates within 1200-3000 millimeters a year, and 90% of percent of all rains fall on the period from May to October. At this time the portion of rainfall each region of the country, and here in winter months in the south of Vietnam receives the probability of rains much less, than in the north. Also it is worth knowing that at the end of summer and an early autumn there comes the time of the typhoons which often have really destructive force.

Dangerous representatives of fauna of Vietnam

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Novelty: the number of supermarkets reached the intersection 750

the number of supermarkets the intersection reached 750

The number of supermarkets of Perekryostok network reached 750, the press service the owning X5 Retail Group network reports.

the Anniversary shop opened on crossing of Nagibin Avenue and Omskaya Street in Rostov-on-Don. The supermarket more than 1200 sq.m is registered by the floor space in the new concept of Perekryostok in which 83% of objects of network work already.

In the company noted that in all supermarkets of network on weekdays from 9:00 till 13:00 o'clock pensioners can receive a 10 percent discount at production of documents. The discount applies to all goods, except the tobacco products and other goods sold at the minimum retail price and also participating in promotion actions.

In the Rostov region 17 Perekryostok supermarkets in which 660 employees work are open now. 40 jobs created in new shop enter this quantity.

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the Most readable: active and passive investments

active and passive investments

The concept "investment" as a way of investment of capital for the purpose of further receiving profit, enters our life more and more deeply. The possibility of receiving additional, and even main income from favorable passive investments does this sphere of the financial market more and more attractive to the consumer. Before making the investments in any asset it is necessary to understand a little types and types of investments to choose for itself more acceptable strategy.

the Convention of this type of classification is explained by the fact that it is possible to call the same type of investment both active and passive. For example, investing the means in PAMM-accounts, the investor analyzes their profitability, moving assets from one account on another - such type of operation it is possible to call active investment unambiguously. However, when the operating trader begins to dispose of the means located on the PAMM-account - the way of such investment becomes more similar to passive.

It is considered that risks on passive investments are slightly lower, than on active. However it is quite logical that any financial risks are directly proportional to profitability. Therefore, the risks are lower, the profitability is higher. If making the choice between profitability and reliability, you prefer the last - passive investments - your option. Many investors do not puzzle over the similar choice, and invest a part of assets with a passive way, and a part active that allows to counterbalance risks and profitability.

There is no definite answer to this question to this day. Between supporters of active and passive investment an undying debate which essence comes down to one are conducted: everyone chooses for himself the most convenient way. Passive income from investments is chosen by the people who do not have free time for the independent analysis of the financial markets, or not possessing information fully and preferring to entrust the finance to professionals.

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Influence of a sound, secrets

influence of a sound

As I already wrote & #8212; the human health is affected by many factors. It and air which we breathe, and water which we drink, and food which we eat.

Carrying out this exercise & #8212; inhale and exhale air a nose, having closed a mouth, and then try to inhale a nose, and to exhale through a half-open mouth.

Exercise: proguzhivaniye of fingers.

The sound which we perceive our organ of hearing - ears is very important for us. The most important for us the sound is a sound of our voice.

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Secrets: six reasons for which we work or we do not work

six reasons for which we work or we do not work

Five most valuable articles - on your mail. Every two weeks. With gifts. In the first letter - the free e-book "Loaded on Result".

We will tell, you serve as the legal assistant or his secretary because this position will help to come to legal college. Possibly, you do not like daily routine filling of forms and papers. Or you not delighted with clients which interests are represented by your firm, but continue to work in it as you want to become a lawyer once.

2. Purpose

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New on the website: 10 most favourite books by boys and little girls and also their parents

10 most favourite books by boys and little girls and also their parents

A rainbow in a package, toy ice cream, a color rain, wax and mirror pictures, geometrical hedgehogs, recipes of house clay and paints.

By means of this book you will be able to explain to the child of a fundamentals of genetics in color of eyes and the second law of Newton through the movement of a soccerball and boots, to tell about why the human bone is 5 times stronger than concrete.

But there is more to come. Kids are waited by a surprise - it is possible to play with the cut-out pictures. For example, to collect drawings from parts or to move with pads of animals. Any child will not resist such entertainment!

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Amusing : six possible reasons

thorax pain: six possible reasons

Thorax pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, beginning from fractures of edges and finishing with lung cancer.

of the Injury of breast as a result of falling, accidents on transport and during sports activities are the most frequent reasons of pain in a thorax.

Treat the most frequent reasons of pain in a thorax:

Often thorax pain is not connected with any serious reasons and can pass in itself or at the minimum treatment. However, in some cases, it signals about the emergency situation demanding immediate intervention.

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