House bleaching of teeth, folk and professional tools, amusing

Published: 25.11.2016
house bleaching of teeth, folk and professional tools

Remember that acids, having the bleaching effect, destroy enamel, so, your teeth will be more sensitive to cold and hot. You should not abuse even in such quite safe way.

It is not recommended to use such means longer than month, alternating them to usual hygienic pastes.

When using gels any of these ways, it is necessary to follow the rules of step-by-step drawing not to damage enamel and a gum. The carelessness can lead to a chemical burn of a gum and destruction of enamel. If your teeth too susceptible to cold and hot, pay attention to series for sensitive enamel. Such means can be a little more expensive, but after their application the sensitivity will not amplify.

If you decided on house bleaching of teeth by means of gels, at first be convinced of health of your teeth and gums. It is for this purpose recommended to visit the stomatologist and also to strengthen enamel calcium medicines.

Effect of bleaching not identical to all, people with gray and yellow enamel by nature can receive hardly noticeable result, and here darkening of a smile because of excessive consumption of coffee, black tea, red wine, smoking is clarified quite well.

A lemon - excellent means for bleaching of teeth. Its juice is applied to bleaching of skin and nails, elimination of freckles therefore it is not surprising that this fruit is applied also to shine of a smile. The lemon is really effective in this question, but this most aggressive bleaching of teeth in house conditions as lemon juice has pernicious effect on dentine and increases sensitivity of a nerve. If you decided to rinse a mouth lemon juice for bleaching of a smile, always after the procedure rinse a mouth warm water or soda solution.

Activated carbon costs kopeks, it is possible to buy it in any drugstore. This way is very available, but you should not abuse it. Do not repeat the procedure often, otherwise it can have an adverse effect on enamel.

A human face, including his smile - its business card. Not always and not all have an opportunity to undergo the procedure of professional bleaching in a dental office therefore councils will be useful to each girl how to bleach house teeth. National methods of return of whiteness and various means for bleaching of teeth which can use the hands will come to the rescue.

Most often national recipes of bleaching of enamel are not completely safe. Stomatologists consider that in such a way to gain good effect of bleaching very difficult. But some such manipulations all the same will yield fruit as they improve health and appearance of a smile and also are prevention of many diseases of a mouth. The most widespread folk remedies by means of which it is possible to bleach teeth in house conditions are described step by step below.

Soda is used instead of usual powder, applying it on a brush. Soda has the disinfecting effect therefore soda solutions are applied in professional cleanings of a mouth. But at careless use or too big diligence, you can injure a gum, and enamel can become thinner. Baking soda you will notice effect of bleaching of enamel after the first use as soda grinds a surface and deletes from it a raid.

Bleaching of teeth in house conditions with use of special gel can be carried out:

Gels effectively clarify a smile from the first application, is not dependent on that, choose you gel in caps or a stika. Cost of these products different, but also comfort of independent use too different.

It is possible to choose 1 of 3 ways of use of activated carbon for clarification of tooth enamel:

House bleaching of teeth special pastes is the most practical and economic way on time. You just carry out daily hygiene of an oral cavity, but use at the same time special paste. When choosing this means, it should be taken into account that paste for bleaching of teeth not all identical.

One of the safest ways to bleach teeth to the house. conditions use of strawberry is. Pulp of berries of strawberry contains the natural bleaching components, namely acids which split an enamel blanket. To make to itself the following procedure, use the step-by-step scheme:

There are 2 types of such means:


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