at the request of chitaty: hand-made articles for new 2019 of a pig the hands

of a hand-made article for new 2019 of a pig the hands

New Year's mood - thin business. It can be expected, and it is possible to create! And as it is the best of all to feel approach of a holiday how not to begin to prepare for it and with own hand - to decorate the house, to think over the menu, to agree with guests and to create gifts and elements of a decor.

the Most interesting and relevant hand-made articles for New year 2019 (Pig) you will find

the hands in this article. (see how to decorate the house by New 2019)

Flowers which are the most demanded in 2019 stanutlimonny, banana and other shades of yellow; coffee, corporal, mustard and all shades of brown; brick and orange; green in dark and pastel tones; white; gold.

Use them, combine and create creations from favourite flowers of a symbol of 2019. (see a St. Patrick's Day in 2019)

See also: a horoscope on year of birth for 2019 of a yellow Pig.

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From our readers: cheese olives pie

cheese olives pie

Recipe of preparation of cheese pie with olives: At first flour needs to be pounded with oil in a crumb and to salt. Then to add water and to knead dough. Dough to roll and lay in the form oiled by vegetable. To pin a fork that dough was not blown up at pastries. Cheese to grate and divide into 2 parts. We stack a half on dough, from above we put randomly the cut olives, then oil pieces.

To shake up eggs with milk, cottage cheese and pepper. Then we pour out weight on pie. We strew from above with the remained cheese. We put to be baked in the warmed oven up to 180 degrees. We bake about 30-35 minutes. It is simple to define readiness of pie: it is necessary to raise slightly a shovel and to look at a bottom if ruddy - means it is ready. Ready pie slightly to cool and give to a table.

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Five vkusnyashka for the weekend, new heading

five vkusnyashka for the weekend

Way of preparation

You need the baking sheet laid by paper for pastries.


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House bleaching of teeth, folk and professional tools, amusing

house bleaching of teeth, folk and professional tools

Remember that acids, having the bleaching effect, destroy enamel, so, your teeth will be more sensitive to cold and hot. You should not abuse even in such quite safe way.

It is not recommended to use such means longer than month, alternating them to usual hygienic pastes.

When using gels any of these ways, it is necessary to follow the rules of step-by-step drawing not to damage enamel and a gum. The carelessness can lead to a chemical burn of a gum and destruction of enamel. If your teeth too susceptible to cold and hot, pay attention to series for sensitive enamel. Such means can be a little more expensive, but after their application the sensitivity will not amplify.

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Popular : of Ice Age up to now once mammoths lived here

of Ice Age up to now once here mammoths lived

Yugra, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug & #8212; edge of original culture and drama history. Its sources go to immemorial antiquity when the North of Western Siberia was covered with a powerful ice board.

in the Millennia also beliefs of Khanty and Mansi developed. They represent alloy of myths, rituals, magics, a totemizm, Shamanism and various cults connected with hunting and fishery. Numerous deities and ancestral spirits, family and patrimonial shrines, spirits owners of the rivers, groves, the woods, stones, trees, animals, fishes, etc. were added to ancient images of Materi-Zemli and Ottsa-Neba. The predominating position was taken by heavenly god Torum (Noomi-Torum) whose name means "sky", "Universe" "weather"; it is called also "light", "gold" and "great".

In VII & #8212; The V millennium BC in Northwest Siberia the population began to grow up cereals, to breed pets and to lead a settled life. There was a ceramics, there were local traditions of metal working.

Inhabitants of a taiga in perfection adapted the tenor of life for severe conditions of edge. Already in the Stone Age there was a system of complex trade economy combining hunting and rybolovchesky occupations. Many ways and methods of hunting of that time lived up to now.

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New : how to make repair and not to be left without kopek

how to make repair and not to be left without kopek

Experts advise what it is possible to save on and on what is not necessary what style to choose and that it is possible to make with own hands.

the Architect, the co-founder of architectural bureau HEADS Group Arsen Hairov suggests suit to

a peculiar tender and to consider several offers.

Dressing - the important stage of repair, necessary home decoration and accessories will involve considerable costs. Choose ready furniture and curtains: to get something, made by large party, it is usually more favorable, than within the individual order.

It is possible to undertake laying of a waterproofing or sound insulation before a floor coupler.

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From our users: natural means for fight against scars

natural means for fight against scars

Scars should begin to be processed as soon as possible, not only for esthetic reasons, but also in order that skin could be restored completely. It will be useful to eat vitamin-rich and minerals products and also you can independently prepare special natural substances ointment which should be applied every day until the scar does not disappear.

We will prepare for

natural ointment for smoothing of scars which contains the elements promoting scarring and regeneration of skin. It will be necessary for us:

Bees give us two fine natural and economic means for skin regeneration improvement: honey and propolis.

Propolis was used still by ancient Egyptians to whom its antibacterial and regenerating properties therefore with its help various skin diseases treated were well-known. Aristotle called propolis & #171; various skin infections, ulcers medicine and нагноений». If every day to apply this substance on a scar and also to use propolis inside, it will quickly restore cells of skin, and scars will become much less noticeable.

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Why occurs rolling of eyes at the newborn, senior child and the adult, secrets

why there is a rolling of eyes at the newborn, senior child and the adult

Parents always watch closely the child, especially in the period of a neonatality. However not all know what it is necessary to pay attention to and happens, symptoms of any disease remain unnoticed long time. Ambiguously experts treat also such phenomenon as rolling of eyes at the newborn child.


At children of advanced age and adults observes the headache which is followed by vomiting. As for a visual system, they have attacks to doubling in eyes, impossibility to focus sight, rolling of eyes.

One of methods of surgical intervention is operation ETV. During the procedure in a ventricle of a brain make an opening through which the surplus of liquid flows down. This way is used at obstruction between brain ventricles. Also it is applied at a congenital form of a disease if shunting did not help or there was an infection. Now this method is used only in that case when the age of the child exceeds 6 months.

For example, rolling of eyes testifies to a syndrome Gref down when the kid already fell asleep. If eyes rise up, then it is just feature of an organism and about anything you should not worry - it demonstrates that the baby already practically fell asleep.

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the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, new on the website

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The states, neighboring to Vietnam, are Laos and Cambodia on which Vietnam borders in the West and also China with which border lay in the north. The total area of the country is 331 700 square kilometers that is only the 65th indicator in the world.

Resort of Nha Trang

The average annual amount of precipitation fluctuates within 1200-3000 millimeters a year, and 90% of percent of all rains fall on the period from May to October. At this time the portion of rainfall each region of the country, and here in winter months in the south of Vietnam receives the probability of rains much less, than in the north. Also it is worth knowing that at the end of summer and an early autumn there comes the time of the typhoons which often have really destructive force.

Dangerous representatives of fauna of Vietnam

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Novelty: the number of supermarkets reached the intersection 750

the number of supermarkets the intersection reached 750

The number of supermarkets of Perekryostok network reached 750, the press service the owning X5 Retail Group network reports.

the Anniversary shop opened on crossing of Nagibin Avenue and Omskaya Street in Rostov-on-Don. The supermarket more than 1200 sq.m is registered by the floor space in the new concept of Perekryostok in which 83% of objects of network work already.

In the company noted that in all supermarkets of network on weekdays from 9:00 till 13:00 o'clock pensioners can receive a 10 percent discount at production of documents. The discount applies to all goods, except the tobacco products and other goods sold at the minimum retail price and also participating in promotion actions.

In the Rostov region 17 Perekryostok supermarkets in which 660 employees work are open now. 40 jobs created in new shop enter this quantity.

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